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Northern State Medical University (NSMU)

Northern State Medical University {NSMU}

Northern State Medical University (NSMU) Russia, situated in Arkhangelsk, Russia, has a reputation for developing a medical understanding and performing research at the highest level. NSMU was founded in 1932 and has become a leading institution with a reputation for training exemplary healthcare professionals globally. NSMU, located in the beautiful scenery of Northern Russia, provides a one-of-a-the-type combination of working hard and being cultured.

Its deep roots and the ability to adapt, can ensure that its students are provided with medical knowledge in step with the progress of its field. The university has many advanced facilities, outstanding faculty members and students of different nationalities, which underline the university’s commitment to outstanding medical education. NSMU is an institution that has an integrated teaching curriculum that covers many medical areas. This ensures that graduates can handle even the complicated healthcare problems of the 21st century.

NSMU are undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs with options in many medical disciplines, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing. The university curriculum is set up so that students learn the theoretical aspects of medicine and acquire clinical skills and research methodologies, and this enables them to deal with the changing dynamics of modern healthcare.

As the leading medical school in Russia and internationally, Northern State Medical University remains as committed as ever to its aim of training, motivating, and equipping future medical leaders who would attend to the health needs of people and their communities around the globe.

MBBS from the Northern State Medical University

Receiving the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees from the Northern State Medical University (NSMU) in Arkhangelsk, Russia, is an experience of transformation. It enables students to have complete educational curricula in the medical field that are established based on quality and innovation. NSMU’s MBBS program perfectly fits international standards as it covers medical theory, practical skills, and clinical experience very well. Throughout study, students encounter a multifaceted spectrum of medical disciplines, such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and clinical medicine, which help develop a multi-dimensional understanding of the human body and its various systems.

The faculty at NSMU, which includes seasoned medical professionals, researchers, and educators with the requisite qualifications, is committed to tailoring the next team of healthcare providers. These educators combine traditional teaching techniques and contemporary learning approaches to ensure students receive quality training. The research and innovation that spur the students’ scientific inquiries in NSMU contribute to medical knowledge improvement and innovation.

The primary characteristic of the NSMU MBBS program is its practical training and clinical exposure component. Students can get hands-on experience through rotations in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings that are in partnership with the university. This live patient exposure can improve students’ clinical skills and equip them with the leadership and responsibility of practising medicine.

Hostel in Northern State Medical University

The hostel at NSMU is set up to provide students with accommodations that are comfortable and conducive to learning, enhancing the time they spend studying. Located on the university campus in Arkhangelsk, Russia, the hostels may offer different degrees of student accommodation and ensure their well-being and academic achievements.

The university has resident halls designed to serve national and international students, creating a diverse and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The facilities are well taken care of and furnished with modern facilities to guarantee students’ aftercare and utility. Every hostel room has the necessary facilities like beds, desks, chairs, cupboards, and study lamps, giving the students a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for their studies and leisure.

NSMU also provides study areas, lounges, and recreation rooms for the students to engage in various activities while experiencing the community feeling. The common spaces, such as lounges, recreation rooms, kitchens, and the outdoors, where students can interact with their fellow students, exchange stories, and create long-lasting bonds, are another essential part of community formation. In addition to acting as living spaces, these common areas also come in handy as locations for cultural events, celebrations, and academic activities, which, in turn, add to the overall spirit of the university.

Safety and security are central areas of interest to the residents of the NSMU’s halls, with provisions in place to guarantee the welfare of all students. Hostels have surveillance cameras, secured doorways, and on-duty security officers who monitor the premises 24/7 to give students peace of mind and a sense of security.

Fee structure of Northern State Medical University

Northern State Medical University

Tuition Fee per year

Hostel Fees/Year

Overhead Expenses/ Year

Fees in USD / INR Year

1st-year fees

5600 USD

300 USD

300 USD

6200 USD / 4,96,000 Indian Rupees

2nd to 6th year fees

5600 US Dollars/Yr

300 US Dollars/Yr

100 USD

6000 USD / 4,80,000 Indian Rupees per year

Total Fees for 6-years MBBS Course

36,200 USD = Rs. 28,96,000 Indian Rupees, ( 1 USD @ 80 INR)




  1. Tuition Fees: For international students in medical programs in Russia, teaching fees typically start at around 6,200 USD / 4,96,000 Indian Rupees/year for courses taught in Russian—the tuition fees for courses taught in the English language range from 5600 US Dollars/Yr.
  1. Additional Charges: Furthermore, the charges, for example, registration fees and administrative fees, medical insurance, and examination fees may be extra. Just like any other school, requirements may differ from one university to another. Such requirements can be a few hundred dollars per year.
  1. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Most universities in Russia provide scholarships and grant-in-aid opportunities for international students with academic excellence, financial need, or other requirements. These scholarships help a lot in the process of total cost reduction.

Let us contact Northern State Medical University via phone or by visiting their official website, as this is where you can get the latest and accurate fee information because this may have changed since my last update. In addition, they can disseminate information about any scholarships or financial aid options for international students.

Indian Community Scenario in NSMU

The Indian community at Northern State Medical University (NSMU) in Arkhangelsk, Russia, is one of the most lively and active student circles, which adds to the mixed culture of the university. Since many Indians make NSMU their medical school, the Indian community is leading in developing cultural exchange, academic collaboration, and social integration between the university faculty and staff.

One characteristic that makes the NSMU Indian community stand out is its closeness and tight bonds. The Indian students tend to group for mutual support and as one community where they exchange assistance, directions, and companionship at different stages of their journey in the academic world. The ties of friendship and mutual aid form a community from which Indian students feel at home, even in a foreign country. It is so because it makes them feel they are away from home.

The Indian community at NSMU, though they show exemplary devotion and strong commitment to their learning, always boasting the highest academic success and the best of their fields. Indian students are not just listeners in class but contribute to class discussions, work on research projects, and engage in scholarly discourse, thus making the whole academic environment more participatory in which students are constantly sharing knowledge with each other.

In addition, the Indian community at NSMU arranges different cultural events, celebratory activities, and festivals, which reflect the richness and diversity of the Indian culture and advance cultural understanding amongst non-Indian students, too. These events hold traditional dance shows, which also include music concerts and culinary festivals that form platforms for cultural exchange and dialogue, which augment the love and respect for diversity within the university community.

Indian Mess facility in NSMU

The Indian Mess, situated at Northern State Medical University (NSMU) in Arkhangelsk, Russia, is a Mecca for all Indians and a sanctuary for Indian food, which gives a feel of one’s home at the miles away location. This cosy dining space is built to suit Indian students’ food habits, traditions, and dietary restrictions. Offer them their favourite foods during their adjustment process to the diverse culinary scene of Russia.

The Indian mess at NSMU has an alluring menu that offers everything, from authentic vegetarian Indian dishes like dal, paneer, and sabzi to deltic tandoori delights. It is worth noting that each meal is skilfully prepared by highly experienced chefs who are proficient in Indian cooking methods and a blend of flavours, thus providing a genuine dining experience that is palatable and therapeutic as well.

Indian Mess at NSMU provides tangible proof of the university’s readiness to provide for the eating habits and desires of the multi-communal student population, thus contributing to a culture of inclusivity and a positive overall student experience. The Indian mess at NSMU plays a crucial role in Indian students’ life continuity, both as a place to have a comfortable meal after a day of classes and a venue for festive gatherings to celebrate special occasions. The Indian mess also contributes to the university community’s general interest in understanding and appreciating other cultures.

FMGE result of NSMU

The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) result of Northern State Academic University (NSMU) is a critical indicator of the standard of education and training that international medical students receive from the university. NSMU has established a reputation for its high quality of education through the constant high pass rate of the graduates in the international medical certification, FMGE, which is proof of its commitment to preparing students for success in their medical careers in both Russia and abroad.

FMGE is a prerequisite exam for Indian nationals/citizens who have finished MBBS from abroad– and- NSMU- University and want to practice medicine in India. The standardised test assesses their medical knowledge level and ability, which must be at least a sufficient level so that candidates are organized under the requirements set by the Medical Council of India (MCI) while getting the license to practice medicine in the country.

Moreover, NSMU excellence includes FMGE support services such as clinical training programs, significant diagnostics, professional counselling by senior doctors, and career networking for internships. The university provides individual coaching, review classes, and study materials designed for the examination requirements to help students have access to the necessary resources for the examination.

The uninterrupted records of NSMU graduates in the FMGE illustrate the institution’s prominence and reputation as one of the leading medical education and training centres. It mirrors not only the academic calibre and efficiency of NSMU’s teaching but also indicates the efforts and perseverance of its students. FMGE graduates regularly produced from the NSMU are automatically becoming part of the increasing healthcare workforce supply in India and other parts of the world.


Ans. The National School of Medicine and Surgery (NSMU) is famous for its current undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing programs.

Ans. Students can approach NSMU directly through the university’s admission office or access the online portal. While the exact application details and procedures may differ depending on the program and the applicant’s nationality, it is wise to know what they are.

Ans. The language of learning at NSMU is Russian for most of our programs. However, the programs sometimes provide instruction in English, generally for international students.

Ans. NSMU provides scholarships and funding opportunities for talented students with qualifications like academic merit, financial need, etc. Applicants can learn more about available scholarship opportunities through the university’s admissions department.

Ans. Yes, NSMU is a perfect destination of choice for international students, and several support services are in place to help the students adjust to life in Russia. The other thing is that the university encourages cultural exchange and collaboration among students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

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