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How many total MBBS Seats are available in India vs Foreign Medical Universities

MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad

Nowadays, education is an integral part of everybody’s life, and students these days not only concentrate on education just because of future revenues but also because they are inclined to take education seriously to help people in a practical way and uplift society. One such degree is MBBS, which is the dream of almost every medical student so that they can perform their mission of solving health-related public problems.

However, this dream lowers its luminance when a medical student aspiring to study MBBS witnesses the ratio of the available seats for MBBS versus the number of students. If you need to be informed of the seat data, then today we will examine the available seats for MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad.

MBBS seats in India

According to the latest data released last year, India has 389 government/semi-government colleges and 317 private institutions for studying MBBS.

Regarding seats, India has 56268 government MBBS seats and 51880 private MBBS seats. That means there are 108148 or, say, one lakh and eight thousand seats, whereas around 20 lakh students prepare for NEET every year.

Moreover, foreign universities can be the fairest option if one still needs to get admission to government institutions and still desires to study MBBS without shelling out bundles of money.

MBBS in foreign universities

If the thought of studying MBBS from a foreign university is popping up, do not let the idea fade away. Take a glimpse at the best options for you by the best medical study abroad experts.

MBBS in Russia

Russia has gained much popularity among medical students regarding MBBS. The country’s top facilities and globally recognized universities attract every student when paired with a low cost of living. More than 50000 Indian students are pursuing MBBS from Russia currently , according to the latest data.and every year around 10000 Indian Students choose Russia as their preffered destination to Study MBBS in Russia.

The average cost of MBBS in Russia is around 25 lakhs for all six years. With this price of MBBS in Russia, a student can have the best and most affordable education. Also, for a detailed MBBS in Russia fee structure, one can check the website of every university.

MBBS in European university

If one plans to study MBBS at a European university, one will be graduating from one of the best universities in the world. Studying MBBS from a European university is blessed with great worldwide opportunities. Around 1000 students from India go to European universities every year for MBBS.

The European university fees for MBBS stay around 25 lakhs for six years, but one can contact professional study consultants for a detailed fee structure.

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is another excellent option for an Indian student pursuing an MBBS. The country’s education system offers affordable education with the best teachers and top-ranked universities worldwide. More than 5,000 Indian students go to Kazakhstan every year for MBBS.

Regarding MBBS cost in Kazakhstan, one can expect expenses revolving around 20 Lakh for a ranking university.

MBBS in Georgia

Studying MBBS in Georgia appeals to Indian students due to quality education and English-taught programs. Georgia’s medical universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India, ensuring graduates can practice in India. Around 4500 students move to Georgia from India to study MBBS.

The tuition fees, approximately 20-25 lakhs INR per year, are relatively affordable compared to some Indian private medical colleges. This cost-effective opportunity attracts aspiring Indian medical students to pursue their MBBS in Georgia.

MBBS in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an optimistic choice for Indian students, offering English-medium classes and a respected education system. With an annual tuition fee ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs INR, studying in Uzbekistan is economically achievable compared to some private Indian medical colleges. 3000 Indian medical students relocate yearly to Uzbekistan to fulfil their dream of studying MBBS.

Recognized by the Medical Council of India, graduates can practice medicine in India, making Uzbekistan a reasonable and quality destination for Indian medical aspirants.


The selection between studying MBBS in India or abroad relies on individual priorities, financial reserve considerations, and career goals. While India offers familiarity and diverse experiences, foreign nations guide international medical standards.

The decision should be guided by a detailed evaluation of aspects such as quality of education, affordability, and future professional prospects to ensure a well-informed and best academic experience.


A NEET qualification is required for every Indian student when planning to study for an MBBS in Russia.

Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, and Uzbekistan are the best and most affordable countries for MBBS and have low living costs.

Yes, one has to clear the NEET UG exam to pursue an MBBS in any foreign universities recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Yes, one has to qualify for the licensing exam (NEXT Exam – National Exit Exam) to practice in India as a doctor whether they have done MBBS from abroad or from India itself.

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