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Omsk State Medical University

Omsk State Medical University Russia
Omsk State Medical University Russia

Omsk State Medical University Russia

Omsk State Medical University Russia (OSMU) is the leading university among Russian universities known to provide quality education in medical and research fields. Omsk State Medical University was established in 1920, and the OMSU system has played a fundamental role in fulfilling both the Osuyia community’s and the surrounding region’s healthcare necessities. Having cutting-edge facilities, top-notch laboratories, and a team of experienced academicians constitute the strategic body of experts in the various sectors of medical study.

This university provides various undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in medical fields. Its system incorporates medical disciplines such as general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health.

The university’s program focuses on a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, which provides students with a sound basis for communicating the challenges of healthcare practice in the modern world. Reducing contamination is one of the critical objectives of this university. Therefore, staff and students are advised to be as creative as possible when developing groundbreaking projects that can pave the way for increased research.

Faculty Omsk State Medical University Russia

Being among the leading medical universities of Russia is no small task, and OSMU’s faculty must meet the global standards of providing quality education for their students, conducting state-of-the-art research, and determining the fate of the healthcare system. Here is an overview of the faculty departments at OMSU:

1. Department of General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine Training Facility guides future physicians in all general areas of medicine, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, medicine, and more.

2. Department of Dentistry

Dentistry education at OMSU is carried out through the Dental Department, which covers different kinds of oral health, surgery essentials, orthodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics.

3. Department of Pharmacy

This department undertakes the teaching of pharmaceutical courses wherein drug development and pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmaceutical technology are incorporated.

4. Department of Nursing

Nursing education within the Department of OMSU is comprehensive. It includes patient care, nursing theories, clinical training, and healthcare management.

5. Department of Public Health

This department is responsible for implementing public health activities such as promoting population health, preventing diseases, developing health policies, and analyzing epidemiological data.

6. Department of Medical Biology and Genetics

The Biology Department is focused on various biological processes, genetics, and molecular biology.

7. Department of Medical Education and Research Methodology

The department must offer training, curriculum development, and skills improvement in research methodology.

Admission process Omsk State Medical University

Admission to this University (OSMU) involves several stages: the documentation process, the language proficiency evaluation and, obviously, the collection of documents that need to be verified. Here is a detailed overview of the admission process:

1. Research and Choose Program

First, you should research the available program at OSMU, then choose the one that matches the set objectives. OSMU provides a range of programs for undergraduates (bachelor’s degrees) and postgraduates (master’s degrees) in different medical disciplines, including general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and public health.

2. Check Admission Requirements

Feel free to check all the admission requirements of the chosen university’s specifications on the university’s official website or contact Nix Study Abroad, the official representative of Omsk State Medical University. The requirements will differ according to the program and the applicant’s educational attainment.

3. Submit Application

You must complete the relevant application at the Nix Study Abroad office or application for MBBS in Russia. Easily online. Ensure that every detail regarding the personal and academic information, including educational qualification, standardized test score(s) (if any), and all other documents that the university asks for, is correct.

4. Entrance Examination (if applicable)

Depending on the various types of programs and the foreign country, applicants may need to sit in the entrance examination. International students may face a different hurdle as they may be required to take NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) for the Indian students and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) for the students from America.

5. Document Verification

After submitting their applications, applicants must deliver their academic transcripts, certificates, and any other relevant documents to the university’s ascertaining office for proper examination. The official documents that students produce and bring to the visa office often contain secondary school certificates, transcripts, proof of language proficiency, and a valid passport.

6. Receive Admission Decision

The next step after the application review process is ultimately the decision to accept the university. On this basis, the candidates will be given an official letter or statement of offer outlining the subsequent stages, such as payment of fees, enrollment deadlines, and visa application.

7. Visa Application and Travel Arrangements

International students who have been admitted and those who applied for a study visa for Russia should pass exams and go through the admission procedures. The school’s international division or admissions office will assist you with your visa application and be there for you during the whole process. When the visa is accepted, the students may book the flight to Omsk to prepare for their OSMU studies.

MBBS at Omsk State Medical University Russia

A Medical Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) from OSMU Medical University ensures that the student is taking part in one of the institution’s best and most popular programs. Here is an overview of the MBBS program at OMSU:

Duration and Structure

The MBBS program at OMSU would typically take up to six years based on the curriculum and be designed in such a way that it offers students with a solid background in medical sciences, clinical skills, and practical hands-on training. The curriculum is organized into two phases: pre-clinical and clinical.

Pre-Clinical Phase

The program studies course is divided into the first two years, which are dedicated to general medical sciences like anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and pharmacology.

Clinical Phase

The hands-on practice of medicine starts in semester three and lasts through semester 6. In this stage, students are assigned for a short period to different medical departments, not just internal organs and surgery but also the children’s department, mothers and babies, and others.

Practical Training and Electives

Furthermore, they can actively participate in clinical rotations, practicals, workshops in medicine, and their own choices for select study areas. Through these encounters, future healthcare providers can connect with a whole set of medical disciplines and attain practical treatment-giving knowledge.

Research and Professional Development

Throughout the entire MBBS duration, students are always guided by their professors to actively participate in scientific investigation work and scholarly projects.

International Accreditation and Recognition

The Russian Ministry of Education and Science recognizes the curriculum of the OMSU MBBS program and asserts that students undergo the best academic preparation here.

Student Support and Facilities

OMSU has comprehensive student support services that include academic support, counselling services, and recreational activities for MBBS students, among other things. The university also has state-of-the-art facilities, such as high-tech laboratories, libraries, and patient simulators, which give students a friendly environment for academic and professional excellence.

The fee structure at Omsk State Medical University

The fee policy of the OSMU is to be considerate, inexpensive, and available for everybody. Thus, students with different financial capacities could afford to apply for studies at this university. OSMU not only aims to provide excellent medical education under the state’s advantages but also attempts to keep costs low so that students can enjoy the privileges. Here is an overview of the fee structure at OMSU:

  1. Tuition Fees: OSMU is a competitive option for students both domestically and abroad concerning the cost of education. The precise tuition fees could change based on the program of study chosen, the level of education (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral), and the student’s citizenship (Russian or international).
  1. Scholarships and Financial Aid: At the same time, OSMU offers financial scholarships and aid to poor and meritorious students according to specific academic indexes, their trumps, and other criteria. This may reduce student tuition fees by half or completely, the burden of which does not rest on students during their college years.
  1. Additional Fees: Like tuition fees, students may be charged for other services like registration, examinations, laboratory activities, library use, and extracurricular activities. These are usually expensive.
  1. Accommodation and Living Expenses: Students should also consider accommodation, food, transport, and personal expenses. OMSU’s emphasis on affordable prices for accommodation options, such as dormitories on campus and off-campus housing, will help students cope with living expenses.
  1. International Student Fees: International students might have to pay extra fees, such as visa processing fees, health insurance, and residence permits. OMSU helps international students manage the formalities in filling registration and immigration due procedures.

Generally, the fee structure at OSMU State Medical University is designed to enable every student from any part of the globe and from any background to get affordable and quality medical education. Through educational packages, tuition fees, master scholarships, and financial support, OSMU encourages aspiring healthcare students to gratify their ambitions in academics and career development despite financial obstacles.


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Year 6

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Omsk State Medical University stands out as a highly regarded centre of medical training and scientific research not only in Russia but also on an international scale. First, OSMU is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and has developed outcomes ensuring the qualitative performance of all education programs. Meanwhile, engagement in research, which evolves through cooperation with the foremost universities and medical facilities, is the same element that supports the university’s academic reputation. OSMU’s credibility is additionally strengthened by its graduates, who are achieving high success levels in their medical professions and are showing new pathways in the healthcare system.

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Omsk State Medical University global ranking


The lifestyles of the Omsk State Medical University (OSMU) clash with stimulating and varied education, where many opportunities are created for education and personal and professional development. By contributing to the diversity of the OSMU student body, our educational institution promotes an environment favourable to different students, stimulating them to join the school community and practice different activities to implement their interests and academic goals.

This university boasts transforming student facilities and resources, such as modern lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, cafeterias, and student lounges. A university with an OSMU college degree allows its students to work in different clubs, sports teams, cultural events, and academic competitions according to their interests. The students now enjoy diverse experiences, including developing leadership skills, making new friends, and joining new activities while living a relatively healthy social life.

Furthermore, OSMU devotes some time to organizing social events, festivals, and holidays during the academic year, which is a means to build a sense of community and friendship among the students and a gateway to show their cosmic diversity and festivity. Generally, the student’s life at Omsk State Medical University is making fruitful experiences that an individual gains at the university for better self-growth, academically and emotionally.

Care about the living and comfort of OSMU students; OSMU provides accommodations for which they can choose the one they like most. The university gives students options available on campus and off-campus accommodation. This means that students will find a safe and comfortable environment to live in during their academic journey. Here is an overview of the accommodation/hostel facilities at OSMU:

  1. On-Campus accommodation: OSMU is equipped with several nearby dormitory buildings which offer favourable surroundings due to their proximity to the university. Students’ dormitories became of different types depending on the level of comfort. The rooms were single and shared, providing essential requirements like beds, study desks, chairs, wardrobes, and access to communal kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Affordable Housing: OSMU’s on-campus accommodation program is student-friendly and offers reasonable rental rates, including regular maintenance and utilities. The college appreciates that affordability is often a major constraint to students and, therefore, prioritizes affordability over quality living to ensure the housing solutions offered are cost-effective.
  3. Safe and Secure Environment: The principal task at OSMU University is to keep its students safe and secure. The campus residential buildings of the university have secured CCTV cameras, electronic door locks, and accessible security officers to provide a secure living environment to residents.
  4. Student Life and Community: While at university or college, living in residence is necessary for students to experience life related to or away from campus and interact with fellow students. OSMU schedules social and cultural activities, events, and student clubs to help build an atmosphere of fellowship and integration among students.


Yes, OSMU is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, a legal authority that stipulates the academic requirements for university programs.

Definitely. OSMU grants cost-cutting programs and funding options to eligible students, who are determined by criteria such as academic achievement, financial well-being, and other factors. Dates and application forms for scholarships can be found on the university website.

OSMU runs dormitories and flats intended for residents located on or near the campus. Colleges are in dormitories with single and flat-sharing rooms and modern facilities, while off-campus housing help is still available.

OSMU’s campus is well-supplied with modern facilities, including auditoriums, laboratories, libraries, sports stadiums, cafeterias, and student lounges where students can study or chill. The campus is the perfect place for a student to concentrate and show all his or her potential.

Yes, the university provides services for international students. For instance, it assists with processing their visas, accommodation, orientation program, and integration into the culture. The school’s international center is concentrated on supporting international students who come to Omsk from different countries across the world.

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