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Scholarship Opportunities for Students to Study in Kazakhstan

Abroad studies in your mind?

It is an exciting process to live and study in a new country with a different concept of education. Whatever their ways of teaching may be, it is time to research. Especially the benefits of scholarship as an international student.

It is not easy nor hard to gain scholarship opportunities to study in Kazakhstan. The government of Kazakhstan provides many Kazakhstan government scholarships for international students 2022. Whether it be government or non-government scholarships.

Currently, the Kazakh government is seeking to promote education. By increasing the number of foreign students. With those in mind from Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. As the number of foreign students increases, it will help promote higher education institutes.

The efforts of the government to create a suitable environment work well for higher studies in Kazakhstan. This is because of the excellent infrastructure of the universities in Kazakhstan.

Now, there are several types of universities in Kazakhstan offering many courses in every field. From medical courses in Kazakhstan to engineering and even aviation. Thus, there are options for students to avail scholarships. And other options to pursue higher education in Kazakhstan via funding opportunities.

What is the need for scholarships in Kazakhstan?

Even though every university in Kazakhstan has affordable tuition fees. There are scholarship options too. 

We can consider scholarships not only as a means for the underprivileged to get the education they crave for. But also as a way to prove your worthy and educational talent. As you know, getting scholarships are not easy for those who are poor in studies. Only brilliant students receive top scholarships in Kazakhstan. It could also be a highlight in your resume for future work.

So, scholarship opportunities are awarded to successful applicants to study in Kazakhstan. It is based on their scores achieved in their academic examinations in high school or undergraduate.

What kind of scholarships are available for students?

There can be many types of scholarships for students. The full or partial scholarships are directly applied to the student’s tuition fees. The scholarship does not usually include students’ accommodation and travel costs. 

In some cases, scholarships cover accommodation as well. You need to check the variety of scholarship opportunities available for Kazakhstan. 

You can find several scholarships in Kazakhstan for students. Like the Ministry of Education’s State Scholarship and Government Scholarship. But these scholarships apply to Turkish nationals. Or students from Turkic countries only. The Islamic Development Bank also provides scholarships to students belonging to Islamic countries.

But don’t worry, there are other scholarships for international students in Kazakhstan.

What is a Merit Scholarship?

It is a scholarship given to students who have excellent academic records. This kind of scholarship in Kazakhstan checks students’ performance before choosing the candidate. These scholarships are granted for the programme the students are enrolled on. And plan to continue their studies throughout. 

The normal duration for this scholarship is 5-Years but there’s a catch. Even though IELTS/TOEFL is not mandatory for MBBS admission for example. Students may need to clear the English language preparatory exams. It differs from the different universities and courses chosen.

“Government Scholarship” for International Students

Eligibility criteria for government scholarship:

International students who are interested in applying for a government scholarship in Kazakhstan must meet the following criteria.

“Non-Governmental Scholarships” for Indian Students

There are also non-governmental scholarships for Indian students to study in Kazakhstan. One of the non-governmental scholarships for Indian students is the NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship.

NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship is for masters, PhD and diplomas. This scholarship is sponsored by the Social Welfare Department.

This scholarship for Indian students is only applicable to financially weak candidates. Wherein, 33% of the awards are laid aside for women students.

The value of the NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship for Indian students is very beneficial. As it covers everything from tuition to living expenses. Also, note that only one child is eligible for this scholarship in the family.

Eligibility criteria for NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship have to meet the following criteria:

“University-Specific Scholarships” for International Students

Kazakhstan also has university-specific scholarships for international students. Although few universities in Kazakhstan offer such scholarships. Because of their affordable tuition fees. As you know, the cost of studying in Kazakhstan is much cheaper than in any other country.

Although, it varies from one university to another. And one such university in Kazakhstan provides scholarships that are based on the economic status of the student.

“Kokshetau State University Scholarship” is open to only those students who come from financially weak backgrounds. This scholarship is also based on the student’s performance every semester after enrolling at Kokshetau State University in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.

Note: 20% of the scholarship will be awarded to the students to cover the first semester. That is only if the student scores over 70%. Students who applied for this scholarship must maintain over 85% throughout the course. This is to secure the 50% of the scholarship in fees the university will cover for you.

Steps to apply for a government scholarship online?

Here are a few pointers on how to apply for an online application for a government scholarship.


Ye, Kazakhstan is generally an ideal place to study and even live. The universities here are affordable and modern with the latest technology used for study purposes.

You need to get selected by the university to study in Kazakhstan. After that, you can apply for a student visa by visiting the embassy. You can take help from education companies such as Nix Study Abroad for a hassle-free visa process.

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