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Ural State Medical University

Ural State Medical University Russia
Ural State Medical University Russia

Ural State Medical University Russia: Your Pathway to Excellence in Medical Education

Ural State Medical University (USMU) represents the high scientific level of medical education in the heart of the Russian Federation. With a history of more than a decade, USMU has continued to pursue the principle of producing highly skilled healthcare staff ready to face various future challenges. The University provides an ideal platform for academic advancement and personal development, from high-calibre to full-cycle faculty, equipped with all modern facilities.

Consecrated in 1930 and gaining recognition over the years, this University is considered a well-known one for its academic and research achievements. USMU is located favourably in Yekaterinburg, which is an essential factor since it allows students to visit a wide range of clinics and participate in numerous research activities.

Academic Programs:

USMU has one of the most satisfactory and robust lists of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing among all Russian universities. The university curriculum is designed to meet internationally agreed-upon standards and produce graduates who are fully prepared to beat their competitors in their field of specialization. Through this path, students are provided overall training to develop critical thinking and clinical skills.


The learning process at USMU is enhanced by a team of professionally qualified faculty members who also have distinguished records in the different fields of their specializations. Being a perfect combination of theoretical practising and clinical experience, the staff of our faculty is driven by the urge to impart high knowledge and mentorship to the students. They use interactive teaching methods and approaches to research, which inspire students to strive to attain the full capability of their potential.


USMU is well-known for its advanced infrastructure, which carries along modern conveniences to power up both academic and extracurricular activities. The campus contains laboratories, libraries, lecture halls, and simulation centres, giving students a rightful and convenient learning environment. Besides accommodation, USMU provides a hostel for local and international students, where security and holistic well-being are guaranteed.

International Collaboration:

USMU is focused on creating and strengthening international unity and cooperation for education levelling and scientific excellence promotion. The University partners with internationally recognized institutions and organizations that promote mutual cultural exchange through student exchange, joint line research and development programs, and faculty development. Through those collaborations, students are granted the rare opportunity to experience multiple cultures and points of view and expand their horizons in their academic journey.

Ural State Medical University Russia Admission Process:

At USMU, the process for selecting students is transparent, and respects merit criteria, which gives all applicants an equal chance. For consideration, the applicants must meet the requirements, such as filling out the application forms and submitting the related documents for assessment. The University conducts entrance examinations and interviews to assess the candidates’ academic potential and determine their suitability for the desired training programs. International students must also join the language test category, which will offer language preparatory courses.

Ural State Medical University Russia Fees and Scholarships:

Within the range of academic programs, USMU has competitive tuition fees, which make it possible for students, regardless of their backgrounds, to have high-calibre education at an affordable price. Furthermore, the college offers scholarships and financial aid for those who prove to be meritorious. It also gives these types of assistance to students who need it. The scholarships awarded to deserving students include tuition fees, accommodation, and day-to-day things, relieving them of the need to look for money for their expenses and, therefore, allowing them to focus on their studies.


Ural State Medical University not only belongs to but also stands out among the leading medical institutions in Russia, recognized for its academic performance and scientific findings. The NUSA AM rankings differ from particular schools, but USMU still holds the same reputation at the national and international levels.

At Ural State Medical University, MBBS tuition fees are competitive. However, they change depending on whether a student is admitted to a program or another specialized training. To better understand the tuition fees and other charges, applicants are advised to visit the university website or communicate on the phone with the admissions office.

The hostel is available not only for Ural domestic students but also for foreigners. Our hostels are well-furnished with newfangled gadgets and provide a warm and cosy living space that promotes good-grade performance.

International students can apply to enrol in our University by attaining the grade requirements and submitting the necessary documents, including educational records, language proficiency exam results, and passport copies. The University conducts entrance exams and interviews to assess applicants, and applicants who come out on top are given admission according to merit.

Ural State Medical University provides grants and scholarships for outstanding students according to their performance and needs. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other costs, helping students pursue their dreams of continued education without financial limits.

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