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Why Choose Nix Study Abroad for MBBS in Russia?

Nix Study Abroad for MBBS in Russia

Are you disappointed you missed your chance to study at top government colleges in India because of a few percentages? Don’t feel disappointed because you can study MBBS in Russia.

Russia has always been a go-to destination for MBBS abroad for Indian students. But it can be a hassle to apply for MBBS admission in Russia. That is when overseas education companies like Nix Study Abroad come into your life.

We are Nix Study Abroad for MBBS in Russia an overseas education consultant with headquarters in Delhi and representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries which we represent.

What can we do for you? We provide end-to-end education solutions to students and deliver world-class universities suitable to your budget. We give seamless services in visas for education and travel assistance onward your first abroad journey.

But what we mainly specialise is in helping in the admission process in Russia for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Want to know what makes us better for MBBS admission in Russia? Scroll below -

The services that we provide are like any other education company but what sets us apart from the rest is our dedication and time management.

We sympathise with students as they are leaving a country and settling in a new country. In this regard, we strive to be there for you at all times and make sure you get support from us from the time you choose Nix Study Abroad.

If you are wondering why choose MBBS in Russia? We’ve plenty of reasons -

You see, since in India, the cut-off marks are very high, not many medical enthusiasts get to study. And private medical colleges are very expensive. While in Russia, the medical universities with the same facilities have an affordable cost of studying. And the percentage is comfortable among students to clear.

Some of the reasons to study MBBS in Russia are -

Education in various subjects

Not only do you get to study MBBS in Russia but also get to study different subjects. The country is known for its excellent education system. In fact, most of the universities in Russia have high ranking making it the best place to study.

Coaching for screening tests are provided

Oftentimes students get paranoid wondering about the screen test. But the MBBS universities in Russia provide coaching to help students get a clearer picture. This helps students get a mental peace and can prepare better for the actual screen test.

Affordable fee structure students

The best quality of studying MBBS in Russia is the fact that the tuition fees are affordable. If you compare with India and other western countries, Russia provides a relaxed cost of courses. This excites students to come to study in Russia. The fee structure in MBBS universities in Russia ranges from 18 lakh to 25 lakhs.

Medium of teaching

The mode of teaching in Russia is English. This provides a better understanding for foreign students who come to study in Russia. Almost all the MBBS universities in Russia are English medium courses.

A chance to learn new language

Besides the courses are conducted in English, you get a chance to learn Russian. This is because you will have to interact with locals who cannot understand English while interning at the hospitals.

Easy to adapt university campus

Russia, though a foreign land for international students, has an easy to adapt campus. Due to the diversity of students coming from all over the world, it makes living in the university easy and entertaining alongside studies. Evidently, international students feel at home as soon as they come to the university.

Indian food in Russia

For Indian students, it is a great place because there are several Indian restaurants across the major cities in Russia. The cafeterias in the universities also have Indian mess available for students. Apart from that, other country’s cuisine is also available.

Spacious accommodation in the campus

First year students need to stay inside the university accommodation. The rooms are spacious and are equipped with basic amenities beyond bedding and wardrobe. There are also heaters for cold winter months and fan or air-conditioner for summers.

Globally recognised MBBS degrees

The MBBS degree in Russia is recognised globally. So after completing the MBBS course students are accepted in any colleges across the country for further studies. Or for practising at top healthcare organisations. The education and medical bodies like NMC and WHO recognise the degree from Russia.


The graduates of BAMS cannot do major surgeries. But they are taught to perform abscess draining, surgical excision, OT procedures etc.

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