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Hostel Accommodation in Russian Universities

Hostel Accommodation in Russian Universities

Flighting on your medical path in Russia as an Indian student is an exciting adventure, but understanding life in another country is just as important. Every student, before getting admission to any university, checks the accommodation, and Indian students going to Russia should also check the best hostels provided by the best universities.

This article is your go-to guide for all things hostel-related. We will converse about what to expect, the facilities available, Hostel Accommodation in Russian Universities. So let’s give you a deep insight into the best hostels in Russia where student can study the best and live their life to the fullest without burning cash like paper.

Hostel Accommodation in Russian Universities

1. Crimea Federal university

Let’s commence the list with the accommodation in Crimea Federal University. The university provides separate girls’ and boys’ hostel rooms, and the rooms are distributed according to allotment numbers. Talking about the sharing procedure, then, each room is shared between 3-5 students with shared bathrooms and restrooms. The rooms are furnished with suitable furniture.

In the university’s hostel, alongside a multi-cuisine canteen, shared kitchens are also provided to students on each floor. Adding to it, the hostel premises maintain a reading hall, cafeteria, gym, playground, and auditorium. Furthermore, services like cleaning, bedsheets, and blankets are covered in the hostel fees, which is 18000 rs for 1st year.

2. Northern State Medical University

The hostel in Northern State Medical University nourishes a well-managed environment that facilitates the student’s study experience. Separate buildings for girls’ rooms and boys’ rooms are constructed, and usually 2-3 students share a room paired with a common bathroom. Each room has primary facilities like a blanket, bed sheet, bed, pillow, table, and desk for every student organised by the university.

The hostel administration provides a shared kitchen and laundry room for the students. With various cafeterias, the hostel premises also have a mess dedicated to Indian food. Facilities like a gym, playgrounds, and library are also provided. The management also offers high-speed WiFi, but students have to pay extra for that on the yearly hostel fees of 40000 rs.

3. Orenburg State Medical University

Applying for a hostel in Orenburg State Medical University is the best alternative for every MBBS student there. The university retains three hostels, and the 3rd one is fully reserved for Indian students with a basic allotment of Bedding, Furniture, and 24-hrs Electricity. 3-4 students share each room provided by hostel management, and there are particular blocks for girls and boys.

The food of the hostel satisfies every Indian student studying there, as the university has an Indian mess and standard kitchens, too, for hostelers paired with a 24-hour gas facility. Students can also benefit from additional facilities like a gym, high-speed internet, and a separate study room by paying extra money with a yearly accommodation fee of 42000 rs.

4. Bashkir State Medical University

The hostel in Bashkir State Medical University can eradicate all the problems of an Indian student when going to pursue MBBS. The hostel management provides general furniture like beds, study tables, lamps, and blankets. Furthermore, there are other facilities too, like small study rooms for better focus, discussion rooms for group chats, a library provided by the hostel, a gym, and much more.

The rooms of girls students and boys students are different, and a group of 4 students share a room with a joint kitchen facility on each floor. With this, there is a 24-hour heating system, 24-hour gas facility, and good management. All these astonishing facilities are enjoyed by a student after giving a fee of 45000 rs for one year.

5. Smolensk State Medical University

Smolensk State Medical University is one of the best universities in the world for pursuing MBBS or any medical course, and the hostel in Smolensk State Medical University is top-class. Students get the best beds, blankets, and comfortable sitting tables by the hostel leadership. The hostel mess provides Indian food that can be customised for every student.

Next, the hostel has a sports complex too so that students don’t forget the sportsmanship. Furthermore, a Cultural Centre is also made in the hostel where everyone interacts with each other and gazes at cultural events from every side of the globe.

Also, if you are confused about hostels among various universities, then you can take consultation with an education consultant who will guide your child according to their preference and needs.

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Education is an essential part of everyone’s life, and in the current scenario where students are going to Russia to pursue MBBS, parents want to confirm the quality of accommodation. The Guardian of each student going abroad for study deserves the right to check the university hostel where their child will be studying.

And in the article, we gave a virtual summary of hostels in the top universities of Russia for MBBS. The article discussed the hostel management, hostel facilities, fees, and each vital aspect that affects the student’s lifestyle.


Yes, most hostel kitchens are available for basic cooking. You’ll find facilities to prepare simple meals, including those from Indian cuisine

Hostel life in Russia may have some cultural differences, such as communal living and shared responsibilities. However, Russian medical university hostels are designed to cater to international students, providing a supportive environment that helps ease the transition.

Yes, one has to qualify for the licensing exam (NEXT Exam – National Exit Exam) to practice in India as a doctor whether they have done MBBS from abroad or from India itself.

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