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10 Reasons why Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia

Reasons Indian Students Choose MBBS in Russia

10 Reasons why Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia

Nowadays, a quick bank transfer is all it takes to enrol students on high-end universities across the world. But is it fair to other students who cannot afford the luxury to get into top MBBS universities abroad as easy as slipping an expensive fee structure we see today? So many Indian students opt to pursue their MBBS abroad in different countries, a majority across Europe. The reason is the cost of education is low including recognition from several organisations like the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) backing the quality of education. 

One of the many countries that have had Indian students hooked on medical studies is located in Russia. There are several MBBS universities in Russia that have catered to students’ needs from providing affordable fees to not taking donations to reserve seats and providing world-famous medical degrees. As a matter of fact, in this article, we will be talking all about the best qualities of education abroad and why Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia?

The following 10 reasons are why Indians study MBBS in Russia

The first and foremost importance of studying MBBS in Russia is affordability. This kicks in as a surprise since the MBBS universities in Russia are modernly equipped with the latest technology. Even the fees for accommodation is fairly low ranging under 10 Lakhs below yearly.

While a majority of universities still enrol students through connections, it is not like that in Russia, none of the medical institutes considers donation or capitation fees for admission. Keeping it fair for all students, admission is solely based on academic and NEET marks.

One of the greatest qualities of MBBS in Russia is no universities take additional entrance exams provided each student has appeared for the NEET. Here, students are enrolled based on their academic scores of higher secondary education (HSE) marks and NEET scores.

NExT is an exit exam (formally FMGE) that is conducted by the NMC (formally MCI). It is an essential exam where students are required to pass in order to practice in India. So, to help students, the universities in Russia offer special coaching/training to help students with the screening test.

Russia is home to a wide range of ethnicities with over 100 different languages. And with a majority of students coming from overseas, you can expect a diverse student population and a lively ambience to study and live. It attracts students from across the world to be a part of a diverse group of individuals. Hence, students can easily adapt to the student environment

Indeed, you may think Russian is the common language used for everything, but in reality, there are several English medium medical colleges in Russia. These colleges use English for education and other research purposes. It enables students to easily adapt to a new setting without having to learn a new language.

It is not only the cost of studying MBBS in Russia that attracts students but also the approval and recognition of the medical degrees. A degree from any Russian university is recognized worldwide by top health and educational bodies like UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European Council and more.

One of the many advantages of studying MBBS in Russia is the extensive international exposure students gain. There are various ways for students to gain exposure, some via events that take place within the campus, enabling students to exchange knowledge with each other. Or, via conferences, projects and seminars. Practical training is also an added exposure wherein students receive hands-on training, exposed to patient inflow.

There are several MCI approved medical colleges in Russia and each is extremely well-maintained and the infrastructure is standard. Russian universities provide students with the latest equipment in both classroom teaching and researching during practical training. Their top-tier facilities are some of the best reasons Russia became a popular choice for MBBS amongst students in Russia.

Apart from education, students are given fully-furnished student living facilities. Every room is ideal for 2 to 4 students and each room is equipped with beds, mattresses, desks, chairs, closets and blankets. Students can access study rooms for a sound-full study and also computer rooms. A pre-installed kitchen with cooking utensils is available along with other services for laundry.

Top MBBS universities in Russia suitable for Indian students

Major examination required for Indians to study MBBS in Russia

To study MBBS in Russia, students have to meet certain criteria following their NEET scores. The gateway to any medical college in Russia, NEET is the main exam required to clear. This exam is conducted twice a year and each year, the pass marks change. Last year, the NEET pass mark for MBBS was 133 for the general category students and 108 for the reserved category. Undergraduate students applying for MBBS in Russia has to be at least 17 years of age minimum. S/he must have 50% in their class 10+2 board exams, and the subjects must include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Students belonging from OBC/SC/ST have a reduction and must secure at least 40%.

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