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MBBS In Uzbekistan vs MBBS In Georgia: Which Is Better

MBBS In Uzbekistan vs MBBS In Georgia

Comparison Between MBBS In Uzbekistan Vs MBBS In Georgia

The country Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia and shares its borders with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, while Georgia is located at the intersection point of Europe and Asia continent, which shares its borders with Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia.

How Is The Climate In Georgia Compared To That Of Uzbekistan?

The climatic, weather, and environment of both countries are different, as there is a distance of about 3000 kilometres between Uzbekistan and Georgia. When deciding to study in these two places, the natural conditions here should be preferred first; this can be based on the student’s personal opinion.

Climatic conditions in Georgia are considered subtropical, with short and mild winters and long summers. In Uzbekistan, the summer season can be as long as in Georgia, but the cold season lasts for about 3 to 4 months.

MBBS In Uzbekistan

Pursuing an MBBS in Uzbekistan offers students specific opportunities, of which the Curriculum of the programs and tuition fees here appeal to the students the most. The Faculty of MBBS program in Uzbekistan is designed to offer students a comprehensive understanding of medical science and clinical practice that combines theoretical and practical coursework with top-class lectures, seminars, clinical activities and laboratory work. Students are given clinical training in the hospital to get hands-on experience in patient care.

While maintaining its rich history and cultural heritage, Uzbekistan has also emerged as an educational destination for international students, especially those seeking a medical degree.

MBBS In Uzbekistan For Indian Students

For Indian students, Uzbekistan can be the most suitable destination for pursuing an MBBS because the universities there are generally known for their affordable tuition fees. Indian students are generally from a mid-class family division, and their budget matters to them. Moreover, many amenities are available there for Indian students, such as Indian foods, Indian origin guardians, etc.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan

Some of the key points that attract international students to Study MBBS In Uzbekistan are the affordable tuition fees of the universities here, which shows the affordability related to education in Uzbekistan, due to which students from any country can easily afford the programs in their budget. One can complete their MBBS studies from the universities of Uzbekistan while maintaining their budget compared to other countries.

Uzbekistan has several well-established medical universities, which offer quality education and are recognized by international institutions such as the World Health Organization and the National Medical Commission.

International students at universities in Uzbekistan can attend English language programs that do not impose a language barrier on them.

All the reputed universities of Uzbekistan are recognized worldwide, which opens doors to career opportunities and job prospects for graduate students there.

Cost Of MBBS In Uzbekistan

Pursuing an MBBS in Uzbekistan is generally a very cheap option and is preferred by most students worldwide. As of 2024, the cost of MBBS in Uzbekistan is around US $3500 or INR 3 Lakhs per year.

MBBS In Uzbekistan Duration

Most of the universities in Uzbekistan provide educational programs that follow international standards. Hence, the duration of MBBS in the universities here usually lasts six years.

MBBS Admission In Uzbekistan

In most international and reputable universities, the procedure for admission to MBBS is almost the same. It is the same in the case of Uzbekistan because to gain admission in Uzbekistan, first of all, a student has to qualify for the eligibility criteria, and if they fulfil the eligibility criteria, then they will have to go to the official website of the particular University of Uzbekistan and fill up the online application form.

Along with the form, they must provide some of their documents, which should be scanned and uploaded in a specific size and format. Apart from these, they will have to submit the form, after which, if they are selected, they will get the offer letter. Immediately after receiving the Offer Letter, they can apply for a student Visa and begin their journey for MBBS In Uzbekistan.

MBBS In Uzbekistan Fee Structure (2024)

Annual MBBS Fee In Uzbekistan US$

Around US $3500

Annual MBBS Fee In Uzbekistan In INR

Around INR 3 Lakhs

MBBS In Uzbekistan Fees For Indian Students

Some universities in Uzbekistan can be a perfect option for Indian students because, generally, the universities in India are either costly or the universities included in an affordable category are usually governmental, and admission to them is extremely tough. To get admission, students have to qualify for the entrance exam with a good rank.

However, in some countries, this is not the case at all, and Indian students can go to Uzbekistan to study for their MBBS with their minimum NEET score. As of 2024, an Indian student must pay around 3 Lakhs INR as MBBS fees per annum in Uzbekistan.

Is It Worth Doing an MBBS From Uzbekistan?

Yes, doing an MBBS from Uzbekistan is a wise choice because it offers many such facilities a student might not get in other international universities. Some of these are quality education, top-notch Curriculum and Faculty and one of the best affordable fee options. So, regarding these advantages, students should consider the universities of Uzbekistan to study MBBS.

Best Universities In Uzbekistan For MBBS 2024

Although there are many such universities in Uzbekistan which are reputable and their program quality and faculty services are highly commendable, among them, some of the Top And Best Universities In Uzbekistan For MBBS are:

Universities In Uzbekistan

Annual MBBS Fees Of Universities IN US$ (Approximate)

Annual MBBS Fees Of Universities IN INR (Approximate)

Bukhara State Medical Institute

US $3200

INR 3 Lakhs

Andijan State Medical Institute

US $3200

INR 3 Lakhs

Tashkent State Dental Institute

US $4000

INR 3 Lakhs

Tashkent Medical Academy

US $4500

INR 4 Lakhs

Samarkand State Medical Institute

US $3500

INR 3 Lakhs

Study MBBS In Georgia

Georgian universities are considered the best institutions for pursuing medical degrees worldwide. Such institutions offer excellent curriculum arrangements, a faculty of highly qualified professionals and researchers, and a better student-professor ratio. Overall, MBBS In Georgia benefits individuals who pay a good amount for their studies.

MBBS In Georgia Without NEET

Often, students have some queries, and one of the most asked questions among them is whether MBBS can be completed in any other country without NEET or, specifically in the case of Georgia, whether MBBS can be Completed In Georgia Without NEET.

So, the direct answer is no, and none of the Indian students can get admission to any of the MBBS universities in Georgia without qualifying for NEET, and they are nowhere in the world. Thus, MBBS In Georgia Without NEET Is Impossible.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Georgia

Universities of Georgia are also highly preferred for pursuing MBBS for numerous reasons. This can also be very beneficial for students. From quality education to affordable fee options, Georgia provides many such benefits to international students, which prove to be an advantage over universities in other countries.

Cost Of MBBS In Georgia

Studying MBBS at the University of Georgia is considered desirable and prestigious. In such a case, a common question from an international student is: What Is The Cost Of Studying MBBS In Georgia? As of 2024, the Annual Cost Of Pursuing MBBS in Georgia is US $5000 or 4 Lakhs Indian Rupees.

MBBS In Georgia duration

Likewise, Uzbekistan, Georgia’s University, offers MBBS programs that last six years. Students complete theoretical and practical programs in the first 5 years and undergo clinical rotations for the remaining 1 year.

MBBS Admission In Georgia

Universities in Georgia also follow international standards for student admission. Just like the overview given on admission in Uzbekistan, students have to qualify for the eligibility criteria and then fill out the admission form online. They will have to submit the fees by attaching their documents. Once the confirmation letter arrives from the University, their admission will be confirmed at the University of Georgia.

MBBS In Georgia Fee Structure

Annual MBBS Fee In Uzbekistan US$

Around US $5000

Annual MBBS Fee In Uzbekistan In INR

Around INR 4 Lakhs

MBBS In Georgia Fees For Indian Students

A common question for an Indian student is: What Are The MBBS Fees In Georgia? So, as of 2024, the fees for Indian students in Georgia range around INR 4 Lakhs annually.

Is It Worth Doing an MBBS From Georgia?

Suppose a student is hoping for high-quality medical education, a worldwide recognized degree, and modern facilities. In that case, the University of Georgia can be the best choice for that student to do an MBBS, so it is worth doing an MBBS from Georgia.

Best Universities In Georgia For MBBS 2024

Georgian Universities leads in the list of Top Universities In Terms Of World Ranking, and some of the reputable and highly recommended universities among them are as follows:

Universities In Uzbekistan

Annual MBBS Fees Of Universities IN US$ (Approximate)

Annual MBBS Fees Of Universities IN INR (Approximate)

Georgian National University SEU

US $5500

INR 4.5 Lakhs

Alte University

US $5000

INR 4 Lakhs

East European University, Georgia

US $5000

INR 4 Lakhs

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

US $4000

INR 3 Lakhs

University of Georgia

US $5000

INR 4 Lakhs

Why To Choose MBBS From Uzbekistan Over Georgia?

Suppose a student needs clarification on why they should choose Uzbekistan over Georgia to pursue an MBBS. In that case, they need to know that Uzbekistan offers affordable tuition fees compared to Georgia, which is why the entire MBBS Program can be completed at a lower price than the universities of Georgia. Besides tuition fees, Uzbekistan’s living expenses will also be less than Georgia’s.

Why To Choose MBBS From Georgia Over Uzbekistan?

Now, there is another question for the students: Why should they choose Georgia over Uzbekistan for MBBS? So, in such a situation, a student can choose Georgia over Uzbekistan to go for an excellent and convenient method of educational programs along with the faculties, which boast highly qualified professors, hi-tech practical activities and collaborative clinical practices with hospitals.

Which Is Better For MBBS Georgia Or Uzbekistan?

Overall, Georgia is better for MBBS than Uzbekistan between these two destinations, but a student has to pay slightly more in tuition fees and living expenses.


So, studying MBBS in Uzbekistan and Georgia can be distinguished for the student. Overall, both countries share various benefits with the students and at their respective places, they provide the students with various options to pursue desirable courses like MBBS. This article has wholly mentioned the differences between these two. The last section mentions the best destination for students based on the overview and highlights of these two countries. All this information will be helpful for all students looking to study abroad. Please stay connected and read content related to studies abroad regularly.


Regarding options, quality and state-of-the-art facilities, Georgia can be a better destination for MBBS. Still, Uzbekistan can be a good choice for lower tuition fees and living expenses.

Although the universities of both countries demand almost the exact requirements for an international student, some points may vary, such as minimum aggregate marks and proficiency tests.

Generally, the tuition fee to study MBBS in Uzbekistan is cheaper than in Georgia, and students can study in Uzbekistan with a low-budget option by paying a lower tuition fee.

The duration of MBBS in both these countries is six years.

Compared to Georgia, a student in Uzbekistan has slightly lower living expenses, which include accommodation services and food expenses.

Without qualifying for NEET, a student cannot get admission to any University of Georgia or Uzbekistan.

Georgia’s climate is diverse, ranging from subtropical to alpine, while Uzbekistan’s is continental, with hot summers and cold winters.

Generally, all the renowned universities in Georgia and Uzbekistan are recognized by reputable international federations like the World Health Organization and the National Medical Commission.

Both countries are safe destinations where complete security measures have been arranged, but in terms of crime rates, Uzbekistan surpasses Georgia, which makes Georgia a safer country than Georgia.

Studying MBBS In Georgia costs a student US $5000 or INR 5 Lakhs annually. In contrast, MBBS In Uzbekistan costs the same student around US $3500 or INR 3 Lakhs annually, thus being more affordable than in Georgia.

Although both countries have good medical universities, Georgia has a higher-ranking university than Uzbekistan.

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