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The Best Lab Technician Courses after 12th Grade

the best lab technician courses after 12th grade

Those wanting to work in the medical field need to start preparing even before the completion of their 12th Grade. Medical courses after 12th grade is a good option for science students. This course is one of the most challenging and intense fields of study. Students need to be extremely well-fed with every aspect of medical studies.

While most students study MBBS after 12th grade, there are a few who do not want to get into the vast field of medical studies. Such candidates can pursue alternate medical career paths like studying as lab technicians.

A lab technician or a clinical lab science course is a complementary study option for medical students. By completing this course, students can become licensed medical lab technicians or lab technologists. Like MBBS, this course is also under a bachelor’s degree which students can get into right after high school.

Medical students can either do a degree course for a lab technician which is for 3 years. Or pursue a diploma for 2 years full-time. The Bachelor of Medical Lab Technician (BMLT) is a popular degree course for a lab technician. And the Diploma in Medical Lab Technician (DMLT) is a diploma programme

Some of the best lab technician courses after 12th grade are listed below –

BSc Medical Imaging Technology

This is one of the best medical courses after class 12. It deals with the detection, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is a full-time course and you can pursue this course right after high school. You will need to have a minimum of 50% marks in your 12th grade academic score. The subjects you will need to excel in are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This course provides a multitude of job opportunities and attractive salary packages.

BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

This is a 3 year undergraduate course where students are taught how to detect, test and diagnose the different diseases. After completing the BSc Medical Laboratory Technology, an individual can get into various medical fields such as Associate Lecturer, Resident Medical Officer, Medical Record Technician and Lab Assistant to name a few.

BSc In Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT)

This is one of the leading medical courses that enables students to learn about the day-to-day operations of healthcare centers. Not only that but hospitals, blood banks, path labs, and nursing labs too. This is a  specified health profession where you get to work in close contact with the doctors. Your role would be to create medical reports of the patients. The reason many individuals choose to do BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT) is because it is high on demand within India as well as abroad.

BSc ECG and Cardiovascular Technology

Also called as cardiographic technician, BSc ECG and Cardiovascular Technology is a full-time medical course without NEET. This course teaches you how to diagnose and treat cardiac and vascular conditions. After the course you can get into some of the highest paying jobs such as Cardiologist, Medical Sonographer and Cardio Technologist. This is one of the most important medical field as equal to a doctors. In some scenarius you will have to manage critical cases as well. 

Lab Technician Postgraduate Level Courses

To gain more experience and knowledge in this field, you can pursue for a postgraduate degree course in Lab Technician. For the postgraduate course, the minimum year of study is 2 years. The candidate must have at least 50% to 60 % marks in graduation.

Eligibility for Lab Technician Course

For the lab technician course, the candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria –

Top 10 colleges for lab technician course in India


If you want to study medicine without needing to take the NEET, this is the best course for you. This field of medical study prepares you to be an important part of the health front. The lab technician has several courses which allow you to work directly with doctors. In today’s time, there is a need for many lab technicians having various qualifications. This field of study provides a comfortable lifestyle and a good salary package. So, if you wish to work in healthcare organisations without having to spend years of time studying, then consider lab technician courses.

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