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Important things to know before arriving to study MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia for Indian students

Coming to study medicine in Russia is every aspiring doctor’s dream. The country over the years has received much appreciation for their progressive education system.

Russia is known for their high literacy rate all around the world. There are high-rated universities for MBBS which have standard medical facilities and standard infrastructure. Russia, in general, is loved by many for its massive continent stretching from Europe to Asia touching the country borders of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China.

This enables students studying in Russia an opportunity to explore the neighbouring countries. Russia is frequently called a transcontinental or Eurasian country for its expansive network of sharing borders with many countries.

MBBS in Russia’s education system is similar to European standards. Indian students yearn to receive medical degrees from Russia due to their popularity and on-demand across the world.

Students hailing from India can also return to India after graduation to practice if they graduate from an MCI-recognised university and also clear the screening test for licensing.

In this blog, we will be reading more about education in Russia starting with the important things to know before arriving to study MBBS in Russia.

Points to know before arriving to study MBBS in Russia

Thousands of students come to study MBBS in Russia every year. And around 90% of students receive admission from overseas education agencies. With all the excitement of travelling abroad for studies do not forget to know certain things before arriving to study medicine in Russia.

  • Students must have 100% attendance, this means that they cannot miss any classes. Chances are you may not be able to attend any examinations or tests. In the event you miss any of the classes at your university in Russia, you have to repeat them. For sick leaves, a proper medical certificate must be shown.
  • Self-study is the key to doing good during your MBBS in Russia. You cannot expect teachers to come and help you, but teachers are helpful to solve your doubts. Tests are conducted on a regular basis, written or oral and the teacher will examine your performance. Prior to the tests and lessons taught, lectures are conducted where you can obtain an insight into the subject.
  • MBBS universities in Russia are mostly in a bilingual format which is favourable to international students. For the first few years, classes are conducted in English and later in Russian. To crack the language wall, preparatory classes are conducted. Thus, enabling students to learn the language and making interactions with people easy during the internship period. However, if you want a complete English medium university in Russia, Kursk State Medical University and Kazan State Medical University are some of the few ones.
  • Food, in general, is great in Russia however you may not get like the ones you used to in your country. Indian food is provided by every medical university in Russia to create a homely environment. There are many supermarkets also that sell Indian products which can then be prepared by an individual in your room (if the kitchen is provided at your dormitory)
  • One should also make sure of the monthly expenditure even though living in Russia is not very expensive for a majority of the country including India. The expenses begin with your lifestyle, for a student, no more than 20,000 RUB is enough to spend a month in Russia. The rent for a room or two-room apartment can cost up to 8,000 RUB. 
  • Weather in Russia is one of the major concerns, so if you plan to study in Russia, be prepared to face the harsh winters. In the months of December – January, the temperatures can drop down to minus 40 degrees, despite the biting cold outdoors, the houses, public transportation, cafes, libraries etc are well heated with temperatures soaring up to 30 degrees. 
  • One of the best qualities of studying in Russia is the fact that there is a no-ragging policy. The universities make sure that no students are conducted in an ill manner. Along with that, Russia has proven to be safe for women. The campus has CCTV cameras installed in every corner, and with any misconduct, the authorities are alerted within seconds.

Tips to prepare for your medical studies in Russia

It is a well-known fact that MBBS in Russia has its benefits but it is not easy to get admission to some of the top medical colleges here. We need determination and willpower to surpass the distractions and with that, I have laid down tips to prepare for MBBS in Russia.

Reasons you should study MBBS in Russia

Planning for an abroad study is one of the hardest and most exciting things that can happen to a student. With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to choose the best. But let me tell you something about Russia, it not only has the largest rate of Indian students but also offers excellent outcomes, you can read the reasons to study MBBS in Russia.

Popular MBBS universities in Russia

Russia has been grooming millions of students to become successful doctors for generations in their top medical universities. Since its establishment, the universities in Russia have developed and adopted modern methods of teaching. Some of the popular MBBS universities in Russia.


It depends upon the student, MBBS is a demanding subject but it can be easy if you have a routine. The class conducts tests almost every week making it easy for students to tackle hard questions during the final examinations.

Medical degrees from Russia are recognised everywhere and it is accepted by a majority of hospitals. It is also valid in India since the universities in Russia are recognised by the Medical Council of India.

Russia is one of the safest countries with a low crime rate. The university campus has surveillance cameras for the safety of the students. Russia also has a no-ragging policy

Yes, the NEET exam is compulsory since it is the only exam for admission and for the university to evaluate your academic qualifications.

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