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Guide for Kazakhstan Student Visa

Why Pursue Study MBBS In Georgia?

MBBS in Kazakhstan has become very popular over the last few years, maybe even decades.

Now, it has been proven that many Indian students prefer Kazakhstan for MBBS. But the kazakhstan student visa is a topic that often gets neglected.

Because we consider overseas education consultants in India to perform the visa process. While it is true, there is a certain group of individual who wants to go through with the student visa for Kazakhstan themselves.

In that case, this blog may be of help to you. We will lay down the guide for the Kazakhstan student visa for you.

What is a Kazakhstan student visa?

To be able to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, students must be able to clear certain formalities. One of them being the student visa to Kazakhstan.

It is basically an entry that will allow you to study in the country you’ve applied for. In order words, visas can be temporary residence permits where a student will need to fulfil their studies.

Renewal of student visas may be required annually based on the country’s rules. But remember that obtaining a visa does not guarantee your entry into the country. The officials will conduct research on you and if an issue will be found, you may not get an entry. Or in the case of you already being in the country, you may be asked to return to your country.

Who needs a student visa for Kazakhstan?

A student visa is for those who do not belong to that country. All international students will need a student visa allowing them to live and study in the applied country.

Visa for educational purposes is provided to a student arriving in Kazakhstan for higher studies. It is offered to students pursuing professional, secondary, postsecondary, graduation and postgraduation.

Every student who is planning to study in Kazakhstan will need to immediately apply for a visa from the Embassy of Kazakhstan in your country.

Kindly note that the student visa to Kazakhstan must not be issued more than 90 days before the beginning of the course as per the invitation letter.

How to apply for a student visa in Kazakhstan?

Here comes the most important topic, how to apply for a Kazakhstan student visa. The process is mainly offline, and the visa application is completed based on the eligibility criteria, which we will get to in a while.

The process for a student visa to Kazakhstan is given as follows:

Requirements for a student visa for Kazakhstan

Eligibility for a student visa for Kazakhstan


The processing time for the student visa to Kazakhstan can take up to a month. With the exception of government holidays and weekends that may come in between.

After submission of the documents for visa processing. You can check the process by contacting the embassy. Or if you have applied through an agent, you can get in touch with them.

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