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Study MBBS in Nepal

Nepal has a high rate of MBBS studies for international students.

MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

If you are considering MBBS in Nepal then you are on the right track since the country has renowned medical universities. Each MBBS college in Nepal has a standard infrastructure with leading educational technology installed in every classroom and laboratory. Nepal is one of the most sought-after destinations close to India preferred by Indian students. And one of the most common reasons is its closeness to India and that no passport nor visa is required to live, work and study in Nepal. The advantages of studying MBBS in Nepal include affordable tuition fees, experienced faculty, diverse clinical exposure, and cultural immersion.

Every year, more than 70,000 Indian students come to study in Nepal in some of the leading universities. Over the years, Nepal has become an education hub among students as the education courses are given at an affordable rate. It becomes even easier for students to interact with the locals since Hindi and English are common usage of languages in Nepal. Competition for MBBS in Nepal among Indian students is intense due to factors such as affordable fees, quality education, a similar curriculum to Indian medical colleges, and the availability of seats.

Besides, the medical syllabus in Nepal is conducted in English. In terms of the standard of education, the medical universities in Nepal have adopted the western style of providing education, ultimately making studying MBBS in Nepal an excellent choice. All the MBBS universities in Nepal are recognised by organisations like the Medical Council of India (MCI) and you can also appear for the MCI licence examinations screen test conducted by the NMC.

Study MBBS in Nepal

Highlights for MBBS in Nepal

Course NameBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Course Duration5 Years
Basic PercentageAt least 50% (General) 40% (Reserved)
IELTS and TOEFLNot Required
Teaching LanguageEnglish
University AcknowledgementMCI and WHO
Intakes of StudentsSeptember and January

MBBS Student Life in Nepal

Students from foreign countries have a great time studying in Nepal. One of the many reasons is communication. In Nepal, many locals can speak and understand English, thus, it makes interaction with the local patients or vendors a hassle-less task. Here, students are benefited in many ways, especially those from India. MBBS in Nepal for Indian students is affordable, the fee structure is low and even the student living facilities are well-equipped. The weather conditions in Nepal is favourable to Indian and other foreign nationals. For recreational activities, Nepal has many trekking and tourism places that are world famous like the Annapurna Base Camp and idyllic tourist city – Pokhara.


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Eligibility Criteria for MBBS

  • The students must have a 10+2 certificate from a recognised board of education

  • Students must be from the science stream with a base in Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  • Every candidate must have a percentage of at least 50% in their academic year

  • NEET examination is mandatory to clear for MBBS admission in Nepal

  • Students must have clean health from HIV and COVID-19

Documents Required for MBBS in Nepal

  • NEET score

  • 10+2 academic mark sheet

  • Nationality Proof (Aadhar)

  • Bank statement (6-months)

  • Valid Passport

  • At least 8 passport size photographs

  • School leaving certificate

  • University fee receipt

  • Health insurance

  • Consent letter from parents/guardian

  • Consent letter from parents/guardian

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Duration of MBBS in Nepal

Unlike countries in Europe, the total duration of MBBS in Nepal is for 5 years. The initial years are kept for conducting theoretical and practical classes. In the final year of MBBS , students are accepted into various organisations such as hospitals and clinics for medical exposure and real-life clinical experience.

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Admission Process for MBBS in Nepal

  • First, you need to clear the NEET exam conducted by the National Medical Commission

  • You can get in touch with an education company for details

  • After getting the details, select the university and apply

  • Send all your documents needed for admission via an education company

  • Wait for the acceptance letter, after receiving, complete the payment

  • Apply for the student visa and book your tickets

MBBS Curriculum in Nepal

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Cost of MBBS in Nepal

The MBBS in Nepal fee structure is affordable, especially when there is no additional cost like for visa. In addition, the flights can also be optional transport since Nepal is well-connected by road. The MBBS fees in Nepal for Indian students come under budget, most of the medical colleges in Nepal provide medical education at a cost of approximately 46 to 75 Lakh for the entire 5-Year MBBS course in Nepal.

Top MCI Recognised MBBS Universities in Nepal


Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)


Manipal College of Medical Science (MCOMS)


Nepal Medical College (NMC)


College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur (COMS)


Nepalgunj Medical College (NGMC)


Institute of Medicine (IOM)


BP. Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS)


Kathmandu University School of Medical Science (KUSMS)


Patan Academy of health Science (PAHS)


Nepalese Army Institute of Health Science (NAIHS)

Why Study MBBS in Nepal?

  • The medical education quality in Nepal is reliable

  • English is the main teaching language in Nepal medical universities

  • The cost of medical training in Nepal is reasonable

  • Nepal has several government-funded MBBS colleges

  • The general medical education costs in Nepal is low

  • The climate in Nepal, in general, is perfect for Indian students

  • Every MBBS colleges are acknowledged by MCI and WHO

  • Accommodations in Nepal colleges come with top-notch faculties

  • Students can choose dorm or shared apartments in Nepal

  • Nepal food culture is similar to India, so the availability of Indian mess is not a problem

  • The MBBS institutions give standard clinical training and a good clinical foundation

  • Competition for MBBS admission in nepal is fierce due to the limited number of seats available.

  • Many MBBS colleges in Nepal focus on practical training

  • Nepal is an extremely safe and a well-protected country

  • Students get separate hostels for boys and girls

  • Ragging at MBBS universities in Nepal is not allowed

  • The locals can communicate in Hindi and English

  • MBBS courses in Nepal are cheaper than in European countries

Student Visa to Study MBBS in Nepal

India and Nepal share a good relationship, thus, a visa and passport are not required. For entry to Nepal via air or road, only an Aadhar card is required for identification. This is not the same for other nationals, for more information, you can check with the embassy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MBBS is a good option for Indian students because it has cost-efficient colleges and a good environment to study.

Fees of universities may vary, however, an average cost for MBBS Nepal is around 20 to 30 Lakh, the amount may rise up 50 to 60 lakhs.

Nepal’s currency is lower than India, this ultimately sets the currency and university fees also affect. In Nepal, the universities cost lower than in India.

Yes, the universities in Nepal provides quality education at a reasonable cost. They have excellent research and teaching faculties. The guest lecturers are invited from professional working backgrounds.

The complete duration of MBBS in Nepal is 5 years. During which, students are given hands-on training.

The reason it is cheap to study in Nepal is that the Nepal government provides subsidies for education to several medical universities across the country.

Of course, education is for all, especially if you are a bright student with excellent marks. India and Nepal both have several scholarships open to students.