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Guide on How to Choose a Medical University Abroad

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Introduction: MBBS abroad

Planning for MBBS abroad is a great investment for your child’s future. It not only gives an individual a chance to experience life overseas but also builds their confidence.

Today, there are several destinations for MBBS studies, each providing different learning opportunities. But the goal is the same for all, to up-bring future doctors.

It is not always easy to get into some of the top MBBS universities abroad. While some have a strict admission requirement, some have a breezy MBBS admission process. It is a common issue faced by millions of students getting into a decent medical institution.

Getting to government medical universities abroad can be difficult while students search for its alternative. Which can be hard for many due to its high contribution demands. But most European medical universities provide courses at an affordable price. Enabling students to pursue an MBBS course from an overseas medical university

How to choose a medical university abroad

The selection of a suitable medical university can be a difficult task. We have to check a lot of information the institution may provide. Well, listed below are some points to remember when choosing a medical university abroad.

Choose the best country to study MBBS

When the idea to study abroad takes over our minds, we begin to choose a country before settling for a university. This is because a country highly contributes to our education, well-being and safety. So choose wisely. Make sure you consider the student diversity in the country, the lifestyle and safety among others.

Pick the university wisely

After choosing the country, make sure to select the university wisely. For MBBS abroad, we cannot always go and see the university for ourselves. It is all words and visuals that can convince us to pick the medical university. You need to consider the facilities of the institution, laboratory and the university’s curriculum. Also, make note of the college ratings, the student ambience, the exposure to laboratory work and practical sessions offered by the university.

Check for the university requirements

It can be a long process to choose the right university since we need to consider a lot of details like the minimum requirements. Every university has a certain standard a student will need to fulfil. In order to get selected by the university, a student needs to clear the NEET entrance examination. There are also other additional criteria like the language specifications etc. Before applying to any MBBS university abroad, check the university requirements.

Analyze the expenses for living

Next, the most important part is the living conditions and expenses. During the first year, students will be required to stay within the university campus. But it may be different for every country and university. In consideration of living outside the university. Make sure to check the neighbourhoods that are close to the university/transport and student-friendly.

The student visa system

The final leg of the journey is the student visa application. Once you have an invitation letter from the university, it is a cakewalk to get a visa. But make sure you understand the visa procedure and conditions that are required for applying. Before applying for a student visa, the applicant must show the documents. Keep them ready with you always.

Eligibility criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria that a student needs to be aware of before applying for MBBS admission abroad.

Documents required

Depending on the country and the university, students need to have the following documents while applying for any medical university abroad.

Advantages of studying MBBS abroad

There are several benefits of studying MBBS abroad. The degrees are extremely valuable from a foreign country. Some of the listed advantages of MBBS abroad include.


Make sure you consider the medium of education and additional requirements for admission. The expense of the course and living budget. The country and NMC recognised universities matter a lot for the future to practice anywhere in the world.

Europe and Central Asian countries are best suited for medical studies, especially for Indian students. Countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia etc. are best for the MBBS courses due to their low cost and fewer documentation requirements.

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the major exam needed for MBBS admission abroad. There are other exams as well depending on the country like the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

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