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Why Do Medical Aspirants Choose To Go Abroad For MBBS

Why Do Medical Aspirants Choose To Go Abroad For MBBS?​

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is a degree for which aspirants work very hard to achieve and, of course, succeed. However, in today’s era, many aspirants want to pursue MBBS not in their own country but abroad. This article aims to tell you Why Do Medical Aspirants Choose To Go Abroad For MBBS instead of pursuing the same in their own country. Additionally, you would get the few best choices to move abroad for the degree.

Although many such mediums in multiple countries help the aspirants to pursue MBBS, like Scholarships, Entrance Exams And Government Organizations, there are still some important factors for which students leave their own country and perceive MBBS in foreign countries, some of which are stated below.

Why Do Medical Aspirants Choose To Go Abroad For MBBS?

Several students prefer to study abroad, but only some can be picked up, which is a primary reason for students to pursue MBBS. These are as follows:

Limited Seats In Domestic College

A significant factor that more than 30% of the aspirants look abroad to pursue their MBBS graduation is that the availability of seats is deficient in their country, and somewhere, they feel that they cannot capture these limited seats.

Costly Education

In some countries, the fee for pursuing an MBBS degree is so high that students do not even want to think about pursuing it, but still, some tolerant people manage to get their education somewhere and somehow.

So, another factor for moving abroad to pursue an MBBS is that, in some countries, the fees for MBBS graduation are very low, and compared to their own countries, they do not have to pay a huge fee to pursue the Graduation.

Scholarship Availability

Although scholarships are given in many countries, some students cannot avail of scholarships due to the high number of applications. There are some countries where you will see meager competition to avail of scholarships as well as the allotment. In this condition, the chances of seeking a scholarship become high in some of the abroad places.

Suppose you are also among those looking for some of the best universities to pursue their MBBS degree abroad. In that case, you can look at the mentioned places as we want to allow you some options to begin your journey for overseas study easily.

1. MBBS In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a great destination for MBBS aspirants as it is a country that offers you very affordable tuition fees and course fees. Just for this reason, the destination remains in discussion among the students. Often, students are not able to afford their MBBS studies. Hence, they find Uzbekistan a perfect destination to start their medical journey.

Well, the biggest advantage of carrying an MBBS in Uzbekistan is that you can complete your Graduation within a limited fee and get a degree, but apart from this, Uzbekistan is the best educational institution in the world for some other features such as:

  • Worldwide Employment Opportunities
  • Unique Experience For Overseas Students
  • Modern Infrastructure And Stable laboratories
  • Degree Recognized Globally

2. MBBS In Russia

Russia is very prominent in education worldwide, and many aspirants dream of going to Russia and pursuing their MBBS degree. In such a situation, Russia becomes the best choice for you with some factors that can be found favourable if you want to carry MBBS here. Some of it’s merits include:

  • Quality education
  • Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Instant Post Graduation Opportunities
  • English as a medium of instruction

MBBS In Russia Duration

Russia is one of the popular destinations for pursuing MBBS, and its tenure is the one reason behind it. The tenure for pursuing an MBBS in Russia is typically six years. It includes theoretical and practical studies for the first five years while, for the remaining one year, a student has to go with an internship.

3. MBBS In Kazakhstan

This can be a good study choice if you want to pursue your MBBS from Kazakhstan. Many such factors will help you perceive MBBS in Kazakhstan that you cannot find in your country. Highlighted below are some of the factors that you will have the opportunity to achieve while pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Proficiency In English
  • Diversity In Culture

4. MBBS Consultancy In Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR, a central education hub, provides you with a chance to avail yourself of graduation in the field of medicine. You will find many reputable institutions in Delhi where you can fulfil your dream for MBBS with multiple favourable factors. Delhi NCR, located in India, offers you an extensive choice of University Networks to pursue studies. It would help if you moved here because of:

  • Entrance Exam Preparation
  • Visa & Travel Support
  • Wide Choices For College
  • Internationally Accepted Degree

5. Overseas Consultant In Noida

Noida, known as the flourishing city, is the hotspot for overseas career opportunities. In Noida, you can find multiple universities for pursuing MBBS, where you can integrate your favourite factors and find a good MBBS host. Noida holds the best overseas consultants. Along with multiple choice option, Noida Overseas Consultant offers you some other features like:

  • Extensive Education
  • Wider Network & Connection
  • Personalized Counseling Sessions
  • Expertise Guidance


Through this write-up, you must know some reasons for Choosing Abroad Studies For MBBS By Students. The post also contains some reputable places where you may move to continue your studies. Kindly make sure to be connected to read unique educational information.

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