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MBBS In Georgia 2024

MBBS In Georgia 2024-25

Apart from its tourist locations, Georgia is also famous worldwide as a significant Medical Educational Destination. Students often prefer Georgia to graduate to boost their careers. MBBS, a sought-after degree, has great importance in Georgia, and Georgia is famous worldwide for providing educational facilities for MBBS. This write-up aims to highlight all the factors and aspects of MBBS In Georgia.

Study MBBS In Georgia 2024-25

Studying MBBS In Georgia has become increasingly popular among most international students. This is because it benefits the students if they pursue their MBBS career in Georgia. Studying MBBS in Georgia promotes many advantages, and generally, MBBS courses in Georgia are considered very affordable, and their education is also famous for its quality across the world. MBBS Degree In Georgia is globally recognised, thus promising career opportunities for aspirants worldwide.

MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students

Studying MBBS In Georgia can be an excellent option for Indian Students. If an Indian student pursues an MBBS in Georgia, they gain multiple advantages that they find very suitable. The following are some advantages that Indian students will avail of while pursuing MBBS in Georgia.

  • Affordable MBBS Education
  • Recognised By MCI (Medical Council Of India)
  • Quality Education
  • English Is The Medium Of Teaching
  • Perfect Climatic Conditions For Indian Students
  • Availability Of Indian Food Easily

Why Study MBBS In Georgia?

International students often prefer Georgia in some contexts to pursue MBBS. So, below are some factors that make Georgia a suitable choice for students as a study destination.


Georgia’s education is famous all over the world due to its affordability. MBBS is a trendy degree, and MBBS aspirants can be found in almost every country. Pursuing an MBBS in Georgia will not burden students’ financial budget, and they can pursue an MBBS degree on an optimal budget while maintaining their pocket.

Globally Accepted Degrees

Despite the affordable tuition fees, Georgia’s MBBS degree is recognised worldwide, and the degree you get from Georgia is highly valued globally; its benefits can be fetched in your job prospects as you have an MBBS Degree from Georgia. Due to a globally recognised degree, job opportunities will open for students in almost all countries.

English Teaching Program

The universities in Georgia provide tuition in English, so such a language barrier is not seen there. This is very beneficial for those students whose primary language is English or who are comfortable in English. Also, MBBS can be obtained with English Proficiency at the University of Georgia.

Quality Education

Despite affordable education, the quality of education and professionalism are still maintained. For MBBS, a student will be provided mentorship from experts, which provides a considerable advantage to an MBBS aspirant.

Clinical Facilities

MBBS in Georgia means pursuing your education amid modern infrastructure and medical equipment. Clinical Exposure in Georgia is a standard facility offered to you by each University and will enhance your practical skills and advance your real-time experience.

So, providing so many features, Georgia gives you a choice to pursue MBBS in its Universities. However, there are some eligibility and requirements criteria according to which one can pursue MBBS In Georgia.

What Are The Requirements For Studying MBBS In Georgia

To be eligible to pursue MBBS in any University or College in Georgia, a candidate must comply with certain eligibility factors stated below.

Educational Qualifications

A candidate should complete their secondary education with subjects  in science background that consists of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Although some colleges do not ask for specific scores, the eligibility criteria of some universities require a score of at least 60% in your secondary education to get admission to a University In Georgia.

Language Proficiency

Georgia does not have any language barriers at the University. Still, a student needs to demonstrate proficiency in English, as MBBS education is provided in English in most Georgia universities. Suppose one wishes to pursue an MBBS degree at the University of Georgia. In that case, English language proficiency is usually demonstrated through some tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, while some universities may conduct their own English Assessment.

Entrance Exams

Many universities in Georgia ask candidates to take entrance exams to gain admission to their colleges, which checks their capabilities, such as their knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. However, the entrance exams of different universities in Georgia may be different. Hence, you are always advised to sort out the details of the specific University, especially regarding their entrance exams.


To pursue MBBS in Georgia, a local student does not need to submit as many documents and verify them as an international student does. An international candidate must submit the following documents and their application to start pursuing  MBBS from Georgia.

  • Copy of Passport & Visa
  • Academic Transcripts & Certificate Of Secondary Education
  • Test Scores Of Proficiency In English Language
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Photographs
  • Recommendation Letters

Application Forms

If a candidate wants to pursue an MBBS degree at any University in Georgia, they will have to fill out the application form and submit it online. This form typically includes the student’s personal information, educational background, language proficiency, and other relevant details.

However, students need to consider that the admission fees of different universities in Georgia may differ, and it may be necessary to follow up on other eligibility criteria issued by a specific college, so a student is advised to obtain the details of the specific University, doing enough research before admission.

MBBS In Georgia Without NEET

If you are trying to know, even without qualifying for NEET, is there a way to get admission to Georgian Universities for MBBS? So No, a student cannot pursue MBBS degree in Georgia without qualifying for the NEET exam; but student has an opportunity to pursue MBBS From Geogia if he/she has qualified NEET in previous 2 years.

MBBS In Georgia Fee

Generally, the Cost Of MBBS In Georgia is considered very affordable. Still, it has come to light that apart from spending the tuition fees in Georgian Universities, an international student also makes efforts to cover their living and food expenses. So, in such a case, an international student will have to spend approximately US $4500 – US $ 7000 for their tuition fee annually, while only somewhere around US $2000 – US $ 2500 for their living and food expenses.

MBBS In Georgia Fees For Indian Students

Often, Indian students prefer international destinations to complete their MBBS graduation, and Georgia often tops their preferences. So, in such a situation, the Indian Students find it eager to know the Fees Of MBBS In Georgia For Indian Students.

Suppose you are an Indian and want to pursue an MBBS degree in Georgia. In that case, you will have to spend approximately INR 3.5 Lakhs – INR 7 Lakhs (depending upon different Universities and their facilities) for tuition fees in a year, while INR 2 Lakhs – INR 3 Lakhs in a year will be spent on your living and food expenses.

MBBS In Georgia Admission

After getting all the details about pursuing MBBS degree at Georgian University, the question next stops at MBBS admission In Georgia and its admission procedure. If an international candidate decides on his admission, they will have to go through some specific admission procedures, which are as follows.

1. Research And Choose a University

First, a student has to search different universities and select some based on their accommodation, compatibility, and affordability. Although in this write-up below there is a list of famous universities and their specific fee structure, a student is strongly advised to do complete research and then choose a particular University based on their opinion.

2. Check Eligibility

After selecting a University, a student must fulfil the eligibility criteria for MBBS admission to that particular University, which typically includes the secondary education qualification of at least 60% (in most Universities) and a science background (Physics, Chemistry, and biology). Apart from this, proficiency in the English language is also essential. IELTS or TOEFL tests in some Universities may be asked to be performed.

3. Gather Required Documents

After following the eligibility criteria of any university, a student should collect all the documents that have been asked by the particular University for admission to the MBBS degree, along with a completed admission form, birth certificate, and passport. After doing everything, students should submit their application form by attaching all the eligible documents.

4. Entrance Exam or Interview

Most of the Universities conduct Online interview to check the student Knowledge in English, Biology ,Chemistry . After sucessfull interview Student is provided with Confirm Admission Letter for MBBS in Georgia

5. Acceptance Of Offer Letter

Suppose your application to the University department fulfils all the requirements, and you have performed well in your entrance exam. In that case, you will get the offer letter from the University and the confirmation to join the particular University.

6. Apply For A Student Visa

After confirmation, students are advised to submit the college tuition fees online, after which they should apply for their Student Visa immediately. A student should consult the Georgian embassy in India for visa guidance. Or it is necessary to consult the consulate for further procedures. Nixtour Visa is authorised Company to process Student visa on behalf of students.

7. Travel And Start Studies

After confirmation, students are advised to submit the college tuition fees online, after which they should apply for their student visa immediately. A student should consult the Georgian embassy in India for visa guidance. Or it is necessary to consult the consulate for further procedures.Our Parent company Nixtour provides with best Air Fare for Students , providing with Free Extra Luggage and discounted fare.

What Is The Duration Of MBBS In Georgia?

Typically, MBBS courses must be completed within five years in Georgia, including one year of internship or clinical rotation (6th year). A student must undergo Theoretical and practical studies for the first five years.

Best Universities In Georgia For MBBS

Although many such universities in Georgia are considered very suitable for the students, some such universities can be highlighted for providing the best MBBS Education in Georgia.

Some Of The Best Universities In Georgia For Studying MBBS Are:

  • Georgian National University SEU
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • BAU International University
  • Kutaisi International University
  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • European University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Caucasus International University

What Is The Fee Structure Of MBBS In Georgia?


Annual Tuition Fee (Approximate)

Tbilisi State Medical University

US $ 6000 – US $7000

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

US $ 5500 – US $6500

David Tvildiani Medical University

US $ 6000 – US $7000

New Vision University

US $ 6500 – US $7500

European University

US $ 5500 – US $6500

Ivane Javakhishvili University

US $ 5000 – US $ 6000

Akaki Tsereteli.State University

US $4500 – US $ 5000


In this write-up, each aspect related to MBBS In Georgia has been mentioned, and based on this, the information has been presented to you. Apart from this, the requirements and process for getting admitted to Georgian Universities have also been covered. Lastly, the list of Top 10 Best Universities for MBBS In Georgia has also been shared. Even the Fee Structure of some of the Best MBBS Universities In Georgia has also been described to the readers; this write-up must have helped solve your queries related to MBBS in Georgia.


Yes, the MBBS degree claimed from Georgia is recognised by MCI and in India.

Yes, The Universities in Georgia offer MBBS programs in English.

Typically, six years, out of which the first five years is a session of theoretical and practical studies. In contrast, the last year is the graduates’ internship or clinical rotation duration.

Yes, a student is required to qualify for NEET to get admission to Georgian Universities to pursue an MBBS.

The average annual fee For MBBS in Georgia lies between US $4000 – and US $7500 annually.

Around INR 3 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs are utilised in the tuition fees, excluding the cost of living.

Yes, Indian Foods in Georgia can easily be found.

No, the only required Language is English to study MBBS in Georgia.

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