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MBBS in Kazakhstan: Expenses for Indian Students

MBBS in Kazakhstan Expenses for Indian Students

So you’ve reached a point where you’ve decided to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Great choice! Now, make sure you have all your expenses sorted. What? Do you want us to elaborate on the MBBS in Kazakhstan Expenses for Indian Students? With pleasure.

You see, Kazakhstan is one of the popular foreign countries for Indian MBBS students. Mainly it has got to do with the fee structure of the MBBS course. Also, the overall expenses are lower than in other countries in general.

The curriculum for MBBS in Kazakhstan is of the highest quality. By completing the medical course from here, you can practice in any part of the earth. How? The MBBS degrees from Kazakhstan are accepted and recognised by NMC, WHO and UNESCO to name a few.

While studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, in the first year, students are required to stay in the university’s campus accommodation. But the following year, s/he can stay outside the campus. That is when the expenses for Indian students in Kazakhstan add up.

In this blog, we’ll be reading about the expenses of Indian students in Kazakhstan during their MBBS studies.

Top MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan

Cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan

An opportunity to study MBBS in Kazakhstan is a dream. The country has many renowned universities that have an excellent reputation and education quality. Most of the MBBS universities in Kazakhstan are affordable for Indian students.

The tuition fee in Kazakhstan ranges from 25 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs for the whole course. There are also several understudies which can profit a student’s credibility. The courses are affordable and it has a good standard of education.

Cost of Food and Accommodation

While living overseas, you can imagine the expenses adding up. The currency exchange rate can fluctuate from time to time. But so far, the cost of living in Kazakhstan for Indians is reasonably well. For students, the living expenses are affordable. There are many student-friendly neighbourhoods to stay in outside the campus.

In every university, there are at least 6 to 7 hostels catering to basic amenities for international students in Kazakhstan. The hostels have facilities like beds, mattresses, blankets and built-in furniture. There are private sharing rooms for students as well. So based on students’ convenience, s/he can choose the type of accommodation.

Cost of Traveling around Kazakhstan

The cost of travelling in Kazakhstan is average. It widely depends on how you are travelling in the first place. A month of city travel can cost about 30 thousand, which is via local transportation and metros. While the cost of a taxi in Kazakhstan can be significantly more.

Advantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan

Eligibility for Admission in Kazakhstan


Yes, the degrees from Kazakhstan are accepted in India and other countries as well. The students need to pass the NExT exams in order to legally practice.

Since the universities in Kazakhstan are recognised by the World Health Organisation and the National Medical Commission. It is widely accepted worldwide. It is also listed under the World Directory of Medical Colleges. Thus, after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can practice anywhere in the whole world.

Kazakhstan is an affordable place to study for Indian students. Not only do the colleges have a low-cost fee structure but also the living and food are affordable. Depending on how you manage your lifestyle, you can comfortably live in Kazakhstan.

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