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Osh State Medical University Offered Courses, MBBS Syllabus, fee structure, And Ranking

Osh State University

Osh State Medical University

The Osh State University is one of the best educational destinations and can be considered a highly esteemed institution for higher studies. In Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Osh State Medical University was established in 1992 and is committed to providing world-class education.

The University has become a reputable institution in recent times, thus attracting students worldwide and forming the primary choice for studying in specific fields. It has emerged as one of the foremost universities in Kyrgyzstan, providing multiple faculties. However, readers can explore the details regarding the Medical Faculty At Osh State Medical University and related aspects.

This University offers a wide-ranging Medical Faculty that excels in almost every field. However, a massive number of students consider this University to be the best destination for pursuing MBBS.

Osh State Medical Faculty

This University is very reputable in providing medical faculty, and often, students choose this University to pursue their medical graduation. This University offers programs like MBBS and BDS under the medical faculty. Doctor Of Medicine (MD), Doctor Of Dental Surgery (DDS), and MD in Pediatrics, Pharmacy, and General Medicine are doctoral academic degrees.

Osh State Medical University MBBS Syllabus 2024

Since the University offers students a desirable course like MBBS, it must have a dedicated syllabus. From the points below, readers can glance at the Osh State Medical University MBBS Syllabus.

1st Year

Anatomy & Histology

2nd Year

Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Physiology

3rd Year

Path Pathology, Microbiology & Pharmacology

4th & 5th Year

Depth study in General Surgery, Neurology, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics

6th Year

Clinical Rotation/Internship

Osh State University Fees

The University deals with numerous medical programs. As a result, the Fees may differ for various programs. However, as per estimation, A student must pay around US $4000 or INR 3.5 Lakhs per annum as the University tuition fee for most of the available programs.

Osh State Medical University MBBS Fees

A student must pay around US $4500 or INR 4 Lakhs annually to pursue an MBBS at Osh State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan.

Osh State Medical University Fees Structure 2024

Tuition Fee (per annum)

Hostel Rent (per annum)

Expenses On Food (per annum)

Around US $4000

Approx. US $600

Approx. US $1300

Around 3 Lakhs Indian Rupees

Around 50 Thousands Indian Rupees

Around 1 Lakh Indian Rupees

Osh State Medical University Admission

To get Admission To MBBS At Osh Medical University, a student has to follow some procedures, including fulfilling some eligibility criteria and submitting a proper form to which all their relevant and updated documents are attached. The State Medical University admission procedure is highlighted in the area below.

1. Meet Eligibility Criteria

Any student who wants to be admitted to Osh Medical University must fulfil the University’s dedicated eligibility criteria, including age, educational qualification, the NEET Qualifying Certificate, and language proficiency.

2. Submission Of Application

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, students can access the admission form on the official website, where they have to fill it out appropriately, attach all the relevant and required documents, and finally submit the application and the required fee.

3. Receiving Of Offer Letter

The University will produce the offer letter through the student’s contact details, after which their admission to Osh Medical University will be confirmed.

4. Applying For a Student Visa and Begin Journey

Once the offer letter is received, students can apply for their visa and then proceed with their journey.

Osh State Medical University FMGE Results

FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, the screening test conducted by the National Board Of Examination In Medical Sciences. This test ensures deserving candidates to practice medicine in India who have pursued medical Graduation (MBBS) from foreign Countries.

Osh Medical University lies among the top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan; hence, its FMGE results are a matter of concern. In the last FMGE Test, a total of 1541 candidates appeared, but only 284 were able to qualify, thus engaging the pass percentage of 18.43%.

Total No. Of Candidates From

Osh State Medical University




Osh State Medical University Ranking

Ranking plays a crucial role in the reputation of any college or University. A student is always concerned that their University should have a good ranking. Meanwhile, Osh State Medical University is ranked at 8363rd position in the World and 10th in the Country.


In this write-up, along with essential details about Osh Medical University, some queries about it have also been described. At the same time, the fee structure of this University has also been looked at. Hopefully, readers would have been able to get information related to the University, Kyrgyzstan. Stay connected to read more content related to the Abroad Studies Program.


The Osh State Medical University is located in a city in Kyrgyzstan named Osh, which is famous worldwide for its rich culture, heritage, and scenic beauty.

The University is recognized via reputable federations, the World Health Organization, and the Medical Council Of India.

The educational program at Osh State Medical is offered to international students in English.

To complete MBBS at Osh State Medical , a student will have to contribute six years, out of which their academic theoretical and practical classes will continue for five years, while in the sixth Year, the student will have to undergo internship or clinical rotation.

Yes, the University offers hostel accommodation for international students.

Osh Medical University’s hostel accommodation facilities include top-notch and furnished rooms, dedicated cupboards, internet access, and regional Food.

In Kyrgyzstan, students cannot work part-time while pursuing their studies at the University.

Generally, climatic conditions like hot summer and cold winter can be felt in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

The Medical University is safe for international students because the crime rate here is meagre.

Yes, international students get the same facilities from the University, such as scholarship opportunities.

A student must pay approximately US $4000 – US $4500 or INR 3.5 Lakhs – INR 4 Lakhs to pursue an MBBS from Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan.

The World Ranking Of Osh Medical University Is 8363.

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