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Altai State Medical University

First moscow state medical university Russia
First moscow state medical university Russia

Altai State Medical University Russia

Altai State Medical University (ASMU) is located in Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia, and offers outstanding performance in the medical education, research, and healthcare provision sectors. The very successful and longtime existing ASMU was founded in 1954. The main aim of this University is to create highly qualified healthcare personnel who help others in their local communities and worldwide. However, the University’s unique mission, which comprises academic integrity, innovation, and societal impact, still commits it to its leadership role in medical education in Russia and beyond.

As a leading health sciences university, ASMU offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs covering several medical disciplines, such as general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health. The Institution has a faculty of senior teachers, researchers, and practising clinicians who adopt the highest standards of teaching and mentorship. The students enjoy a holistic curriculum that integrates theoretical understanding with clinical training as they build up to practice in complex fields.

The central element of ASMU’s educational philosophy is its significant attention to on-field clinical experience. Partnering with local hospitals and health facilities where students can gain clinical exposure is a critical part of the learning process, and this allows them to practice and refine their diagnostic, therapeutic, and patient care skills under the watchful eye of experienced professionals. It is the practical approach to teaching students to learn and creating a solid position of student responsibility and empathy for the patient.

Ranking of Altai State Medical University

ASMU is remarkable because of its academic success and input into medical education development. Even though different international university ratings exist, ASMU takes the position among the best medical universities not only in Russia but also in Eurasia.

National Recognition:

The national ranking of Altai State Medical University is 194, and it occupies the top ranking among Russian medical universities that contribute to both national healthcare education and research.

Global Ranking:

Worldwide, Altai State Medical University ranked 4474 among all other universities. This University provides the best quality of education.

Subject-specific Rankings:

ASMU has achieved excellence in many medical disciplines, where the students study medicine and dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health. The University’s programs are highly praised in the subject-wide rankings due to the explicative and vocational components.

Subject-specific Rankings:

ASMU has achieved excellence in many medical disciplines, where the students study medicine and dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health. The University’s programs are highly praised in the subject-wide rankings due to the explicative and vocational components.

World RankingContinental RankingCountry RankPresenceImpactOpennessExcellence

Altogether, the placement of Altai State Medical University in the rankings denotes its concentration on advancing knowledge, practical training, and research innovation, which makes the medical school well-recognised nationally and regionally.

Medical Institutes of Altai State Medical University:

The Medical Institutes of ASMU are broad assemblies of faculties and departments specialising in medical studies and sciences. These institutions significantly differ from the academic environment of ASMU and medical education; they highly influence investigational and clinical practice at ASMU. Here is an overview of the Medical Institutes within ASMU:

The Medical Institutes of ASMU provides a dynamic learning environment in which students, faculty, and researchers interact and strive for success in education, research, and healthcare delivery. To a great extent, these research institutes are crucial in creating skilled professionals trained through innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge research initiatives, and practical training. Their role in shaping the health care of the whole world is undeniable.

MBBS at Altai State Medical University Russia

Altai State Medical University (ASMU) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that equips medical students with the necessary skills to continue their careers as successful doctors. ASMU, one of Russia’s leading medical universities, ensures a high quality of education, which is a blend of theory and practice, which trains the graduates to be ready for the job market with the required skills and expertise.

At Altai State Medical University, the MBBS curriculum takes place over six years with a split into pre-clinical and clinical phases. During the pre-clinical years, students study fundamental sciences like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pathology, which are the foundations for understanding the functioning of the human body.

Collaboration and research projects are another highlight of ASMU’s fashion design program. Students get opportunities to interact with peers from multiple disciplines and work on practical projects that address real healthcare issues. The interdisciplinary methodology provides insight for students on critical thinking, innovation, and healthcare delivery systems.

Accredited Institution: Altai State Medical University is well known worldwide for its accreditation by national and international medical regulatory bodies; it is ranked among one of the best medical universities in Russia that provides the highest standard of medical education and graduates undergo the assessment from accrediting natural as well as international bodies.

Affordable cost of program: ASMU College provides MBBS programs at a more affordable rate, which in turn becomes an appealing alternative for all international students who seek quality education but in a less costly manner.

English-Medium Instruction: The MBBS program at ASMU is taught in English, eradicating the language barrier and facilitating international students of different nationalities without any problem.

Experienced Faculty: At ASMU, talented, experienced educators, scholars, and medical professionals who are well respected in their disciplines and offer the highest quality education and mentorship to our students are available.

Global Perspective: Students are exposed to many different cultures and points of view during their studies at ASMU, which is one of the significant strengths of the school, making students very versatile and prepared for the multicultural healthcare environment.

Fee of Particulars   Year 1   Year 2   Year 3 Year 4   Year 5   Year 6  
Tuition Fee (approx.)   4500 USD   4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD  
Fees in Indian Rupees   Rs.3.70 Lakhs Rs.3.70 Lakhs Rs.3.70 Lakhs Rs.3.70 Lakhs Rs.3.70 Lakhs Rs.3.70 Lakhs
Hostel Fees 500 USD   500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD
Hostel Fee in Rupees   Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000
  1. Tuition Fees: Tuition fees for the MBBS program at Altai State Medical University will be determined depending on the program length plus the applicant’s citizenship.

  2. Admission Fees: While taking ASMU’s application, the maximum processing fee that one can pay is limited.

  3. Accommodation Fees: Students may rent a dormitory in the University or some private accommodation with a fee depending on the student’s housing choice.

  4. Insurance Fees: International students may be required to buy health insurance for their University studies.

  5. Miscellaneous Fees: Additional charges might incorporate registration fees, examination fees, library fees, and various other administrative expenses.

  6. Clinical Training Fees: Some clinical training activities needed to be supplementary payments for materials, equipment, or specialised sites to be used.

Prospective students must contact ASMU’s admissions office to confirm the fee structure that will be valid and up-to-date.

Altai State Medical University’s (ASMU) admission is followed by a systematic process to admit excellent candidates into the programs that they need.

  1. Eligibility Criteria: Prospective students must meet the University’s admission requirements. Usually, among other things, they are required to have completed secondary education with a qualifying grade and to have competent English or Russian language, which largely depends on the language of instruction.
  2. Application Submission: The applicants must submit an application form along with other documents such as academic transcripts, passport copies, language proficiency test scores (such as IELTS or TOEFL), and any other documents specified by the University.
  3. Entrance Examination (if applicable): Depending on the country of origin and the applicant’s respective program requirements, the applicant can have to take an exam in chemistry, biology, and physics.
  4. Admission Decision: The University assesses the applicants’ merit based on academic excellence, language proficiency, and other additional criteria. Moreover, successful applicants get a conditional offer of admission.
  5. Acceptance of Offer: Once successful applicants get the offer of admission, they should confirm their acceptance by paying any requested fees and sending any additional documents as demanded by the University.
  6. Visa Application: ASMU international students must obtain a visa to study in Russia by applying through the visa process. It is a standard procedure whereby the students submit visa application forms and pictures of their passports to the Russian embassy or consulate in their countries.
  7. Arrival and Registration: Having got their visas, students come to Russia for registration with the international student office of ASMU. The final stage involves completing the administrative duties, including the registration of health insurance and enrollment in the courses.

Students interested should peruse information on ASMU’s website or contact the University’s admissions for more information about the admission procedure, particular requirements, and deadlines.

Hostel/Accommodation Facilities Altai State Medical University Russia

Altai State Medical University (ASMU) has student hostels where students are housed with preference to those who have relocated from distant districts or international areas.

  1. On-Campus Accommodation: The University offers on-campus hostel accommodation, which ensures students have easy accessibility to the academic buildings, libraries and other campus facilities.

  2. Modern Amenities: Apart from the beds, study desks, chairs and other spaces, the rooms are also Wi-Fi enabled, hence, suitable for studying and resting.

  3. Security: ASMU ensures that the students remain safe and secure. The hostel accommodation has safety measures such as CCTV cameras and security staff to provide a safe living camp.

  4. Laundry Facilities: I am devoted to meeting the need for laundry inside the hostel premises for the students, which they can use whenever needed without stepping outside the campus.

  5. Medical Facilities: Moreover, its campus hostel facilities may include access to medical wards and healthcare services, allowing students to get medical services quickly.

  6. Cultural and Recreational Activities: The University sets up cultural events, sports activities and outings to the area to create synergy and community in the hostel.

The hostel is closely situated next to the ATM, the phone recharge booths, retail shops, and the cafeteria.

The hostel facilities at Altai State Medical University are designed so that students will be in a comfortable and safe environment with all the necessary amenities and support to improve their academic and personal lives while at the University.


Altai State Medical University provides an undergraduate and graduate program in the medical field, denominating general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health.

Indeed, most program instructions, e.g., those for international students, are in English. Nevertheless, for these programs and specialities, Russian proficiency might be prioritised.

The eligibility criteria usually necessitate completing secondary education with a minimum GPA, passing language proficiency tests, and satisfying any additional academic requirements specified by the prospective University or preferred course.

Altai State Medical University can grant scholarships and financial aid to international students eligible according to their academic merit, financial needs, or other required criteria. Applicants are assured of opportunities and invited to ask about the available positions.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program is six years, with pre-clinical and clinical phases.

Altai State Medical University graduates are trained to embark on diverse clinical practice, research, academia, public health, and health care administration career paths.

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