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Northern State Medical University : Life Of Indian Students

Northern State Medical University Russia 2024-25

Top Medical University In Russia

Besides its natural beauty, Russia is known for its world-class education system. It is considered the best because the Universities In Russia are famous across the globe, and most of the degrees are even recognized worldwide. If any student is looking for The Best Medical University In Russia, Northern State Medical University can be the best option for them as this University offers students a comprehensive range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, And Doctoral Programs In The Field Of Medicine.

About Northern State Medical University Russia 2024-25

Although Northern State Medical University was established in 1936, it was founded when the world was going through scientific and social changes, and after its establishment, this institution kept advancing in the field of medical and practical innovation. A few decades passed, and the University started being considered one of Russia’s leading institutions. Today, Northern State Medical University is known worldwide for its renowned faculty and facilities, which are committed to boosting students’ careers.

Northern State Medical University hosts students from a diverse community where students from all over the world come to complete their medical graduation. The University Environment promotes cultural exchange and collaboration to enrich students’ educational experience.

Where Is Northern State Medical University Located?

The Northern State Medical University Russia 2024-25 Is Located In Prospekt Troitskiy, 51, Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, 163000.

Why Study In Northern State Medical University, Russia 2024-25?

Northern State Medical University is at the forefront of innovation and medical research that contributes to the advancement in the healthcare field. The most important priority of the University is to keep the well-being of the students in focus and provide them with a good support service that ensures their success. The University is committed to the students’ holistic development, from counseling to recommendation.

Northern State Medical University is equipped with the latest technology-based utilities, laboratories, library classrooms, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide students with a dynamic learning environment that can foster their academic pursuits, research excellence, and practical skills.

Is Northern State Medical University Accredited?

Northern State Medical University has all the accreditations; the ones that matter the most are those of the World Health Organization and the National Medical Council.

MBBS In Russia

Regarding The Best University For MBBS In Russia, different universities can be listed based on their capability and qualities. Still, Northern State University is one such University committed to providing world-class MBBS Faculty to the students as one of the prominent options.

Why Study MBBS In Russia From Northern State Medical University?

  • Cheap Tuition Fee
  • World Class Educational Experience
  • Tie Up With Reputable Hospitals
  • Modern Infrastructures
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Indian Student Life At Northern State Medical University, Russia

Indian students at Northern State Medical University enjoy a vibrant and multicultural campus as the University is committed to providing excellent support services to its international students.

It is straightforward for Indian students to live in NSMU because the hostel facilities here meet the expectations of an Indian student. According to the Indian students, every requirement is added to the accommodation service from the University.

Indian students also justify their tradition by participating in cultural events, sports activities, and academic competitions organized by the University. Apart from these, the University also conducts various cultural collaborations under which diverse student communities promote their culture & heritage.

Let us introduce you to a last event held at the Northern State Medical University, Talent Hunt, where most of the highlighted participants were Indians.

Talent Hunt Northern State Medical University, Russia

Talent hunt is an event at the University where students get opportunities to participate and show their talent. In The last Talent Hunt Event at Northern State University, Russia, several students participated, and proudly, Indians were the top winners in most of the programs. Here is an overview of the event.

Soon after the introduction of medical portions, newcomers were welcomed via an extracurricular activity, The Talent Hunt, which was arranged by the Dean’s Office Of the International Faculty Of General Practitioners of NSMU. The event targeted all the newcomers to show their talent in programs like Anchoring, Poetry, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Instrumental Skills, and much more. The students who were involved and won in these activities and thus been in the limelight were:

  • Anchoring – Shreshtha Sood & Jigisha Jadhav
  • Painting & Sketching – 1st: Prithviraj & 2nd: Shivlila
  • Poetry _ 1st:Nayan Sathawane & 3rd: Madhura Dhengle
  • Singing – 1st Farzan, 2nd Sourabh Shiwam & 3rd Jigisha Jadhav
  • Dancing – 1st Adil Mulla, 2nd Sayali Patil & Raj Patil & 3rd Aditi Sarkar
  • Instrumental – 1st Unmesh Muley, 2nd Adarsh Wakode & 3rd Aakit Panhalkar

Very congratulations to all the winners.


Overall, The Northern State Medical University offers a world-class education and is one of the best medical institutions in Russia. With all the crucial accreditations, it is the hope for students for a brighter tomorrow. You may be connected for various updates regarding studying abroad.


The Complete Address Of Northern State University Is Prospekt Troitskiy, 51, Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, 163000.

Yes, The Northern State University is recognized by WHO & NMC.

The Cost Of an MBBS At Northern State University lies around US $6000 or INR 5 Lakhs annually.

Of course, Northern State University can be the best choice for Indians as their requirements are well arranged, be it accommodation, food, or education. Moreover, the climate here also suits them well.

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