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10 Reasons you should study MBBS in Georgia

10 Reasons you should Study MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is one of the countries that keep showing up on lists as the best destination to study abroad.

But we all know that choosing the right place to study medicine is a big decision. There are 10 Reasons you should study MBBS in Georgia, such as cost, quality of education, and the overall environment.

But if you’re looking for high-quality medical education at an affordable price, Georgia is a great option to consider. 

We’ll tell you why!

There are a plethora of reasons why you should consider MBBS in Georgia. Georgia is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. And it offers a very high quality of education. The cost of living and studying in Georgia is also very affordable.

There are many scholarships and financial aid opportunities available for students. Georgia is also a very safe and welcoming country for students from all over the world.

Georgia is a perfect destination for MBBS as you get a platform to experience overseas education. Also, explore the scenic and amazing wonders of the Georgian landscape and culture. 

Georgia also provides you with ample exposure to multicultural social and economic conditions. Studying MBBS in Georgia offers you a significant return on investment. With a high-quality education, career prospects, and a safe and considered investment for your future.

If you’re considering studying MBBS in Georgia, read on to learn more about what this country has to offer!

Georgia offers a number of advantages to studying MBBS. The country has world-class medical schools, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Additionally, the cost of living and the cost of studying in Georgia is affordable. So, let’s dive a little deeper and check out the 10 reasons you should study MBBS in Georgia

Working Abroad

After completing their MBBS in Georgia, students get an opportunity to work abroad. Due to the variety of exposure and international degrees. Chances to settle abroad are high for those who study abroad. Indian doctors make the cut for getting jobs overseas in high numbers. If you study MBBS abroad, you can get placements anywhere in the world and have a better life.

International Exposure

Pursuing MBBS in Georgia can open doors to post-graduations. Unlike private medical colleges in India, Georgian medical degrees are recognised worldwide. So it is likely to benefit Indian students after completing their MBBS to pursue post-graduation. Also, Georgian medical universities conduct more practical training rather than theory classes. Giving hands-on experience from day 1.

Cost Effective

Studying MBBS in Georgia on the other hand can benefit you in terms of finance. How? Since there are limited seats in government colleges in India, not everyone can get in. And private colleges are expensive. It is more expensive than Georgia. Hence, Indian students choose abroad for medical education. It cost half the price of MBBS in India. The cost of MBBS in Georgia may sum up to 40 Lakhs for the whole course. Whereas, in India, it could soar to over a crore.

Knowledge on International Diseases

This too matters to a great extent because different countries have their own flaws in terms of diseases. Not all diseases produced in other countries are found in a country on the other side of the globe. So by studying MBBS in Georgia, it is likely you will get to learn about a certain disease prone to that region. It broadens your knowledge and makes you learn new things by studying abroad.

Shorter Duration

Different countries and medical universities have varying course duration for the MBBS programme. In Georgia, the MBBS course is for 5-years whereas other places have a total duration of 6-years. Since medical courses have over 8 years of completion. Which include MBBS, residency and fellowship. It is a relief to have at least a year or two shorter. This gives time and be one step ahead from the rest to intern and begin with the practice.

Quality of Education and Infrastructure

One of the major benefits of MBBS in Georgia is that the books are regularly revised with the modern medical terminology. The universities provide superior quality of education using the latest technology. Installation of modern equipment in the classrooms and laboratories. With better infrastructure, studying becomes more fun and a convenient environment for education.

Personal Development in Students

By studying abroad, naturally your personality will develop. As your personality is an integral part of who you become, it will change overtime from medical education, visiting hospitals and interacting with people. During your MBBS in Georgia, the university will organise and encourage students to participate in events to build up your personality. Events like debates, quizzes will help you learn a lot more than a textbook.

No Additional Examinations

If you are interested in studying MBBS anywhere in the world. Here’s some good news. Students do not need to take additional entrance exams besides NEET. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a mandatory exam which works as an entrance into top universities within India and worldwide. By securing passing marks, you get right into admission for MBBS in Georgia or any place you want.

Recognition of MBBS degree

The perks of receiving an MBBS degree from Georgia is the recognition you gain. Besides the modern take on education and affordability of courses, the country is well known for its degrees. Here, the MBBS course degree is acknowledged by top medical and educational bodies. Some of the best known are the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Medical Commission (NMC). By studying and receiving the degrees from colleges known by them, you can practise in any part of the world.

Other Benefits of MBBS in Georgia are -

So, if you’re considering MBBS studies, Georgia is definitely worth considering!


Yes, MBBS in Georgia is completely worth studying for Indian students because it is recognised by top health and education bodies. For Georgia, you do not need to sit for the entrance exam, only NEET is required.

Both the Medical Council Of India (MCI) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise the medical courses offered by Georgia.

Georgia has a literacy rate of 100% thus making it the top destination for higher education. There are modern approaches to educating future doctor students. And world-renowned medical degrees which will allow graduates to practice or study anywhere in the world. 

You can expect at least 20 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs for the whole course in Georgia. It covers the tuition fees and accommodation as well as food.

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