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What is the Cost of Living in Georgia for Indian Medical Students?

Cost of Living in Georgia for Indian Medical Students

So you are ready and your bags are packed for your medical studies in Georgia.

But which city is for you? Where should you consider studying MBBS in Georgia? This is a question millions of students seek for an answer. Hopefully, in this blog you’ll find the answers you are searching for.

Georgia is one of the best places to study MBBS for Indian students. Not only the country is packed with history, culture, attractions and best food. But it is also an anchor where many Indian students have called home throughout their studies abroad.

The cost of living in Georgia for Indian Medical Students is surprisingly affordable. It can be as equal to your home, India with a hint of broadness. A foreign experience, where you can receive an international medical degree.

If you have selected to study here you must know where Georgia is by now. So far, the capital Tbilisi hosts a majority of international medical students. Student accommodations in Tbilisi, Georgia have a multitude of perks.

Come, let’s read more about the cost of living in Georgia for Indian medical students

Brief summary of expenses in Georgia

Before we get into the cost of living in Georgia in detail. Let us see the numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia.

Cost of student accommodation in Georgia

When we come to the topic of accommodation for medical students in Georgia, we can consider it to be affordable. Because the country itself is very economical from housing to education and more.

It is a great country for Indian students to live and study. With the tuition fees, the hostels in Georgia are cheap. From sharing accommodation to private living spaces. But as a student we seek options for accommodation in Georgia. Perhaps outside the campus. After completing your first year, students can venture outside the campus and live in shared houses or flats.

There can be several affordable residing options for students. In the capital city Tbilisi for example, it will not cost more than 300 USD per month. And the houses are worth the quality and the neighbourhood  is also student friendly.

Cost of student transportation in Georgia

Speaking of accommodation, as students we find ways to save money as much as possible. And one great trick to save money is to find a place within minutes from the closest bus stop or metro station.

The public transportation in Tbilisi is convenient and extremely well-maintained. Students will not face any difficulties finding or getting around places to places. Here, the metro connectivity covers a good area of locations. From busy markets to tourist attractions, universities to restaurants and bars.

The metro ride can cost you approximately 2 GEL which is 53.71 INR for one way. For a taxi service in Tbilisi, Georgia, it can cost you at least 5 GEL which is 134.27 INR. You can find local taxi apps or international taxi services such as Uber.

Cost of groceries and restaurants in Georgia

While the majority of your money will be distributed to rent and other utilities, food also plays a major role. After all, how can we stay without eating right?

One of the many concerns of living abroad is whether the food will match our Indian taste preferences. Well, to begin with, there are many Indian restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia. Each caters to different tastes that we are so accustomed to. Even the locals enjoy the Indian delicacies from every region of India.

The universities, however, have canteen and cafe facilities with roundup supplies of quick bites. They consist of meal plans for the day, including Indian snacks. So, you will be well accustomed to Georgian food and beverages as well. If not, there are many restaurants around the corner.

Cost of studying in Georgia

If you are considering studying abroad, you can consider Georgia. Not only they have the highest ranked medical colleges but also it is very affordable. The cost of MBBS courses in Georgia is half the cost of private colleges in India.

Of course, India has government colleges but getting in any one of them is a task, unless you are lucky. But that is not the only reason to study MBBS abroad. You get many benefits, from exposure to a new culture to attending an international medical degree. Plus, the degrees are accepted worldwide. So what is there to lose?

The average cost of an MBBS course in Tbilisi, Georgia is 20 to 30 Lakhs. But the prices vary based on the different medical universities. The education quality here is exceptionally great, the faculties are talented and the mode of education is English.


Yes, Georgia is a safe country for Indian students to live, work and study. Georgia has a good reputation for their excellent infrastructure. And welcoming local people. But it is always advised to stay cautious when exploring alone at night or mingling with strangers.

It depends on how you manage your lifestyle. The monthly expenses could cost approximately 30,000 INR. But this could increase your expenses and additional shopping spree.

Georgia has had a good medical education reputation for years. And it has become one of the top countries to host Indian students for MBBS courses. They have some of the best universities that cater to students with modern equipment for training purposes.

The Georgian MBBS degree is valid in India. The universities are acknowledged by top health and education bodies. Like the World Health Organisation and the Medical Council of India.

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