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Medical Student Life in Kazakhstan

Medical Student Life in Kazakhstan

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An Introduction: Medical Student Life in Kazakhstan

All we want to do is study abroad or at least complete a degree, even if it’s a short-term course. But the fees of colleges abroad can get your tongue tied from ever speaking to study overseas.

But countries such as Kazakhstan offer an affordable range of fee structures. You will not need to stress over your bank balance.

While a majority of students seek foreign education in different fields. Medicine is one of the most popular fields of study abroad. Especially in Kazakhstan.

You can consider medical study at top universities in Kazakhstan. It is said that this country offers an exceptional education at the cost of half the fees of Indian universities.

But that is not all, MBBS in Kazakhstan can guide you through the difficult terrain in the field of medicine. And land you with good placements at the best medical organisations.

We will discuss the best qualities of MBBS in Kazakhstan. First, let us see how the student life will be.

How is Student Life in Kazakhstan?

In general, MBBS in Kazakhstan is great since you get to experience studying in a foreign country. But there is more to just that. It all boils down to how students can adjust to a new environment. So, some of the best qualities a student can experience in Kazakhstan are –

Famous MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan

Eligibility for Kazakhstan Universities

Documents for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Reasons to study in Kazakhstan

In the case of students, Kazakhstan hosts many top-rated medical universities that provide an excellent education. While we have covered most of the reasons to study in Kazakhstan above, here are some more below:


The MBBS duration in Kazakhstan is 5-Years. This allows students to be one year ahead of the rest of the country. Since a majority of universities provide courses for 6-Years.

Yes, NEET is the most important examination that enables students to get admission to top universities abroad and within their own country.

Yes, the MBBS degree is valid since the degree is recognised by top organisations like NMC and WHO. The students need to clear the NEXT exam to legally practice in India.

The average fee of MBBS in Kazakhstan is around 25 to 35 Lakhs for the whole 5-Years. The exact fees depend upon the university.

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