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MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students

MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students

MBBS in Georgia For Indian Students has become a popular search term among international students, especially those of Indian students. There are several reasons behind this. For example, Georgia provides a high standard of education at an affordable cost, which makes it one of the best destinations to study MBBS.

Apart from this, Georgia’s medical universities are globally recognized and approved by some relevant regulatory bodies, such as the World Health Organization and the National Medical Commission of India. Medical universities in Georgia guarantee an all-around factor in the educational experience, combining theoretical and practical sessions.

Moreover, the Universities offer many modern facilities such as advanced laboratories, experienced faculty members, medical exposure, a better learning environment, and opportunities in clinical rotations in affiliated hospitals, which prove to be beneficial for the hands-on cutting experience of students. Also, Georgian University offers scholarships and financial aid to international students.

MBBS in Georgia Fees

The universities of Georgia are renowned worldwide for their low-cost medical education. If a reputable University is considered, MBBS in Georgia fee ranges around US $4000 to US $8000 or ₹3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs.

Compared to other universities in several countries, Universities bear significantly affordable study costs for MBBS in Georgia. The section below will enlighten some of the top medical colleges in Georgia with their fee structure.

Top Medical Colleges In Georgia

The University of Georgia is one of the most reputable Universities in Georgia. The education standard of the University is ultimately world-class, and its facilities are also reasonable compared to other universities in Georgia. To pursue an MBBS at the University of Georgia, a student may have to spend around US $3000 – US $3500 or INR $ 2.5 Lakhs – INR 4 Lakhs annually as tuition fees.

The other best medical colleges in Georgia are Tbilisi State Medical University, Batumi Shota Rustaveli Medical University, Georgian National University, East European University, etc. Some more Universities with their fee structure are stated below.


Annual MBBS Few In US$ (approximate)

Annual MBBS Few In INR (approximate)

University Of Georgia

US $3000 – US $3500

INR 2.4 Lakhs – INR 3 Lakhs

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

US $4000 – US $5000

INR 3.2 Lakhs – INR 4 Lakhs

Akaki Tsereteli State University

US $4500 – US $5000

INR 3.5 Lakhs – INR 4 Lakhs

East European University, Georgia

US $5000 – US $6000

INR 4 Lakhs – INR 5 Lakhs

Georgian American University

US $5000 – US $6000

INR 4 Lakhs – INR 5 Lakhs

Georgian National University SEU

US $5000 – US $6000

INR 4 Lakhs – INR 5 Lakhs

Ilia State University

US $5500 – US $6000

INR 4.5 Lakhs – INR 5 Lakhs

Tbilisi State Medical University

US $9500 – US $10000

INR 7.8 Lakhs – INR 8 Lakhs

Study MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students

Studying MBBS in Georgia guarantees quality education provided by highly experienced faculty members. Moreover, the University’s campus is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of medical sciences and a wide range of facilities to students, such as high-tech laboratories, hands-on training, clinical exposure aligning with international standards.

Why Study MBBS In Georgia?

Georgian Universities attract several students from around the world due to their low tuition fees, yet students are generally concerned about whether Georgia is an excellent place to study. Georgia is a country with a lot of notable advantages as compared to many other countries. Below are some of the most reported merits of studying MBBS in Georgia.

World Class Education: The education system of Georgia is highly developed, and the studies here are recognized as having a high standard of education, which is contributed by the modern infrastructure and advanced teaching methods

Globally Recognised: Most of the universities in Georgia are recognized by most reputable bodies like the World Health Organization & NMC. As a result, several MCI-approved medical colleges guarantee a career scope in the medical profession in India.

English Medium MBBS Programs: An International student considers Georgian Medical College because of the dedicated English medium program for MBBS, which is an easy option for them without any language barrier, whereas such a facility is not available in some other countries.

Straightforward Admission Procedure: The admission process of Georgian Universities is very straightforward, and you have to obtain a minimum NEET score and fulfill the essential eligibility criteria. It simplifies the admission and application process for international students, mainly Indian students.

Safe Country For Students: Compared to other countries where pursuing MBBS is a recommended choice, Georgia is a much more sub-populated place with a meager crime rate, and at the same time, Georgia provides a multicultural environment. It provides facilities that advance the students’ overall learning experience and encourage them to stay engaged in their studies.

Tie Up With Hospitals: Most of the universities in Georgia are affiliated with several hospitals, so hands-on experience can be provided to the students, so a helpful step can be dedicated in advancing the students’ skills. Apart from this, Georgian Universities maintain a high-quality faculty service to offer top-notch educational service to the students.

MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students

Indian students enjoy a vigorous life in Georgia, which boasts a rich culture and is renowned for its hospitality and safe environment. Students also enjoy the beautiful historical architecture amidst the serene landscape and an intermediate climate. Moreover, the cost of living in Georgia is quite affordable, making it easy for students to live comfortably.

There are no specific eligibility criteria for Indian Students except NEET qualification. To be eligible, Indian students must qualify for the NEET examination, submit an online application, and await the invitation letter. Moreover, Indian students, after pursuing MBBS from Georgian Universities, can practice medicine in India once they have passed the FMGE examination.

MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students Fees

India is a great country with a vast population, which makes the entrance exam for pursuing an MBBS degree very competitive. It is next to impossible for an average student to qualify with enough scores to get allotted a government college or at least continue studies with minimum tuition fees.

If so, they have an additional option for studying MBBS abroad, and often, students are very concerned about the tuition fees of a college or University. In the case of Georgian Medical Colleges, the tuition fees range around ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 7 Lakhs annually, excluding the cost of living.

MBBS In Georgia Highlights



MCI Approved Colleges


Availability Of MBBS


Duration Of MBBS

6 Years

NEET Requirement


Annual MBBS Fee In US$

Around US $3000 – US $10000

Annual MBBS Fee In INR

Around INR 2.5 Lakhs – INR 80 Lakhs

Accommodation Facilities


Language Of Instructions




Safe To Study


How Much NEET Score Is Required for MBBS in Georgia?

Although no variable threshold determines how much NEET score is required for admission to MBBS in Georgia, in most cases, a range is allotted considering the cutoff and percentile. If the student achieves a NEET score within that range, they become eligible for admission.

Universities decide on this range every year. According to the latest educational year, for MBBS admission in Georgian Universities, a student must score more than 250 marks in the NEET Exam.

MBBS In Georgia Eligibility

Georgia universities provide an international standard curriculum which ensures proper and quality education for the students. For the same, various eligibility criteria are fixed by the universities. Generally, some primary eligibility criteria are prevalent in most universities, which are as follows.

  • A student must be at least 17 or above as of 31st December of the year they apply for admission.
  • A student is eligible for admission only if they have qualified for 10+2 education by securing 50% or more aggregate marks in which primary subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • A student must qualify for the NEET examination.
  • A student has to fill out the university online form and submit it by attaching all the essential and relevant documents. After this, they will receive an offer letter and can begin their journey.

MBBS Admission In Georgia

Gaining admission to MBBS in Georgia is not complicated, especially for Indian students. Students must be eligible for admission and fill out an online admission application, attaching all the relevant documents in the proper size and format.

After applying, students must wait for the University’s confirmation letter; when it is received, they may apply for a student visa and begin their journey.

As of 2024, the below eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by an Indian student to be eligible for MBBS admission in Georgia.

Check Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be 17 years old
  • Must have passed the 12th board examination with Recognized board with not less than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Must have qualified NEET


Overall, studying MBBS in Georgia offers a combination of quality education, practical experience, and a vibrant lifestyle, which makes the destination a justified choice for all those who aspire to pursue the medical profession. The post possessed all the relevant and necessary info regarding MBBS in Georgia, and hopefully, it must have been found useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pursuing an MBBS in Georgia is worthwhile as the degrees from Georgian universities are recognized worldwide, and students pursue a quality education under highly experienced faculty members.

Indian students must qualify for NEET to study MBBS outside India, such as in Georgia.

It depends on the University as to what cutoff should be placed. However, as of past reports, the minimum marks required for MBBS admission in Georgia should be at least 250.

The fees for studying MBBS in Georgia range from around $4000 to $7000 or INR 3 Lakh to INR 6 Lakh.

Yes, the Georgian Universities provide accommodation facilities for all international students.

Yes, Georgia is a very safe country to study in, with meager crime rates.

After completing MBBS in Georgia, students can practice medicine in their native country or continue higher studies such as specialization in a particular field.

Yes, students who have obtained a degree like an MBBS from abroad are required to take the FMGE examination.

Indian students can practice medicine in India after doing MBBS in Georgia.

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