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Top Reasons Why Indian Students Should Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Why Study MBBS in Kazakhstan?​

There are one too many reasons why  study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

One of the many is their degrees from government medical universities are approved by NMC and WHO. If you have a dream to become a doctor with highly reputed medical degrees then there are top MBBS universities in Kazakhstan.

Pursuing a medical degree from Kazakhstan can be a great option if you cannot study for 6 years. Since MBBS in Kazakhstan is for only 5 years. This enables you to save time and will remain a year ahead of the rest of the medical aspirants. But remember to clear the NEET as MBBS in Kazakhstan without NEET is not possible.

Completing your MBBS university in Kazakhstan will also help you to pursue an internship. And secure jobs while there will be less competition.

Apart from this, there are other reasons you should consider pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan. We will be discussing some of them in this blog –

Why Study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Course Duration for MBBS

Perhaps, this is one of the driving factors that excite Indian students to pursue an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan. The duration of the MBBS course in Kazakhstan universities is for 5 years. This gives an opportunity for students to always be ahead of the rest of the medical universities overseas.

NMC and WHO Approved Universities
The government medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognised by two organisations. The National Medical Council and the World Health Organisation. It is also acknowledged by UNESCO. It becomes easier for graduates to find excellent placements in top hospitals worldwide. The reason is for its international recognition.
MCI Coaching for Screen Test
An advantage to studying MBBS at Kazakhstan universities is that they provide coaching for the screen test. MCI screen test which will be changed to NExT by 2023 is an important exam. It is the final exit exam after which you can legally practise anywhere in the world.
Affordable University Fees 
What makes MBBS in Kazakhstan great is their affordable university fees. Due to this many students choose to study here. Despite their low fee structure, the education system is excellent without any lack in their infrastructure. The reason the fees are low is that the government provides scholarship programmes to students.
No Donation for Admission
Besides the luxury of not having to shell out your bank account for admission, the MBBS universities in Kazakhstan do not take donations. Unlike private universities in India that take a huge amount of donations, the case is the opposite in Kazakhstan.
Prestigious Medical Degree
The medical universities in Kazakhstan are reputed and widely known by NMC, UNESCO and WHO. This enables students to get prestigious medical degrees that can be presented worldwide for careers. Since the degrees are globally known, students won’t find it difficult to practice as a doctor in India and other countries too.
Various Medical Courses 
MBBS has several roots in medicine, thus, there are various medical courses in Kazakhstan. The main MBBS course is for 5 years, the pharmacy course is for a total of 4 years. And the MD course facility for 5 years. Students can do the medical research that will help them get the best university for their graduation.
Easy Application Process
Getting into one of the top medical universities abroad is not as difficult anymore. The application process is actually very easy with the help of education companies. You will need to check your eligibility before applying for the NEET examinations. After clearing your entrance, you can contact us and we will take over your application for university in Kazakhstan.
Affordable Cost of Living
Living abroad in Kazakhstan is affordable compared to India. The Kazakhstan currency Tenge is weaker than INR. So, it becomes comfortable for Indian nationals to visit and study in Kazakhstan. (1 INR = 5.79 Kazakhstani Tenge) The cost of living in Kazakhstan including food, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses is low.
Indian Food in Kazakhstan
The university in Kazakhstan maintains a good food menu. Keeping in mind the foreign students and their likes and dislikes. Indian cuisine is popular in Kazakhstan making Indians live a comfortable life in Kazakhstan.

What is the Process for MBBS Application in Kazakhstan?

What are the top MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan?


After your MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will be provided with internships in top hospitals for practical knowledge. Since the govt. Universities are approved by MCI & WHO, you can easily get jobs in any medical field anywhere in the world.

Yes, the NExT or MCI screen test is an essential part of completing your medical course. After NExT, you will be eligible to practice medicine legally in any part of the world. The NExT is a universal certificate that is proof of your medical knowledge.

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