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Georgian National University SEU

Georgian National University SEU 2024
Georgian National University SEU 2024

Georgian National University SEU 2024, the largest University in Georgia, can become your best choice if you want to pursue MBBS Degree here. It ranks among the top 5 university campuses globally and is considered by most aspirants to be the best destination for MBBS. Were you also troubled by this query of whether Georgian National University – SEU will be the best choice for you to pursue MBBS? If so, then through this article, you can get all the details about MBBS At Georgian National University – SEU, and accordingly, you may start your journey.

Where Is Georgian National University SEU Located?

Georgia National University is located in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi. The institution was founded in 2001. Since then, this University has steadily become popular and gained a reputation. Georgian National University – SEU is famous for its high-quality education and fostering innovation.

History Of Georgian National University SEU 2024

The University was established with the vision of becoming a leading educational institution in the Country, and indeed, this vision has turned into a reality over the years and developed into a multidisciplinary university. The University offers programs like Administration, Law, Computer Science, And Social Sciences.

This University aims to provide a comprehensive education combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Aspirants often come here to realize their dreams and achieve their goals. Undoubtedly, they have been able to do so. Hence, you can also choose  SEU Georgia as your educational destination.

Why Study MBBS In Georgian National University – SEU?

Studying MBBS at  national university seu  offers several compelling reasons for medical students aspiring to pursue a career in MBBS. However, numerous factors can be considered merits for studying at Georgian University – SEU. Below are some of them.

Georgian National University MBBS Fees

Georgian National University is a top-ranked University that offers a high-quality education. In such a condition, aspirants think it would be costlier to pay the fees at this University, but it is not. The Georgian National University is known for its affordable education, and it could be a wise choice for you if you want to pursue an MBBS graduation from the University for a lesser amount.

If we talk about its fees, an aspirant will have to spend around US$ 7500 in one year if they want to Study MBBS From Georgian University, which includes the academy fees, living expenses, and food for one year. Including some extra expenses, an MBBS aspirant must spend around US$ 8000 per year.

Georgian National University Ranking

The Georgian National University is one of the top Universities in Georgia. Accordingly, it lies at the 20th position in the Country, while The Georgian University lies at #9441 globally.

Georgian National University – SEU Hostel and Student life

Every aspirant considers the living style while pursuing MBBS At Georgian National University but is still determining the cost of living. At the same time, they are also still trying to decide what their hostel’s structure and living arrangements will be. It has also been arranged for you in the paragraph below. SEU Georgia provides a separate hostel for its students, ensuring comfortable and convenient accommodations.

You will find many hostels near the Georgian University where you can find your comfort place. Your hostel charge will be approximately INR 1.6 Lakh to INR 2 Lakh (around 2300 US$ annually).

SEU University Georgia Fees For Indian Students

SEU University in Georgia offers you an affordable fee opportunity; according to this, if you are an Indian student, then you will have to spend approximately INR 4 Lakh in a year only for your tuition or education fees.

Apart from this, your expenses will be around INR 2 Lakh per year if you want to stay in a hostel. If we talk according to our estimation, an Indian student needs to spend approximately INR 6 Lakhs per year at Georgian University – SEU for studying as well as for living.

Georgian National University World Ranking

One always wants to know about the world ranking of their educational destination. As a top destination and reputable institution, the Georgian University World Ranking lies in the 9441st position.

Georgian National University – SEU Fee Structure

Tution Fee / SemesterHostel / MonthOne Time Charge
3000 USD180 – 200 USD1800 USD
1st year Pkg Includes :Document translation, notary, airport pick up, medical check up, biometric,
visa extension, attestation & nostrification, registration including insurance etc.
Nix Study Abroad Service Charges *INR 150,000 are to be paid by students in home country to their agents.
Flight ticket needs to pay additional as actual
*Students need to pay the service charges in three installments.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Georgian National University – SEU

Various points can be highlighted as the Advantages Of Studying for an MBBS At Georgian National University – SEU. Some of these include:

Overall, Studying MBBS At the Georgian National University offers several advantages, including International Recognition, international standard, English Language, Experienced Faculty, Modern Infrastructure, Career Opportunities, and last but not least, Affordability. By merging all the factors, Georgian University – SEU can be the best option for pursuing MBBS.


In this article, you would have learned about Georgian National University – SEU, admission process where some light on its history and some crucial queries have been thrown. We hope that after reading our article, it will be easier for you to decide whether Georgian University is the perfect MBBS destination for you or not.


It is one of the top Campuses around the Globe and the most reputable University in Georgia. It is considered one of the best affordable destinations in terms of education and is located in Tbilisi georgia,  the capital of Georgia.

The University was established in 2001.

The Country Rank Of Georgian University – SEU is 20.

The University lies at the 9441st position on the world ranking.

MBBS in Georgian is a six-year course in which theoretical and practical studies will be provided to you in the first five years. In the last year, you will be processed for an internship.

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