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Top Reasons That Make Kazakhstan The Best Place For MBBS

mbbs in kazakhstan fee structure

Nowadays, there are many reasons why students choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Some of the main reasons include the following. High quality of education, and mbbs in kazakhstan fee structure is also affordable. And the opportunity to gain valuable international experience.

Kazakhstan is becoming a popular destination for Indian students looking to study medicine. This is because the country offers many benefits that are appealing to students.

But why MBBS in Kazakhstan though?

Independent since 1991, Kazakhstan has emerged as a leader in Central Asia. Making significant strides in economic development and social stability. Kazakhstan is also becoming a popular destination for Indian students. Especially for those looking to pursue their MBBS studies abroad.

So, if you are considering studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. Check out this blog post to learn more about the top reasons to do so.

Top Reasons that make Kazakhstan the best place for MBBS

Affordable tuition and living costs:

MBBS programmes in Kazakhstan are very affordable. Especially when compared to tuition costs in developed countries. The countries being the US, UK, or Australia. Additionally, the cost of living is also low, which makes it a great option for students on a budget.

High-quality education:

Kazakhstan is home to some of the best medical schools in Central Asia. It offers students a quality education that is on par with programmes in developed countries.

Clinical exposure:

One of the main advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is the clinical exposure that students get. Kazakhstani medical schools have strong ties with leading hospitals. Which gives students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Learn the Kazakh language:

Another benefit of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is that you will have the opportunity to learn Kazakh. Which are locally spoken languages in Kazakhstan. Thus, helping students to interact with local patients.

Experienced faculty:

The faculty at the medical universities in Kazakhstan are experienced and dedicated to teaching. They provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful doctors.

World-class infrastructure:

The infrastructure in Kazakhstan universities is world-class. The libraries, laboratories, and classrooms are all top-notch and up-to-date.

Multicultural environment:

Kazakhstanis are very friendly and welcoming people. They will make you feel right at home and help you adjust to life in Kazakhstan.

Excellent job prospects:

After completing your MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can get into top organisations. The universities of Kazakhstan are recognised by top health and educational bodies. Like WHO and NMC, finding a good career in medicine won’t be a difficult thing for you.

Top medical universities in Kazakhstan

Admission to Kazakhstan for Indian students

Note: You can count on the representative for any help in Kazakhstan.

The following are the eligibility and documents for Indian students -

Eligibility for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan

Documents for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan


Yes, since Kazakhstan is one of the best places for MBBS, many students choose to study here. They have a low fee structure, and the degrees are recognised worldwide.

The cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable compared to India. The average cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan is between 25 to 35 Lakhs for the whole course.

Yes, it is possible since you will have passed out-degree from Kazakhstan itself. And also, internships will be provided in Kazakhstan, thus, it becomes easy to practice in Kazakhstan.

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