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Top 10 Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

Top 10 Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

There are so many benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. In fact, the outcome of medical studies here is so good, especially for Indian students. And we will tell you all about it in this blog.

You see, there are many countries that provide MBBS courses for Indian students. But to complete the MBBS course abroad one needs to study for 6-years. Sure, this is the course pattern followed by many countries. But what if we tell you the duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan is not the same? Intrigued?

Kazakhstan MBBS for Indian students is for a total of 5-years. This means you get to complete your medical course a year before the rest of the world. What are the advantages of finishing the medical course in advance? Well, you get to choose the best hospitals for internships without student competition.

There is more to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. And this is their educational cost. One of the many reasons why Indian students choose to study abroad is because of the fee structure. India consists of competitive government universities and expensive private universities. It is not the same overseas.

The MBBS in Kazakhstan’s fee structure is very affordable. Thus, making it easy for foreign students to come to study here. Want to know more? Scroll below and find the 10 advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan –

Approval by Health and Education Bodies

The top bodies of health and education approve the medical universities in Kazakhstan. Because of its international recognition, it is easy to get jobs after graduation. Students get access to top hospitals for apprenticeships across the globe. Some of the are the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Council of India (NMC). As well as, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

MBBS Course Duration in Kazakhstan

While the rest of the country has a medical duration of 6-years. Kazakhstan completes the MBBS course in 5-years. This brings in many 10 advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. When the rest of the world will be completing their internships. Students from Kazakhstan can be looking for a job.

No Donation for MBBS in Kazakhstan

To get into the medical universities in Kazakhstan, you do not need to give donations. Unlike the MBBS colleges in India, Kazakhstan does not seek donations. This makes students pursue their higher education in Kazakhstan without more expenses. In fact, the tuition fees in Kazakhstan are even lower than in any private university in India.

Screen Test Coaching in Kazakhstan

Besides the entrance NEET exam, there is an exit exam. It determines if you can practice. In the final courses of medical in Kazakhstan, you will get coaching for the MCI screen test. From the year 2023, this screen test will change to NExT. Only after clearing the screen test, you will be eligible to practice anywhere in the world. If you fail, you will have to retake the exam. MCI exam is held twice in June and December.

Well-Maintained Infrastructure

One of the best things about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is its infrastructure. The universities in Kazakhstan have world-class infrastructure. The classrooms and laboratories have the latest tools for learning medicine. Because of their advancement, students become very productive. Besides, they get excited to learn new things. The classrooms are air-conditioned as well.

Affordable Cost of Education

One of the biggest 10 advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is the cost of medical universities. If you compare it with other countries, the cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable. Per year, a student spends approximately $4,000 on studies. Even the cost of living in Kazakhstan is affordable with a monthly expense of not more than $500.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan Admission Process

Compared to any western or European country, MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is easy to apply for. You do not need any documentation or more certificates. The only need is that the students must meet the criteria of the university. The students have to be from science and need 50% marks at least. Also, NEET clarification is mandatory.

The Medium for Education

Being a foreign country you’d expect to study in the local language, in Kazakhstan’s case, Kazakh. But it’s not like that. The language for studying in Kazakhstan is English. This makes it easier for all students to learn and complete MBBS from Kazakhstan. That too without the need to take English language skill tests like IELTS/TOEFL.

Experienced Faculty Members

The faculty members of MBBS universities in Kazakhstan are highly qualified. They have years of experience in the teaching field. Each member of the teaching community in Kazakhstan aims to provide excellent practical knowledge. The radio between student and teachers are also 1:10. This means they can have good interaction and solve doubts in a supportive manner.

Availability of Indian Food

Although you will be studying MBBS abroad, you will not feel like you are away from home. This is because the universities in Kazakhstan provide Indian food in their mess. The canteen in the university has all kinds of Indian food from every region. Moreover, there are also Indian Restaurants in Kazakhstan, making it fun to explore the city sights.

So, have you decided to study MBBS in Kazakhstan? Here are some of the top MBBS universities in Kazakhstan?




Yes, the MBBS degrees from Kazakhstan are valid in India. This means that after passing MBBS from Kazakhstan, you can return to India to practice. You can also return to complete your internship. But for that, you will need to clear the screening test.

To study MBBS, you need to clear NEET. NEET stands for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and it is a mandatory exam. It is the only exam students need to pass to get into top medical colleges.

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