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Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University
Kursk State Medical University


Kursk State Medical University Russia (KSMU) is a top medical University of Russia, training medical professionals in Russia and worldwide. With a history of almost nine decades, Kursk State Medical University was established in 1935 and is located in Kursk. KSMU can be rightfully proud of the professionalized opportunities it provides to healthcare givers of an eximious quality. Located in Kursk, the University provides student-friendly learning and exploring atmospheres for learning and personal development.

With all the latest facilities, a top-notch faculty, and a diversified batch of students, KSMU is the top University in the academic world, enabling students to gain in-depth knowledge, cutting-edge skills, and values required to perform in the fast-moving healthcare industry. As a well-known medical university on a global stage, Kursk State Medical University is unwavering in its mission to develop medical knowledge, enhance the quality of treatment, and make a difference in people’s health and welfare status not only in Ukraine and other countries but worldwide.

Academic Programs and Excellence:

KSMU prepares professionals in diverse undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in many fields of Medicine, e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, and nursing Medical Biochemistry, among others. The content is at an advanced level, involving a well-rounded understanding of biomedical sciences and an integration of theory, practical skills, and clinical experience.

About the faculty, the University has a well-trained and highly knowledgeable team that comprises several experts who are immensely knowledgeable in their respective fields of specialization. Through giving out knowledge, nurturing critical thinking, and fostering inquisitive nature among students, the teachers are dedicated to that mission. In addition, KSMU places a vivid emphasis on the innovation of its educational program and the inclusion of the most recent discoveries in the field of medical experiments and technologies that are being undertaken; thus, its graduates can deal with the ongoing challenges in healthcare practices appropriately.

Student Support and Welfare:

KSMU acknowledges that student welfare takes excellent significance, and the University offers an array of support systems to the students to keep them psychologically and healthily sound and to ensure their academic success. From their academic advising, career counselling, and accommodation help to their extracurricular extracurricular activities, KSMU offers numerous support services to allow students to succeed both academically and personally.

Kursk State Medical University Russia Fees Structure:

Location – UfaFirst YearSecond Year Onwards
Tuition Fee & Hostel6280 USD5580  USD
One Time Charge 1500 USDVisa Extension,
Medical Checkup
(Asper university
Total Package Six-Year USD35680 USD

1st year Pkg Includes :Document translation, notary, airport pick up, medical check up, biometric, visa extension, attestation & nostrification, registration including insurance etc.

Nix Study Abroad Service Charges *INR 120,000 are to be paid by students in home country to their agents.

Flight ticket needs to pay additional as actual

*Students need to pay the service charges in three installments

Kursk State Medical University Fees:

Comprehending the financial dimensions of seeking higher education is a vital issue for future students; KSMU invites and provides affordable fees for their educational programs. Here is a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with studying at Kursk State Medical University:

Tuition Fees:
– But Kursk State Medical University is not only an elite school. It provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs so everyone can choose an education appropriate for them.

Accommodation Fees:
– The curriculum at Kursk State Medical University includes hostel accommodation for taking in on-campus students who need to reside in a university-managed hostel. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships:
– Attending KSMU is a huge step forward for admittance and attaining the desired career in Medicine. Being given a scholarship is a great way to overcome the financial barrier. The University provides numerous scholarships plus grants and financial aid plans to fulfil the students’ needs in terms of academic excellence, financial need, or other criteria.

How to Reach Kursk

Several International Flights fly to Kursk. Indian Students Majorly choose direct flight to Kursk – Aeroflot , Fly Dubai & Air Arabia. Aeroflot offers 2 pc of Luggage allowing a student to travel with 46kg in Checkin and 10kg in Hand Bag. Nixtour is a IATA Accrediated Travel Company , providing cheapest Air Deal for Students.

Campus Life at Kursk State Medical University Russia:

Living and learning at Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) is a focal point where students interact and live amid unimaginable academic progress while pursuing extracurricular activities, enjoying cultural diversity, and learning more about themselves and others. Be it from the cutting-edge infrastructure or an engaging student body; the KSMU ensures a combined intellectually exciting and socially stimulating environment for the betterment of academic and extracurricular life. Students of Kursk National Medical University experience the intensive and exciting campus atmosphere of the University.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

KSU has the latest education technologies to provide its students with various educational opportunities, which has become one of the distinctive characteristics of the University.

Academic Support Services:

The University is engaged in academic support services that are meant to assist students to excel in their studies. From time to time, faculty members willingly give their time to show directions to students, give counselling and mentorships, and advise them on various academic matters.

ExtracurricularExtracurricular Activities:

KSMU provides many non-academic activities to let students broaden their horizons and fulfil the educational process. College students can join societies, clubs, and student organizations of different interests and hobbies in which students can participate.

Cultural Diversity:

At KSMU, we take pride in our diverse and international student body, which comprises students from different countries, backgrounds, religions, and beliefs. Through this diverse group of students, our academy has an exciting cultural heritage.

Social Events and Celebrations:

At the University, the students are involved in different social events and can celebrate together during the academic year, which is aimed at encouraging a community mindset.

The KSMU MBBS program is one of the best programs structured to provide students with the required essential knowledge, work skills, and clinical experience to launch successful medical careers.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The MBBS curriculum at KSMU is specially organized to provide students with a solid background in Medicine. The program also offers Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, and Clinical Medicine courses.

Practical Training: The MBBS program at KSMU consists of clinical training, which is an indispensable part of our course because students get the chance to get as much actual clinical experience in hospitals as they deem fit. The University boasts strong ties with distinguished medical centres and hospitals located across Russia.

Experienced Faculty: The faculty team at KSMU is highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. The faculty at this institution plays a vital role in introducing creativity, interaction, and creativity in students’ lives, in addition to providing quality education, mentorship, and guidance.

Global Recognition: Many countries recognize both the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) awarded by Kursk, as well as the general reputation of the University among the international scientific community. Graduates of the program are eligible to practice Medicine and choose to practice in whatever country they live in but are also subject to completing the licensing requirements.

Student Support: Students are the most important at our University, and this, of course, includes the students attending the MBBS program. This program has student support services, which are crucial: academic advising, career counselling, students with disability assistance, and extracurricular extracurricular activities.

Syllabus at Kursk State Medical University, MBBS course.


       Semester                                          Syllabus

1st year


1st sem


2nd sem

History and Anatomy

2nd year


3rd sem

Biochemistry, Histology, Psychology & Pedagogy, Microbiology, Cell Biology, General Pathology

4th sem

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology


3rd year


5th sem

Pharmacology, Pathology, Micro-Biology, Pharmacology, Path physiology


6th sem

Path Physiology, Pathology, Genetics and principles of clinical Medicine


4th – 6th year


7th-12th Sem

Pediatrics, Oncology, Neurology, Psychology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Primary Care Medicine, ENT, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology

Hostel life at Kursk State Medical University

Here are the points of hostel life at the Kursk State Medical University:

On-Campus Accommodation:

 – KSMU has on-campus dormitories for students as it is required for easy walking to educational buildings and other campus facilities. Hostels present many room options, which could range from individual to multi-bed, meeting the customer’s different tastes and affordability features.

Facilities and Amenities:

– They are afforded modern facilities and amenities, such as furnished rooms, communal kitchens, laundry machines, study lounges, and recreation places.

Security Measures:

– Hostels might be made with security systems monitored by staff so that the safety and security of residents will be guaranteed.

Community Atmosphere:

– Hostel living confers abduction of community spirit among a motley of students with varied backgrounds and facilitates social interaction and teamwork.

Social Events and Activities:

– The University plans to hold frequent social activities, cultural initiation, and recreation programs within the hostels for students to have fellowship and indulge in other curriculum activities.

Academic Support:

– The Hostel will employ staff members who are fully dedicated to ensuring that the residents are cared for in every academic aspect of life by providing a platform for group study sessions and peer collaboration.

Cultural Integration:

 – Staying in the hostels is a superb means of cultural integration and diversity, enabling students to accord each other respect and value different traditions.

Faculties at Kursk State Medical University

which is widely known for its outstanding faculty quality, is proof that the University highly values medical education and research. The University does so through well-equipped staff who adhere to high standards of academic excellence and provide the students with a conducive studying community.

First comes from the constitutions of our faculties, whose members are the best specialists in every domain. Due to the high number of faculty members who are academic graduates and possess advanced degrees and certificates, students will benefit from all the knowledge and experience they represent in their classes.

Training at the Kursk State Medical University, staffed with experienced professors covering every field, is provided to all students.

Ranking of Kursk State Medical University

On top of the advantages it has gained from its presence in Russia, Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) has established itself as a respected university on a national and international level. However, the countries in the rankings may even change from time to time.

Here is a detailed overview of the ranking status of Kursk State Medical University:

World Ranking:

KSMU has achieved considerable success with diplomatic rankings, while its reputation for neat education and research tasks is rising. The prominent faculty members of the University, as well as the outstanding reputation in medical science and research, make the University stand among a few top medical institutions at the global level.

Kursk State Medical University World Ranking : 4344

National Ranking:

Among Russian universities of Medicine, the Kursk State Medical University is considered a leader and an excellent centre of training and education for foreign and local medical students all over the country.

Kursk State Medical University Ranking In Country : 186



KSMU is equally able to provide different undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs in a broad medical field, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Biochemistry, and Pediatrics.

The University provides scholarships to students who are outstanding academically or have a financial need that the University or other social agencies stipulate.


The medium of study at Kursk State Medical University mainly comprises the Russian language as well as the English language. While applying to the study program, international students may mention their language (Russian or English) if it will be the instruction language.

Kursk State Medical School has accreditation from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and is also accepted as a member of the most eminent international medical organizations.

To get more details about education (admission, studies, scholarships, etc.) and other issues, you can visit Kursk State Medical University’s official website or contact the admissions office via email or phone.Nix Studyabroad is official representative of Kursk State Medical University in India .

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