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Study MBA in Russia

Russia is one of the best destinations to study MBA. As a result, many international students come to study in Russia.

MBA in Russia for Students

Russia is one of the top countries for higher education. Here, you can study anything at a very affordable price. One of the many courses Indian students pursue is business. MBA in Russia is one of the highly regarded programmes. There are many universities that cater to aspiring students’ requirements from providing excellent education to using high-tech tools to conduct classes and even assigning projects that help build knowledge and boost confidence. 

MBA in Russia for Indian students is ideal since the degrees from any business school in Russia is recognised in India, in fact, it is widely accepted all over the world. Despite providing education at a low cost, the universities make sure to give only the best syllabus without having to compromise anything. English is used as the main medium of teaching in Russia thus foreign students do not require an additional language certificate, nor do they need to clear IELTS and TOEFL. Besides GMAT, the MBA universities in Russia do not require additional entrance examinations.

Study MBA in Russia

Highlights for MBA in Russia

Course Name Master of Business Administration
Course Duration  2 Years
Basic Percentage At least 50% (General) 40% (Reserved)
IELTS and TOEFL Not Required
Teaching Language English
Intake of Students
  • Fall – Sept-Oct
  • Spring – Feb-March

MBA Student Life in Russia

MBA students are given practical training after completion of their courses. International exposure is also provided through the means of events, seminars, conferences and projects. The students staying in any MBA university are provided with living establishments equipped with convenient amenities and full furnishings. After graduation, MBA students receive valuable degrees that are recognised worldwide. 

With the help of the degrees, s/he can land a position in reputed organisations. Students from financially poor backgrounds can avail scholarships presented by the university, you need to be of certain criteria and have eligible merit to obtain a scholarship. Nonetheless, the fee structure of MBA universities in Russia is also quite affordable. Most of the universities in Russia maintain a friendly and diverse ambience, you can expect celebrations of various festivals from all over the world.

MBBS in Russia
Study MBA in Russia

Eligibility Criteria for MBA

  • The candidate applying for the course must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience

  • The applicant must have a valid bachelor's degree

  • S/he must also hail from a recognized board of university

  • The student must pass the GMAT entrance exam prior to applying for MBA course

Documents Required for MBA in Russia

  • Valid bachelor's degree

  • Aadhar/PAN as identity

  • At least 6 months bank statement

  • A minimum of 6-8 passport size photographs

  • Original Passport

  • Admission letter from the university

  • Paid university fee receipt

  • Medical health insurance

  • COVID-19 and HIV negative health certificate

MBA Duration

Duration of MBA in Russia

The complete duration of the MBA course depends on the chosen university and the specialisation. But in general, the duration for an MBA in Russia is for 2 years.

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MBA Admission Process in Russia

  • Eligible students need to pass the GMAT entrance examination

  • You can then contact us to get details about the university

  • Once you choose the university, we will begin applying for admission

  • You need to submit 10+2 documents

  • We will send them to the university for admission

  • You will receive the acceptance letter confirming your admission

  • The letter will contain all information of accommodation and syllabus

  • You can continue with the final payment

  • Lastly, we will apply for a student visa and flight tickets

MBA Curriculum in Russia

Year 1

Year 2

Managerial Accounting

Macro Economics

Operations Management

Managerial Economics

Human Research Management

Organisational Behaviour

Business Ethics

Business Laws

Marketing Management

Management Information Systems

Strategic Management

Quantitative Techniques in Management

Financial Management

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Cost of MBA in Russia

The MBA in Russia for Indian students is cost-efficient compared to other countries. The fee structure of an MBA in Russia varies depending on the university but in general, the cost of an MBA in Russia is approximately between 25 to 35 Lakhs. You can contact us for more information.

Why Study MBA in Russia?

  • The MBA universities in Russia are affordable

  • Compared to the Indian universities the quality of education is top-notch

  • English is the medium of teaching in Russia

  • No additional entrance examinations are required

  • Donations are not accepted in any MBA universities

  • The MBA universities in Russia has a student-friendly environment

  • The classroom is equipped with outstanding technology

  • A degree from a Russian university is recognised worldwide

  • International cuisine is available at the canteen

Student Visa to Study MBA in Russia

A study visa for an MBA course in Russia is mandatory. The visa can be obtained from the Embassy of Russia in your country/city. But to get the visa, you must hold a valid invitation letter from the university. Only after submitting the documents like an invitation letter, will you be able to apply for a student visa. You can also get in touch with us if you wish for a hassle-free visa application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MBA universities in Russia have a total course duration of 2 years. Some MBA colleges may have 1.5 years, you can consult with Nix Study Abroad for more information.

None of the English medium MBA colleges requires students to learn Russian since the classes are conducted in English.

Yes, the MBA degrees provided by any college in Russia are valued globally. With the degree, you can work in any part of the world and it is valid in India as well.

No, students are required to sit for only the GMAT exam. After clearing the exam, you need not appear for an additional exam after arriving in Russia.