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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For The NEET-UG 2022

Preparing For The NEET-UG

There are plenty of tips to Preparing for the NEET-UG 2022. You may feel overwhelmed browsing through all the articles. While the motive is the same. Students looking for ways to pass the NEET in the first attempt can relate the number of blogs for NEET-UG they browse.

But why is NEET important for medical students?

Ever since the NEET was introduced in the year 2013. It has become a mandatory entrance exam for MBBS admission 2022. It is applied to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses.

It is said that the NEET exam is one of the hardest entrance exams. Oftentimes, students begin to study for the NEET-UG from the 10th standard itself. Yet, most find it difficult to clear the entrance exam on the first attempt.

Many refer to books, online articles and advice from previous NEET students. Yet some fail to do well. Why? Because they fall for common mistakes while preparing for the NEET-UG. What are they? Let us read this article to find out –

Ignoring NCERT books

Often students preparing for the NEET-UG 2022 ignore NCERT books. But did you know that NCERT books cover at least 70% of the syllabus for the exam? Most of the questions important for NEET come either in direct or indirect form from the NCERT books. So, do not ignore this book while going through other books for NEET-UG preparation.

Finding it hard to manage time

With regular high school examinations and studies, it becomes difficult to spend quality time preparing for the NEET-UG. But with proper time management, you can! Besides regular studies make at least an hour gap for NEET preparation. Study hard chapters first and give yourself time by taking small breaks. Often difficult topics carry higher marks.

Not seeking help from teachers

As students in high school, we feel insecure to talk to teachers. Often we overthink things but that is not the best way to prepare for the NEET. Teachers are the best guide to help with NEET preparation. Be blunt and frank with your queries, ask for important topics often covered in NEET. Request for previous NEET question papers.

Not getting coaching class

Self-studying is a great way to prepare for the NEET but additional coaching will help you in the long run. You can talk to your teachers and request for coaching class for the NEET exam. You will gain better knowledge via coaching. Especially if you find it difficult to self-study and face alot of stress-solving questions. A helping hand is always a good starting point to succeed in your NEET-2022 preparation.

Focusing on only one subject

NEET is for biology enthusiasts. So you can expect most questions to come from biology. That is why students prefer to focus more on biology and not on chemistry and physics. Even though several topics on these two subjects come during NEET exams. Do not do that. While biology is most valued for NEET, Physics and Chemistry can help decide your rank. So equally study all three subjects for the NEET 2022.

Taking help from multiple books

Reading many books can do you no good. It will only confuse you. Despite the fact that you may gain some knowledge but it may not benefit you. Consuming alot of information can also burden your brain as you also absorb topics that may not be important for the NEET. It is best to stick with a few books like NCERT.


The reason the NEET is a difficult exam is that it is the only entrance exam for medical students. After clearing the exam, no additional exams are required for admission in India and overseas.

You can first begin your NEET preparation by studying biology and other subjects like chemistry and physics. Read NCERT books, solve as many questions as possible and take up mock NEERT tests.

For NEET preparation, you need to do at least 12 to 15 hours of study time in a day. You can strategically follow a timetable and take adequate breaks for 10 minutes to stretch your legs.

For NEET preparation, you need to do at least 12 to 15 hours of study time in a day. You can strategically follow a timetable and take adequate breaks for 10 minutes to stretch your legs.

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