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Kemerovo State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University
Kemerovo State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University

In Russia, Kemerovo State Medical University stands as a beacon in education. Dating back to 1974, The KSMU in Kemerovo has a rich history in healthcare and medicine, offering a wide range of medical programs that stand as a base reason for attracting International Students to this University.

The University is equipped with all the modern amenities, hi-tech laboratories, libraries with a vast collection of books, and perfect faculty members. Its faculty consists of dedicated professors and experts who are highly experienced in respective fields of medicine. Moreover, Its campus is a vibrant hub of academic activities and collaborative learning. All these facilities make up a conducive environment for students to learn and perform research.

Kemerovo State Medical University offers a wide range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral medical programs. It’s an undergraduate program, probably MBBS, a 6-year course that awards students with a degree of MD. Apart from Undergraduates, the postgraduate programs here offer specialization in several medical disciplines that students want to be experts in in their field of interest.

Emphasizing practical programs and clinical exposures is a key strength of Kemerovo State Medical University because students here have hands-on experience in affiliated hospitals. They get a chance to work with experienced healthcare professionals and researchers. Overall, the practical activities and clinical exposure are integral to the University’s Curriculum.

 First YearSecond Year Onwards
Tuition Fee305000 RUB
3589 USD
305000 RUB
3589 USD
Hostel12000 RUB
141 USD
12000 RUB
141 USD
Medical Insurance 8000 RUB
94 USD
8000 RUB
94 USD
Visa Extension 1600 RUB
19 USD
1600 RUB
19 USD
One Time Charge 127500 RUB
1500 USD
Total Package Six-Year RUB2087100 RUB
Total Package Six-Year USD24558 USD

1st year Pkg Includes :Document translation, notary, airport pick up, medical check up, biometric, visa extension, attestation & nostrification, registration including insurance etc.

Nix Study Abroad Service Charges *INR 120,000 are to be paid by students in home country to their agents.

Flight ticket needs to pay additional as actual

*Students need to pay the service charges in three installments

Kemerovo State Medical University At A Glance


Kemerovo State Medical University

Official Website


Krasnaya Ulitsa, 6, Kemerovo, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia, 650000

Established In


Most Prestigious Course


MBBS Course Duration

6 Years

NEET Requirement


Annual Tuition Fee In US$

Around US $4200

Annual Tuition Fee In INR

Around INR 3.5 Lakhs

Population Of Medical Students



WHO, NMC etc.

Country Ranking


World Ranking


Kemerovo State Medical University Faculty Of Medicine

The Kemerovo State Medical University comprises seven different Faculties, each with highly qualified professionals and researchers shaping a student’s career. Over 3500 students are pursuing their studies within the Faculty Of Medicine At Kemerovo State Medical University. The student-teacher ratio is also quite impressive at the University.

Recognition Of Kemerovo State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University’s international collaboration adds a reputable value as an excellent global center, which enhances the reputation of the University, thus being recognized by most of the valuable institutions. Likewise, Kemerovo State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council Of India and the World Health Organization. The degrees obtained from the University are acceptable worldwide, ensuring a further career for a student.

Why Study MBBS In Kemerovo State Medical University

Although many positive reasons can be highlighted for students to pursue MBBS in most of the universities of Russia, among these are quality education and affordable education, which are of utmost importance. Still, some dedicated facilities have to be considered that can benefit the students if they want to pursue an MBBS At Kemerovo State Medical University.

  1. The Kemerovo State Medical University, along with quality education, also contributes to the practical programs and clinical exposure to the students to provide them with cutting-edge hands-on experience.

  2. Although the education provided at the University is on international standards, its programs for international students will be provided in English so that no language barrier can be imposed.

  3. The University provides many opportunities for postgraduate students to specialize in various medical fields like Surgery, Gynecology, Radiodiagnosis, Psychiatry, Microbiology, Dermatology or, on various more medical fields.

  4. For international students, the University provides all the necessary facilities that they require, be it a living environment mess or a guide.

  5. Doing an MBBS In Kemerovo State Medical University can be an affordable option. Still, apart from that, the living costs of an international student are much cheaper here, which does not become a burden on their pocket.

For an international student, to be eligible for admission to a university, it is important to follow certain criteria that depend on a global standard and mostly include the same criteria. The Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Kemerovo State Medical University Includes:

  • Students must be at least 17 when applying for admission as of 31st December of the same year.
  • A student must have passed their 10th and 12th education with a recognized board with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their primary subject.
  • The student must attend a specific interview during the selection process.
  • A student must qualify for NEET if they want to get admission to KSMU, and the once obtained NEET qualifying marks will remain valid for three years.

MBBS is a highly prestigious and sought-after degree, making it a popular choice if one qualifies for NEET. Often, the tuition fee for MBBS is a topic of concern to most students, so regarding the statement, the annual tuition fee for MBBS in Kemerovo State Medical University as of 2024 ranges around US $4200 or INR 3.5 Lakhs.

For an Indian student, pursuing an MBBS at this University is quite an affordable option because the MBBS fees for an Indian student at Kemerovo State Medical University are around 3.5 Lakhs in Indian Rupees annually.

Kemerovo State Medical University Admission Procedure

Although getting admission to this University is not a big task, there is still an open demand by the students that they should be guided step by step in applying for the admission procedure in a particular university appropriately. The same has been done, and a student can know the complete admission procedure at Kemerovo State Medical University in the section below.

Step 1 – First of all, you will have to access the application form on the University’s official website.

Step 2 – After accessing the application form, you must fill out every detail accurately.

Step 3 – Along with filling in the details in the form, it is also mandatory to upload the documents demanded within the form in the specific size and format, which may include 10th and 12th class mark sheet, copy of the NEET passing certificate, medical certificate, and copy of passport.

Step 4 – After properly verifying your form and documents, during submission, you must provide some fees, which will have to be paid through the online method.

Step 5 – After the application is submitted, the application will be reviewed by the University, and after review, you will receive an invitation letter. Immediately after the offer, you must submit the tuition fee to the University using net banking.

Step 6 – You will now need to apply for a student visa with the help of an original payment receipt and invitation letter from the University, and once you get the student visa, you may start your journey.

Kemerovo State Medical University offers various facilities to international students, including a dedicated living environment where they can pursue their studies without any hassle. A highlight of the accommodation facilities of Kemerovo State Medical University is provided in the following section.

  • This University provides hostel facilities near its campus.
  • University hostels also usually offer canteens and messes where students can expect dedicated regional food.
  • The hostels here possess comfortable living structures and well-furnished rooms so students can stay comfortable.
  • All amenities are provided, including hot water, refrigeration, and 24*7 Wi-Fi facilities.
  • All these facilities are cost-effective for the students, and overall, the cost of living for an international student at this University is slightly lower than the living expenses in other Countries.

It’s highly important to consider a University’s rank before getting admitted. The same should be considered in the case of Kemerovo State Medical University. Therefore, in 2024, the country’s rank of Kemerovo State Medical University is 302, whereas the world ranking of Kemerovo State Medical University in 2024 is 7841.


The Official Website For Kemerovo State University  Is

The complete address of Kemerovo State University is Krasnaya Ulitsa, 6, Kemerovo, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia, 650000

The Annual fees to pursue an MBBS at Kemerovo State Medical University are around US $4200 or INR 3.5 Lakhs.

The World Rank Of Kemerovo State Medical University in 2024 is 7841.

Yes, international students must qualify for NEET at Kemerovo State Medical University.

Yes, Kemerovo State University allows international students to work part-time.

Yes, Kemerovo State Medical University provides opportunities for postgraduate specialization.

Yes, Kemerovo State University is Recognized by both reputable institutions.

Yes, Kemerovo State University provides well-arranged Hostel Facilities for International students.

Yes, an international student can be eligible for a scholarship at Kemerovo State University.

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