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Mordovia State University

Mordovia State University Russia
Mordovia State University Russia

About First Moscow State Medical University Russia

The Mordovia State University Russia, located in Saransk, Russia, was established in 1931. This university is highly rated in a range of subject areas. The university’s primary purpose was to teach students and give them a high-quality education. Initially, it was MSU named Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute, which was oriented to teacher preparation and education development. Later, in 1957, it was again renamed Mordovia State University.

The university’s vision of active learning and critical thinking has seen its academic performance and popularity grow nationally and internationally. Owing to its academic staff, modern facilities, and progressive study program, the university is the main centre for learning, conducting research, and interacting with national cultures.

Nowadays, MSU remains the cradle of science knowledge preservation and education, and it is also

trying to meet the needs and demands of the modern world. It encompasses undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs and consists of humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, education, and engineering, among others.

Along with academia, Mordovia State University creates an atmosphere that is advantageous for students’ social and professional development. By organizing different extracurricular activities, sports groups, and cultural events, students can significantly enhance their quality of life and broaden their horizons.

Infrastructure of Mordovia State University

The Mordovia State University (MSU) has a modern, advanced infrastructure that facilitates learning processes, research endeavours, and extracurricular activities. Here are some points of infrastructure:


The big campus of Mordovia State University ensures quality learning along with close collaboration between students and professors. The central square sits in the middle of the campus, surrounded by green areas, walkways, and a playground where students can rest and meet up.

Academic Buildings

The university boasts great academic centers that contain Audio-visAudiovisuallassrooms, laboratories, and seminar rooms. Student-cSuch buildings create student-centred spaces to encourage interactive learning and accommodate the requirements of different disciplines is creat braries This university has libraries that supply students with a wide range of academic resources, such as printed materials, journals, periodicals, and electronically based databases. Most research materials, ranging from code samples to articles, are available within the library for students and faculty to use.

Laboratories and Research Centers

The core of Our university’s notifiable firm operations of our research and the development of new technologies evidenced by its advanced labs and research centres. The primary role of these centres is to provide space for all sorts of scientific activities such as engineering, technology, etc., with their advanced equipment and facilities,

Computer Labs

MSU recognizes the importance of technology trends in learning and, therefore, provides room for computer labs, which are fully installed with internet access and productivity tools for eLearning and research.

Sports Facilities

The university believes in an inclusive approach to everyone, so it supports the different facilities for sports, including tennis, basketball, soccer pitches, gyms, and fitness centres.

Student Accommodation

In addition, MSU is an ideal choice for students because it offers affordable housing, is nearby, and has well-equipped room amenities and facilities within walking distance of the campus.

Cafeterias and Dining Halls

The university has a wide assortment of food courts where students, teaching staff, and all people working in the university can choose their food restaurants and have nutritious food and delicious drinks.

Administrative Offices

The administration’s job at MSU is more than supervision; it is the management of the university’s systems, such as admissions, academic affairs, and student services, among other things.

Overall, Mordovia State University’s campus infrastructure involves putting all the necessary pieces together to favour students’ discovery of new knowledge, promotion of research outcomes, and provision for their physical needs.

Faculty at Mordovia State University Russia

Mordovia State University (MSU) has a high-quality faculty handling teaching and research with high excellence and service delivery. Here is an overview of the faculty at MSU:

Expertise and Diversity

The variety of studies that the faculty members at MSU represent, it is widely agreed that it is the most enormous spectrum in the country, which ranges from united yet different fields such as arts, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Educational Qualifications

However, MSU staff workers are not just limited to courses alone but involve a team contribution to academic and extracurricular activities; plus they help international students in their day-to-day activities and organize special events. Multiple faculty members, assistants in the PhD area, and experienced instructors who learned teaching from the academy, industry, and open research have usually taken place on the campus.

Teaching Excellence

Dedicated to creating a learning environment, MSU’s academic faculty members become passionate educators who use modern educational methods to involve students in their studies and stimulate their abilities to think critically, be creative, and have analytical skills.

Student Mentorship

Faculty members at MSU are not just resource providers but also mentors and advisors who support students through their studies and, to some extent, provide encouragement and mentorship. They are the ones who provide academic and career guidance.

Professional Development

Faculty development is one of the cornerstones at MSU; the institution offers faculty members avenues and spaces for professional growth. Faculties have the proper access to a wide range of workshops, seminars, and conferences.

MBBS at Mordovia State University Russia

As a student, an MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree at Mordovia State University (MSU) gives one a holistic and top-notch medical education. Here is an overview of studying MBBS at Mordovia State University


The MBBS course, which is run in response to the present standard curriculum at MSU, covers subjects like medical sciences, medical skills and clinical training. It is essential that the curriculum fully comply with the criteria of the international level and that students are prepared to cope with the modern challenges of healthcare practice.


The MBBS program from MSU is taught by a team of experts and qualified instructors who are experts in their respective areas of specialization. The faculty members will serve as mentors and ensure their students receive thorough medical knowledge and are adept at applying critical thinking and problem-solving in their studies.


MSU’s many buildings include modern laboratories, simulation centres, and clinical skill laboratories. These clinics enable students to develop the working and practical skills demanded by clinical practice.

Clinical Training

Undergraduate students can do clinical training and placements at hospitals and other healthcare centres affiliated with the university. During their clinical training, students experience different medical disciplines and acquire exceptional skills under the tutorship of experienced healthcare practitioners.

International Accreditation

MSU offers an accredited MBBS program recognized by International medical boards. They ensure that graduates can adhere to the global standards of medical practice.

Support Services

MSU’s support services are designed to help MBBS students academically. These services include academic counselling, hardship counselling, assistance in matters of accommodation, and visa and logistics for international students.


Unlike studying in other Western countries, medical programs have a popular MBBS program in MSU, the majority of the time, is less expensive, making it a good option for students looking at quality programs and lower prices.

It is worth noting that studying MBBS at MSU is a very instructive opportunity to get a premium-quality education in a diverse and committed atmosphere. MSU’s program is full and purposeful and comprises experienced faculty, facilities, and international accreditation, all of which prepare students to pursue their careers as competent and caring healthcare professionals wherever their careers may lead.

Fee structure of Mordovia State University

The varieties of fee structures in universities. Here is some information about the fee structure:

  1. Tuition Fees: Tuition fees will differ depending on the degree level you are ready to study and the program (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral).

  2. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Certain universities provide students with opportunities like scholarships, grants, or student support to help them cover their tuition fees and live in the university environment. These scholarships may be based on academic achievements and subsequent ones on financial issues as well as on the criteria of the university or the organizations that grant them.

  3. Hostel fee: In addition to the tuition fee, students need to consider living costs, which include accommodation, boarding in the hostel, transportation, and other personal expenses.

  4. Additional Fees: Their bills are not limited to tuition only as they continue to pay for charges concerning the registration process, examination, laboratory use, health insurance, and student activities.


It is advisable to contact the admissions office/international student services at Mordovia State University and request any information related to the fee structure that pertains explicitly to any programs/ financial aid opportunities.

TUITION FEES 3,50,000 3,50,000 3,50,000 3,50,000 3,50,000 3,50,000
Hostel Fees 65,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
Health Insurance 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000
Administration Charges 75,000 Rubles/year (Cleaning Charge) 1500 + (Visa) 2000 (Cleaning Charge) 1500 + (Visa) 2000 (Cleaning Charge) 1500 + (Visa) 2000 (Cleaning Charge) 1500 + (Visa) 2000 (Cleaning Charge) 1500 + (Visa) 2000
Total 4,99,000 3,92,500 3,92,500 3,92,500 3,92,500 3,92,500

National ranking


Global Ranking


Mordovia State University (MSU) provides housing options through accommodation and hostel facilities, representing a safe, quiet, and convenient living environment that facilitates excellent academic performance and personal development. Here is an overview of the accommodation options available at MSU:

On-campus hostel

Thus, MSU being outfitted with dormitories wherein students will reside makes it a convenient option, providing the advantages of accessible academic buildings, libraries, and other campus facilities. Even though these dormitories are provided with the minimum level of basic amenities such as clean rooms, equipped communal kitchens, washing machines, studying areas, and other entertaining places.

Room Options

The college dorms offer multiple room options to accommodate your personal preference and budget. Students can choose a single, double, or triple occupancy room depending on their preference or as they become available.

Safety and Security

MSU students’ safety and protection are the highest at the university, with the knowledge that all residential buildings are fitted with CCTV surveillance cameras, security access systems, and residential security officers.

Student Support Services

This state university offers roommates support services in the dormitory, such as helping them to find accommodation and take care of maintenance requests.

Community Atmosphere

The sense of community and togetherness nurtured by living in tertiary residences makes students feel like they belong in the university.


MSU provides a variety of fields, including humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, technology, and medicine.

International students’ admission terms can be adjusted depending on the field of study and its level. In most cases, the requirements for international students are the same as those for domestic students. Usually, candidates must provide their academic transcripts, the results of a language proficiency test (for instance, TOEFL and IELTS), copies of a passport, international identity cards, and other relevant documents.

– MSU may provide scholarships or financial aid packages to students from different nations instead of academic achievements, financial need, or criteria affirmed by the university.

MSU’s students will have a vibrant and lively educational place for studies, research, and other out-of-class activities. It comes prepared with today’s latest amenities, including green areas, gymnasiums, and libraries, among other student support services, primarily meant to provide the best college experience for all.

You can contact the admissions officer or international student office at MSU to know more about international programs offered, admissions procedures, scholarships, or any other queries. Besides, the university’s official website offers detailed information and contact points of specific departments and offices.

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