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Tver State Medical University : Fee Structure, Hostel & Ranking

Tver State Medical University Russia

Tver State Medical University Russia

The Tver State Medical University lies among the Top 10 Medical Universities In Russia. Established in 1994, it is a leading State Medical University in Russia offering Undergraduate And Postgraduate Programs In Medicine: Dentistry, Pharmacy, And Nursing .

The faculty and curriculum of this University have been built to meet the requirements of international standard education and provide education to the students in the Medical field under a solid foundation that gives them clinical skills, practical skills, and research opportunities.

Why Study In Tver State Medical University, Russia?

Tver State Medical University is known for its facilities as this University boasts professional researchers, qualified professors, and healthcare mentors, due to which the student’s knowledge, skills, and training can be tailored according to their respective fields and dedicated requirements to succeed within the Medical profession.

Tver State Medical University is the students’ priority choice for its state-of-the-art facilities and resources. It provides them modern classrooms, laboratories, and research facilities based on hi-tech and latest-model equipment. It is imperative and capable of promoting the students’ hands-on experience and practical skills in Medical training.

Tver State Medical University At A Glance

TSMU Address

Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 4, Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia, 170100

Language Of Instructions

Russian & English

University Operation


NEET Requirement

Yes, Required

University Country Ranking


University World Ranking


Annual Tuition Fee

Around US $3000 or INR 2.5 Lakhs

Annual Hostel Fee

Around US $300 or INR 25000

MBBS Course Duration

Six years (including one year of internship)

Recognition Of University

Who & NMC

University’s Official Website

Tver State Medical University MBBS Fees

MBBS is one of the sought-after degrees all aboard, and if it comes to a Medical University, MBBS should be a must-possessing course in the institution. Generally, Tver State Medical University is known for its budget-friendly programs, and hence, The Tver State Medical University MBBS Fees Ranges Around US $3000 or INR 2.5 Lakhs per annum.

Tver State Medical University Fee Structure

The Fee Structure Of Tver State Medical University Are As Follows:

Annual Tuition Fee

Annual Hostel Fee

Annual Food & Other Expenses

Around US $3000

Around US $300

Around US $250

Around INR 2.5 Lakhs

Around INR 25000

Around INR 20000

Tver State Medical University Hostel

Tver State Medical University also provides accommodation facilities for international students, for whom hostel arrangements have been made. The hostels there offer a soothing environment and convenient living, and such hostels are established close to the university campus. These hostels usually provide affordable accommodation features and are best for international students looking for accommodation near the university campus.

Facilities Of Tver State Medical University Hostels

  • Dormitory style well-furnished rooms
  • Dedicated kitchen, bathrooms, and standard rooms for studies
  • Equipped with security personnel
  • Laundry facilities
  • Convenient Nearby Stores
  • Internet Facilities

Top Consultant For MBBS In Russia

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Tver State Medical University Ranking

Ranking is a factor that helps in the perfect and appropriate choice of a University. So, a student should consider the wide rank of the institution to which they are to be admitted. Since Tver State Medical University lies among the top 10 Medical Universities in Russia, Its Country Ranking Is 274, while Tver State Medical University Is Ranked 7073 Globally.

Tver State Medical University Russia FMGE Results

In the last FMGE Examination, 532 students appeared from Tver State Medical University, of which 99 were qualified, thus engaging a pass percentage of 18.61%.

Tver State Medical University Reviews

Typically, Tver State Medical University has received enough positive reviews to justify its presence as One Of The Best Medical Universities In Russia. Students praise the University’s Academic Programs, Faculty, Facilities, and Training. It is known for its skill development opportunities and hands-on learning regarding Medical fields. However, readers can review what students have said about the Tver State Medical University, Russia, below.

1. Danika Ruth:

“I graduated from TSMU in 2018. This is the best University for those who aspire to become doctors. The Deans, management and teaching staff at the University and hospital, and the hostel wardens are the best people an international student can study and work with. This University will make you a doctor and make the best out of you as a person. The quality of teaching and infrastructure in each department and teaching hospital is excellent. Indian students are taught well and respected, unlike at other universities, where they treat them like trash. Hostels are safe. TSMU has given me the best years of my life, I still miss this place, and I’m proud of having graduated from this University.”

2. Din Islam:

“First of all, the environment is students friendly; all departments are well established, teachers are excellent in English and Russian, and Weather also is comparatively quite good than other cities, specifically for the Asians.”

4. Asif Aachi

“I completed a clinical residency in obstetrics and gynaecology and was delighted with all the teachers and curators!”

3. Raisa S.A

“I am a student at this University… It is my favourite place…. Good weather to study… Excellent teaching staff international faculty is well caring to the students…. Just lucky to be a part of TSMU, Russia.”

Tver State Medical University Official Website

The Official Website Of Tver State Medical University Is


Overall, Tver State Medical University is one of Russia’s most prestigious educational institutions, offering students the most suitable choice to complete their graduation regarding fees, facilities, or faculties. This write-up aimed to deal with the most crucial basic details regarding the University, and readers must have found it beneficial.


The Complete Address Of Tver State Medical University In Russia is Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 4, Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia, 170100

Tver State Medical University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Medical fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing.

Generally, the educational programs offered at Tver State Medical University are primarily conducted in Russian, while some are in English.

The International students can find hostels with preferred facilities for their accommodation near the Tver State Medical University campus.

On average, a student will have to spend around US $3000 or 2.5 Lakh Indian Rupees as tuition fees in a year.

The Tver State Medical University offers scholarship opportunities only to eligible students, details of which are typically specified on the official website.

The Tver State Medical University is accredited by reputable federations such as WHO and NMC.

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