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5 Short Term Medical Courses in India

Short Term Medical Courses in India

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Introduction To Medical Field Courses

Many doctors look for a change in the environment in their medical field. And the prospect of a short medical course in India is enticing.

Given the expanding medical facilities in the country. More experience can add value to your degree. A 5 short medical course in India can help diversify a doctor’s expertise. There are medical Field courses in India in every major medical field. Residents can advance in training and knowledge. That too without impacting their career once they return from India.

Studying medicine at the India Institute of Medical Sciences, one of the top colleges, offers a rewarding career in the medical field, with medical professionals and a range of career options; pursuing medical courses such as the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery often requires passing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, though there are medical courses after the 12th, including some medical courses without NEET, provided by both government and private institutions, all of which play a crucial role in medical education and cover subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology.

Why short term medical course in india is important ?

There are many reasons why doctors may want to take short term medical courses in India. India has a long history of medical excellence. And many of the world’s top doctors get training in India. Additionally, the cost of short term medical courses in India is cheaper. Ask our Overseas Education Consultant.

So, you are looking for a short term medical course in India? These 5 options are great for expanding their knowledge. And improving their skills in the field of medicine. 

Fellowship in Neonatology

Neonatologists are doctors who specialise in the care of newborn infants. Particularly, those who are sick or premature. They work in hospitals and provide around-the-clock care to their patients.

Neonatologists often collaborate with other members of a newborn’s healthcare team. which include paediatricians, nurses, and therapists. Together, they provide comprehensive care for newborns and their families. The career of Neonatologists in India is good and on-demand.

Fellowship in GI Endoscopy

Let us understand what is GI Endoscopy? GI is an acronym for gastrointestinal. Which refers to the small and large intestines as well as the stomach. The large and small intestines join together in the lower abdomen.

GI Endoscopy is a process of examining the inside of the gastrointestinal tract. And can diagnose and treat various conditions. An endoscopy is an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It assesses the severity of a disorder and determines the best course of treatment. It can also track the progress of a disorder.

Fellowship in Andrology - Male Infertility

Andrology deals with the male reproductive system. It is an important field of medicine. A doctor that specialises in this field is an Andrologist.

This study can encompass everything from male reproductive anatomy and physiology. To fertility and sexual dysfunction. Andrologists may also treat conditions like testicular cancer. The short-term courses on Andrology can give you a basic introduction to the subject. Andrologists complete a 4-year residency program after medical school.

Fellowship in Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when your blood sugar (glucose) levels are too high. If left uncontrolled, diabetes can lead to serious health complications.

That’s why diabetes management is so important. By keeping your blood sugar levels under control, you can prevent or delay these complications. There are a variety of ways to do this, including medication, diet, and exercise. There are short courses for diabetes management that can help you learn how to manage your diabetes. These courses cover topics like how to track your blood sugar. And to make a healthy lifestyle.

Fellowship in Ultrasonography in Ob-Gyn (OBG)

Ultrasonography in Ob-Gyn (OBG) is the sonic method used to visualise developing fetal kidneys. And pelvis where congenital abnormalities can be discovered. When there is a change in a fetus, Ultrasonography in OBG is conducted to make sure the mother is not in danger.

Ultrasound in Ob-Gyn plays an important and time-saving role in the diagnosis of many conditions. Ultrasound can also be used to assess the anatomy and function of the female reproductive organs. As well as check pelvic pain, pelvic masses, and other gynecologic problems.


After MBBS there are many courses – PG/Diploma/Short Term Courses. You can consider Diploma in Nuclear medicine or a Diploma in Psychiatry.  A diploma in Radiotherapy is also a good option following a Diploma in Physiotherapy.

General practice is often considered the best field in medicine. Many doctors choose this speciality. It is high in demand and can be practised outside the hospital as well.

India has a large demand for orthopedists. An orthopedist can get up to INR 2,000,000 in a year in India. Since there is a lot of demand and scope for orthopedists in India, orthopaedics tops the charts to have a better scope.

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