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Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

About Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

Consider Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (PSTMA) if pursuing an MBBS in Georgia piques your interest—we’ll delve into why. Welcome to the Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (PSTMA), a premier institution dedicated to shaping the future of medicine. In the heart of Georgia’s vibrant capital, Tbilisi, PSTMA offers a unique blend of high-quality education, cultural richness, and a supportive community for aspiring medical professionals.

Founded in 1992, PSTMA has built a reputation for excellence in medical education. Named after the distinguished Georgian doctor Petre Shotadze, the academy is committed to upholding his legacy of dedication, innovation, and compassionate care. PSTMA aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation necessary to excel in the ever-evolving healthcare field.

PSTMA’s mission is to provide a comprehensive medical education integrating scientific knowledge with practical skills and ethical values. The academy envisions producing competent, empathetic, and socially responsible healthcare professionals who can make significant contributions to global health. PSTMA is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, ensuring that its programs meet the highest standards of quality and rigour. The academy’s degrees are recognized internationally, allowing graduates to pursue careers and further education in various countries.

Student Life at PSTMA

Student life at PSTMA is vibrant, diverse, and enriching. The academy fosters an environment supporting academic and personal growth, providing students with numerous opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, build lasting friendships, and explore their interests.

Academic Experience

The academic experience at PSTMA is characterized by small class sizes, personalized attention, and a curriculum designed to bridge theory and practice. Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories, simulation centres, and a comprehensive library. The faculty comprises experienced professionals and researchers dedicated to mentoring and guiding students throughout their educational journey.

Extracurricular Activities

Beyond the classroom, PSTMA offers a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance student life. These include sports clubs, cultural events, student organizations, and volunteer opportunities. Engaging in these activities helps students develop leadership skills, build a sense of community, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

International Opportunities

PSTMA encourages students to broaden their horizons through international exchange programs, internships, and conferences. These opportunities allow students to gain global perspectives, collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, and experience diverse healthcare systems.

Accommodation in Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

Finding a comfortable and convenient living place is crucial for a successful academic experience. PSTMA provides several accommodation options to meet the diverse needs of its students. The academy offers on-campus housing facilities that are safe, affordable, and equipped with all necessary amenities. Living on campus allows students to immerse themselves fully in the academic community, make new friends, and participate in campus activities easily.

For those who prefer more independence, numerous off-campus housing options are available in Tbilisi. The city offers a range of apartments, shared flats, and student residences. The academy’s student services team can assist in finding suitable accommodation and guide on renting procedures. Tbilisi is a lively and welcoming city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and friendly locals. Students living in Tbilisi enjoy a high quality of life with access to various amenities, including restaurants, cafes, parks, and recreational facilities. The city’s efficient public transportation system makes exploring different neighbourhoods and landmarks easy.

Why Choose Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy?

Choosing the right medical school is a critical decision that will shape your future career. Here are compelling reasons why PSTMA should be your top choice.

High-Quality Education
PSTMA offers a comprehensive medical curriculum combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The academy’s emphasis on research, clinical training, and ethical practice ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the medical profession.

Experienced Faculty
The faculty at PSTMA consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals passionate about teaching and mentoring. They provide personalized attention to students and foster an environment that encourages learning, critical thinking, and professional development.

Modern Facilities
The academy boasts modern facilities, including advanced laboratories, simulation centres, and well-equipped classrooms. These resources enable students to gain hands-on experience and develop the technical skills necessary for their future careers.

International Recognition
PSTMA’s degrees are recognized globally, allowing graduates to pursue careers and further education in various countries. The academy’s strong reputation and international partnerships enhance students’ career prospects and opportunities for global collaboration.

Supportive Community
PSTMA is known for its supportive and inclusive community. The academy prioritizes student well-being, offering counselling services, academic support, and numerous extracurricular activities to ensure a holistic and fulfilling student experience.

Affordable Tuition Fees
Compared to many Western institutions, PSTMA offers affordable tuition fees without compromising on the quality of education. This makes it an attractive option for students seeking high-quality medical education at a reasonable cost.

Strategic Location
Located in Tbilisi, PSTMA offers students the opportunity to live and study in one of the region’s most dynamic and culturally rich cities. Tbilisi’s strategic location allows easy European and Asian access, offering students numerous travel and cultural exploration opportunities.

Courses Offered at Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

Accreditation and Recognition

Admission Process of Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

Eligibility Criteria

Documents Required

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy Fee Structure

Tution Fee / SemesterHostel / MonthOne Time Charge
3500 USD180 – 200 USD1800 USD
1st year Pkg Includes :Document translation, notary, airport pick up, medical check up, biometric,
visa extension, attestation & nostrification, registration including insurance etc.
Nix Study Abroad Service Charges *INR 150,000 are to be paid by students in home country to their agents.
Flight ticket needs to pay additional as actual
*Students need to pay the service charges in three installments.


51/2 Ketevan Dedofali Ave, Tbilisi 0144, Georgia

Yes, PSTMA offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities for eligible students.

The MCI recognizes the MBBS degree from a Georgian medical university, which means that graduates can practice medicine in India.

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