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How to Transfer University from Ukraine to Georgia

How to Transfer University from Ukraine to Georgia

Ukraine has been one of the top countries for MBBS studies for Indian students. But sadly due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, education has come to a halt. Many students who invested money in MBBS in Ukraine are clueless about their continuation of medical studies.

But there is an alternate country for medical studies that can support Ukraine students to complete their medical courses abroad.

Georgia, a beautiful country between the European and Asian continent has top medical colleges for Indian students. Students who are looking for a transfer from Ukraine to Georgia, this is your chance to study here. A future of higher education, a growing hub for medical studies.

Annually, the majority of students from overseas come to study MBBS in Georgia. The country has always been one of the best destinations for MBBS abroad. But with the situation with Ukraine, the ideal country, Georgia has opened its doors to foreign students. The admission for medical studies in Georgia has increased. Plus, several students are interested in getting a transfer.

To know more about how to transfer university in Georgia from Ukraine, this blog may help.

Why are students choosing Georgia for MBBS transfer from Ukraine?

These are just a few of all the benefits of transferring to Georgia from Ukraine. There are many other things a student can consider of great value. Georgia has a high literacy rate and the colleges conduct classes in English. This makes foreign students adjust to their regular classes immediately.

List of universities in Georgia to transfer from Ukraine

These universities are some of the top-rated universities in Georgia. It is a great opportunity to study here. The infrastructure, curriculum and scope of job prospects are high. You can check these colleges below to transfer from Ukraine.

How to transfer from Ukraine to a university in Georgia?

You can transfer from Ukraine to a university in Georgia by providing some of your documents. The procedure for admission in Georgia can be simple as long as you have the following documents.

Your documents will be reviewed by the dean and you will be informed of the credits recognised. You will be made aware of the semester you will continue in Georgia. Post your selection confirmation, you will need to submit the university’s registration fees.

Documents required for admission in Georgia

In order to get admission to a university in Georgia, you need to have the following list of documents to begin the application process.

These are the steps to getting admission to medical universities in Georgia. By having the documents, mentioned here, you can get into any university for higher education. You can always take help from us as we have direct contact with the universities in Georgia.


Yes, medical students from Ukraine can transfer to any college in Georgia since the duration in both countries is almost the same.

The universities in Georgia have an acceptance rate of 87.71% of applicants. It is very competitive, but it is possible to get into any college in Georgia. You must have the required documents.

Yes, the students who graduate from Georgia can legally practice anywhere in the world, including in India. The degrees from Georgia are valid in India. The student needs to qualify for exams like NExT to practice.

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