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Effective Preparation Tips For NEET 2022 You Must Read To Crack The Exam

Content Includes:

  1. Make a proper timetable 
  2. Set deadlines for NEET preparation
  3. Make a habit of taking notes while studying
  4. Try to solve previous NEET question papers
  5. Analyse your answers 
  6. Manage your speed accuracy
  7. Maintain a proper sleeping and study pattern

Introduction to the NEET 2022

Many of us have questions about how to prepare for the 2022 NEET examinations? Although we have an idea about the type of preparation we need to do, we still rely heavily on newer ways to prepare. After all, the NEET is basically our gateway into higher education, landing into top MBBS universities abroad and becoming leading doctors and researchers in the future. But what is it about NEET that scares many of us? We tend to get nervous as the date approaches.

How can I give my best to clear the NEET exam on the first attempt? What is the maximum age limit for 2022 NEET? When will the 2022 NEET application be released? Can I appear for the NEET 2022 twice a year?

These are some of the questions that frustrate us with the NEET 2022 exams approaching. However, the dates of the exam have not been officially announced, you can begin your preparation from today if you are passionate about medicine. Better use the time frame wisely and manage your study routine well because you do not want to burn out studying excessively. So in this article, we will help you with effective preparation tips for NEET 2022.

Brief about NEET 2022



Admit Card of NEET 2022 Release Date

Yet to be announced

NEET 2022 Expected Exam Date 

Sunday of 26th June or 3rd July

Is it likely that the NEET 2022 exam will be postponed?

There have not been any talks about the postponement of the NEET 2022 yet and it is unlikely that it will happen since the ongoing virus pandemic emergency has cooled down. However with the ongoing Ukraine-Russian War, some delays may happen, so brace yourself, students! The official organisation that conducts the NEET, NTA has not updated on any NEET related topic. Until further notice, any rumour related to the NEET be neglected and you can take advantage and prepare for the exams. For any NEET 2022 related news, you can keep track at the official site – for any latest information.

Ways to get 600 marks in NEET 2022 examination

How to crack the NEET 2022 in the first attempt?

If you want to clear the NEET 2022 in the first attempt, then you must have a proper study strategy with the help of some techniques. Below are some tips to help crack the NEET 2022 in your first attempt.

1. Make a proper timetable

Life gets pretty organised once all of your routines are laid in front of you. But make sure you make a timely routine in a realistic manner. Not everyone can study without rest for a straight 6-hour. Mandatory breaks in between are essential.

NEET has three major science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. So give enough time to these subjects. If you are still in your 12th Grade then you have to give equal time to your studies and for the NEET as well. Therefore, you have to block timelines to maintain equal time to study for both.

For example, take 2 hours a day for NEET preparations, take a break in between and dedicate another 2 hours for 12 board exams. This will help you prepare for both exams better.

2. Set deadlines for NEET preparation

Setting a deadline will help you with your time management and enable you to complete a task efficiently. You can set certain goals for the day. Like, consider reading a chapter for the day and do the same for the next day. This way, you won’t burn up your energy and can revise later. Setting shorter goals will help you learn more rather than cramming all of the syllabi in a day.

3. Make a habit of taking notes while studying

Making notes while studying is helpful in last-minute revision. It is also good to mark equations or dates or anything that you find hard to remember. You can also make flashcards so that you can take them anywhere for a quick revision. 

Tip – Since NCERT covers the NEET syllabus, you can study NCERT to clear NEET on the first try.

4. Try to solve previous NEET question papers

It is necessary to go back a few years and solve the NEET questions. First, you will get a fair idea of what the question paper may look like and second, you’ll feel a little at ease considering you do well in the NEET preparation. You will also find the difficulty level of the exam. You can note your weak points and strong points and work on your preparation accordingly.

5. Analyse your answers

Solving previous NEET question papers is not enough, you need to also analyse the answers. In short, do not memorise as it can hamper your performance. Try to understand the reason behind the answers, like a math equation.

6. Manage your speed accuracy

One of the hardest parts of NEET apart from the exam itself is the time. You get only 3-hours to complete the exam so while you prepare for the NEET by mock tests or making notes, make sure to also time your performance. But don’t let speed ruin your performance. Attempt the questions that carry more marks before and leave the rest for later.

7. Maintain a proper sleeping and study pattern

Apart from studying, a prepared sleeping habit is essential. A maximum of 6 hours of sleep is important and a total of 4 hours is all that you need to prepare for the NEET. if you keep maintaining this routine you will be able to clear the NEET at ease. Even NEET topper maintain a similar routine with a proper full sleep cycle and 3-4 hours of study every day. 

Take one step at a time to prepare for the NEET 2022. Good Luck!

Important NEET FAQs

1-year study plan for 2022 NEET is more than enough to crack NEET and secure pass marks.

Absolutely! A fresh student appearing for the NEET can clear the exams on the first try if s/he has a strong preparation timetable and have been doing so for a year.

There are some instances in that one or two questions are asked out of the syllabus. But do not worry since the questions asked won’t be challenging, just common sense.

Yes, the NEET 2022 is conducted twice a year. This way students can apply for the NEET in case they miss out on one.

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