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Study at Smolensk State Medical University

Smolensk State Medical University (SSMU)

Highlights: Smolensk State Medical University (SSMU)

Intake for MBBS Course

September – October

NEET Examination

Yes, required


Not required

Admission Processing Duration

At least 1.5 months 

MBBS Course Duration

6 years (including internship)

Medium of Education


SMU Recognition

NMC and WHO 

How is Smolensk State Medical University (SSMU)?

MBBS in Russia on your mind? Good choice to begin with. But which university to choose to lay down the foundation? That can be troublesome for undergraduates.

Well, amongst the many top universities in Russia, we have Smolensk State Medical University. Which is a 1920 established government medical university in Smolensk.

Oftentimes students ask whether an SMU is good for medical education. And the answer is always a yes. The MBBS degree is recognised worldwide, therefore students do not need to think twice to study here. Even the admission process and the fee structure of SMU are affordable.

The diversity of the university makes education here worth staying. Students from countries like India, Poland, Germany, Italy, Africa, etc come to study here. Thus, it gives a boost of diversity and an exciting place to live and study.

Besides the ambience of SMU, the university gives good training to aspiring students. So that the students can work and train in teaching hospitals using the latest equipment to treat various diseases.

Reasons you must study MBBS at SMU



What is the MBBS in SMU fees in rupees?

We know the cost of MBBS at Smolensk State Medical University is lower than that in India.

This is one of the reasons why students choose to study MBBS at SMU. The medical course at SMU consists of six years. Along with internships at top medical organisations. Throughout the teaching, students receive top-notch facilities.

In fact, the cost of the total MBBS course in Russia is half of what students in India pay to a private MBBS university. No matter the cost, all MBBS universities in Russia are well-polished. However, colleges and universities may have differences in their fee structure. 

You can consider approx. 25 to 35 Lakhs for the entire MBBS course in SMU.

How is MBBS in SMU for Indian Students?

MBBS is a bachelor’s degree programme at SMU, it is favoured by many Indian students. Thus, Russia receives tons of aspiring students from India.

There are many benefits of MBBS in Russia for Indian students in general. One of the many reasons is their affordability. The MBBS universities in Russia have low fee structures. And Smolensk State Medical University is considered one of the most affordable universities. This encourages students to pursue MBBS in Russia.

The universities in Russia also do not take any form of donations. So, the entrance is strictly based on qualifications. Speaking of the entrance, universities do not take any exams for entry. Admissions are based on qualifications and on a first-come-first basis.

The best reason to study MBBS at Smolensk State Medical University is that the universities are globally recognised by NMC and WHO to name a few.

Other top MBBS universities in Russia

Russia is the key destination for MBBS abroad for Indian students

It has been so for many years. There are many appreciated and top MBBS universities in Russia. Most of which have been educating students for generations and some for centuries. It can be a tough call to select the best MBBS institute for you. 

Apart from Smolensk State Medical University, some of the best MBBS colleges in Russia for Indian students are below:

Can I complete my MBBS in Russia in 5 Years?

Ideal completion of MBBS from Russia lasts for 6 years. So, a 5-year course is not available in Russia. 

A student will also have to go for an internship during the end of their course. Other countries have a 5-year to 5.5-year MBBS course. But Russia follows European norms. So, the MBBS course in Russia consists of a total of 6 years. 

Many universities have the MBBS course divided into 12 semesters. This means a year consists of 2 semesters.

Is NEET required for MBBS admission at SMU?

NEET is an essential examination for undergraduate MBBS students. NEET is the only exam you will need to clear to get admission to MBBS universities. Which also includes Smolensk State Medical University. 

NEET score is accepted by every college and university in India as well as abroad. If you wish to pursue MBBS in Russia and have cleared the NEET, no extra exam will be needed after that. 

It helps students apply for admission after NEET without any more entrance. NEET is held once a year and upon passing it opens doors to MBBS and BDS courses. 

There are no limitations to how many times you can apply for the NEET examinations. There are no upper age criteria for NEET exams and 17 years is the requested age to begin applying for the exams. 

What are the lowest MBBS fees in Russia?

Russia has a reputation for providing the best medical education at a nominal cost. For this reason, students from across the world choose to study MBBS in Russia

There are several MBBS universities in Russia that provide education at a lower cost. 

Most such educational hubs enrol students with excellent scores. Students who get seats in universities are qualified and rank top in most subjects. 

Due to low MBBS fees in Russia, it is competition among students to get into the best institutions. 

Kabardian Balkarian State University has the lowest MBBS Fees in Russia.


To receive an overall authentic internship in Russia, you need to learn the language. Even though you are not asked to provide proficiency in Russian during the time of admission. The university will include a language course along with your regular MBBS course.

Yes, SMU is NMC approved university which provides excellent medical education to students. The university offers an MD degree which holds equal value to an MBBS degree in India.

Since SMU is widely recognised worldwide, it has a good reputation to provide an excellent education. The education and health bodies like the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India recognise the university.

This depends upon the organisation you will be interning at. Usually, students may receive travel and food allowances instead of the actual monthly payment. Often, a payment is considered as a first-hand experience you get and professional mentorship.

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