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Best Medical University Abroad

Choosing an appropriate university to pursue a medical profession is crucial, especially for financial considerations. Cheap and Best Medical University means that students should choose a university that provides high-quality medical education in exchange for low education fees. Many factors go into choosing a perfect medical university, but the facilities and fees play a huge role in one’s appropriate choice.

MBBS In Russia

Russia is one of the most renowned countries in the World in terms of education, and the education granted in Russia is of great importance across the globe, especially medical degrees. It is because the degree obtained from the Universities here Is recognized all over the World that opens the door to graduates for their job prospects and further careers.

There are many universities in Russia, but medical universities are given much priority. Overall, Russia is considered a perfect educational destination for MBBS education, and students often leave positive reviews here, which is one of the primary reasons behind choosing the Universities In Russia for an MBBS. The section ahead will highlight some of the Best And Cheapest Medical Universities in Russia.

1. Northern State Medical University

Established in 1932, Northern State Medical University is one of Russia’s Most Affordable And Best Universities. The University has more than 8,000 students and nearly 1,000 staff. It is recognized by both reputable Universities, WHO and NMC, thus guaranteeing students post-graduation opportunities.

With an annual tuition fee of US $6000 or INR 5 Lakhs, the University could stand as one of Russia’s cheapest and best medical universities. Students can get admission to the University by being eligible with all the criteria and submitting the application form online.

2. Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University, established in 1932, is among the oldest universities in Russia. It is located in Bashkortostan and is considered one of the central Medical Scientific Centers in the Russian Federation. The University offers numerous facilities for its students, especially international students.

The Bashkir State Medical University boasts highly qualified professionals, researchers, and tutors who offer comprehensive programs. It is also recognized via multiple federations, along with NMC and WHO. The annual tuition fee for MBBS at Bashkir State Medical University is around 3500 US Dollars or 3 Lakhs Indian Rupees.

3. Crimea Federal University

The Crimea Federal University is located in Simferopol, Russia, among the top 10 Universities. It is recognized worldwide for its world-class education and research programs. The University offers MBBS Programs that last for six years. The University focuses on English Medium MBBS Programs for international students, which is a major attraction for an individual who is a foreigner.

The annual tuition fee for MBBS at Crimea Federal University is around US $3000 or INR 2.5 Lakhs. Moreover, Crimea Federal University offers accommodation facilities for international students. With such a good combination of accommodation, cheap education fees, and world-class programs, Crimea Federal University can be the wisest choice for an Affordable And Best Medical University.

Best FMGE/MCI Result In Russia

A massive fraction of Indian students go to Russia to study MBBS, but as per regulation, they can only practice medicine in India once they qualify for the FMGE test. Each Year, several students from different universities appear for the FMGE test. Still, one University stands at the top of the Best FMGE Results in Russia : Crimea Federal University, which has the highest passing percentage of students to date.

MBBS In Georgia

Apart from Russia, some other destinations are renowned for the best medical education with a lower tuition fee, and Georgia is one of them. Georgian Universities are recognized widely for providing world-class and affordable medical education. Moreover, the faculty in the universities here is also arranged to an international standard, making it an appropriate reference for MBBS. From faculty services to charges, Georgian Universities are highly preferred by students via their advisors.

NEET Score Required For Mbbs In Georgia

Qualifying for NEET is one of the most mandatory vital factors for gaining admission to any university in India or abroad to study MBBS. Likewise, Georgian Universities demand specific NEET marks so that a student can pursue an MBBS at the Universities there. According to 2024, gaining admission to Georgian medical universities, the NEET Score Required For MBBS is just the NEET qualifying mark that varies from Year to Year and ranges between 130 – and 200.

However, a specific University may lay its threshold considering the NEET marks for MBBS admission; still, in most cases, a student who has qualified NEET with the minimum qualification marks is eligible for MBBS In Georgia and even anywhere else abroad.

Cheapest Medical University Of Georgia

Students looking for the most affordable option can go forward to gain admission to Geomedi State University because it is the Cheapest Medical University In Georgia. With an annual tuition fee of around US $5000 or INR 4.8 Lakhs, the University is serving its students with comprehensive study programs.

Best Medical University Of Georgia

More than five medical universities in Georgia are among the Top 100 Best Universities in the World. Such an achievement by the country makes it an appropriate choice for studying abroad. Georgian universities are often assumed to be better than those in Russia. Below is a highlight of some of the best and most affordable Universities In Georgia.

1. Tbilisi State Medical University SEU

One of the private Universities in Georgia, Tbilisi State Medical University, is also ultimately the preferred study destination for those looking to arrange their career in healthcare or medicine. Located in the capital city of Georgia, the University boasts an international standard of educational programs and faculty services.

It is recognized globally, even by WHO and NMC. The MBBS program here lasts six years, including a year of internship. The Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia is an affordable and best University with an approximate annual MBBS program cost of US $8000 or INR 6.5 Lakhs.

2. Georgian National University SEU, Georgia

Established in 2001, Georgian National University SEU is another private institution considered one of the top, best, and most affordable universities in Georgia. The University boasts an excellent student-faculty ratio that ensures a better quality of education. With all the essential recognitions, the University is considered one of the Top 10 Universities in Georgia. The cost of MBBS At Georgian National University is around 5000 US dollars or four lakhs of Indian rupees annually.

It is recognized globally, even by WHO and NMC. The MBBS program here lasts six years, including a year of internship. The Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia is an affordable and best University with an approximate annual MBBS program cost of US $8000 or INR 6.5 Lakhs.

Life Of Indian Students In Georgia

Indian Students Studying In Georgia enjoy a vibrant life. A significant fraction of students studying in Georgia is found to be Indian. With such a vast representation, Indian students benefit more from studying MBBS In Georgia. In most universities, there is no language barrier. Moreover, accommodation services along with a local guide are offered to them.

If looking for cheaper medical education, there are a few more destinations abroad where students can easily carry on their studies without any excessive load on their pockets. The places where the MBBS Program is relatively cheaper, even from Russia and Georgia, are Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Below are the highlights of some of the best and cheapest Medical Universities In Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

MBBS In Nepal

One of the closest countries to India, Nepal, also offers MBBS programs, and students have several choices in pursuing the program at the University they want. The only condition is to fulfil the eligibility criteria for the specific University. Nepal offers decent study programs, and compared to India in terms of cost, Nepal is cheaper than most private Universities in India. Below is a highlight of the Best And Cheapest Medical Universities in Nepal.

Name Of University

Annual Tuition Fee In US$ (approximate)

Annual Tuition Fee In INR (approximate)

KIST Medical College

US $10, 800 (additional US $18000 for 1st Year)

INR 9 Lakhs (additional 16 Lakhs for 1st Year)

Kathmandu Medical College

US $13, 200 (additional US $18000 for 1st Year)

INR 11 Lakhs (additional 16 Lakhs for 1st Year)

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

US $14000 (additional US $8000 for 1st Year)

INR 12 Lakhs (additional 7 Lakhs for 1st Year)

MBBS In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is renowned worldwide for its low tuition fees, even for MBBS. Compared to other countries, Universities in Uzbekistan offer educational programs at much lower costs and follow international Standards. Many students aim to Study MBBS In Uzbekistan and below are some of the Best Universities In Uzbekistan in 2024.

Name Of University

Annual Tuition Fee In US$ (approximate)

Annual Tuition Fee In INR (approximate)

Bukhara State Medical Institute

US $4500

INR 3.6 Lakhs

Samarkand State Medical Institute

US $3000

INR 2.5 Lakhs

Andijan State Medical Institute

US $4000

INR 3.2 Lakhs

MBBS In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan also offers students an affordable option to continue their studies without concern about their pockets. It boasts numerous such universities that have extremely reasonable world rankings. The same reason stands behind the choice of an international student to pursue an MBBS In KazakhstanSee the section below if you are looking for the best and cheapest University In Kazakhstan.

Name Of University

Annual Tuition Fee In US$ (approximate)

Annual Tuition Fee In INR (approximate)

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

US $4200

INR 3 Lakhs

Kazakh National Medical University.

US $7500

INR 6 Lakhs

Astana Medical University.

US $8500

INR 7 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, doing an MBBS from Russia is much more beneficial for students because the degree obtained from the University of Russia is highly recognized across the World, which helps the graduates in their job prospects and post-graduate opportunities.

The annual cost of MBBS in Russia is around US $6000 or INR 4 Lakhs.

The tuition fee for an MBBS in Georgia starts at around US $5000 or INR 4 Lakhs and goes up to US $8000 or INR 7 Lakhs, depending on the University.

The best and cheapest medical University in Georgia is Geomedi State University, located in Tbilisi. Its annual fee for MBBS is around 5000 US Dollars or 4.8 Lakh Indian Rupees.

However, during admission to MBBS in foreign countries, only qualifying marks and a certificate of NEET are asked of the students. However, in the cases of some universities, specific threshold marks may be required for which the student must have obtained in the NEET.

Many universities in Russia and Georgia include various facilities for Indian students, including Indian restaurants or messes where Indians can enjoy their local foods.

Yes, after doing an MBBS from Nepal, you can practice medicine in India but must qualify for the FMGE exam.

MBBS in Nepal ranges around US $ 10,000 or INR 8 lakhs.

The tuition fee for MBBS in Kazakhstan is around US $4200 or INR 3.5 Lakhs.

MBBS in Uzbekistan costs around US $5000 or 4 Lakhs for Indian rupees.

Although in these four countries, medical education is provided following international standards. Considering a perfect destination in terms of quality education and world-class facilities, MBBS in Georgia can be the most preferable option. MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a wise choice regarding cheap education or affordable options. For a good balance of fees and quality education, a student should consider pursuing an MBBS In Russia.

A student must qualify for NEET to do an MBBS in Nepal.

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