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Top Medical Colleges Of India

Medical is a prevalent career option in India and abroad, and often, students want to start their career in this field. There are many reasons behind choosing a medical institute in one’s own country, out of which the most popular reason is that The Medical Education System Of India is known all over the world for its quality and expertise, under which there are countless prestigious institutions, which provide an opportunity to a medical student to manage their career. This comprehensive write-up will explore the journey to the Top MBBS Universities in India .

The Legacy of Indian Medical Education

Before knowing the Top Colleges in India, it is imperative to identify the history and cultural significance of medical education. Indian medical developments have proved to be very beneficial in influencing healthcare systems worldwide. Such medical education has been prevalent in India for a long time. Some of the essential Indian medical fields related to legacy that are popular today are as follows:

In today’s model world, medical education is constantly evolving. India’s countless medical colleges and universities process ancient wisdom to provide modern scientific advancements.

To achieve anything, it is imperative to make efforts for its advancement, which also applies to education. It would help always to choose the top medical colleges for a high-quality education. It is even better if you are from India because Indian students get many benefits if they choose The Top Medical Colleges In India for their careers.

If you opt for the medical option, some such points can be identified as advantages that an aspirant gets if they join One Of The Top Medical Colleges In India. Generally, the reasons behind picking the top medical colleges in India are as follows.

Excellent Reputation

Top Medical Colleges In India have a long-standing reputation worldwide for their high-quality education and successful medical professionals. All these top medical colleges are known for their rigorous education system, academic standards, and advanced facilities. So, graduating from a leading medical college in India will promote your credibility and reputation in the medical field.

Expert Faculty

Generally, the members of top medical colleges are famous for the expertise they have achieved in their respective fields. They are occupied with immense experience and knowledge, and following their guidance, you can enhance your learning and skill development, which will provide you valuable insight, and at the same time, you will complete your graduation under the best mentorship.

Competitive Advantage

The most significant advantage of Graduating From A Top Medical College In India is that you will be considered the most valuable in the entire market because you have completed your medical education from a leading medical college institution, which can provide you with better job prospects. As a merit, your career advancement gets a benefit under which you have multiple opportunities to enhance your career.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The top medical colleges of India have State-Of-The-Art infrastructure, where you will get facilities like well-equipped laboratories, developed research centres, and hospital facilities. Evenly, you will get access to a conducive learning environment. Under such advancement, you can enhance your experience using the latest medical technology and equipment.

Recognized Worldwide

The top medical colleges of India have State-Of-The-Art infrastructure, where you will get facilities like well-equipped laboratories, developed research centres, and hospital facilities. Evenly, you will get access to a conducive learning environment. Under such advancement, you can enhance your experience using the latest medical technology and equipment.

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Aspirants who want to set their career in The Top Medical Colleges In India get these suitable advantages, which can be helpful in their career and opportunities. After learning about the benefits of top medical colleges, students often query on what basis they should choose the best medical college in India. The following ten tips can help you select the Suitable Medical College In India For You.

Parameters For Evaluating The Top Medical Colleges In India

To evaluate the top medical colleges in India, you must understand some primary factors. Some factors also depend on your opinion, so you can explore all those parameters that will help you choose the Perfect Medical College Of India through the following section.

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Medical College Of India

To choose a good medical college for yourself in India, you have to follow some practices, and by following them, you can make a short listing of the best and most compatible medical colleges. Later, you can pursue your career in any of them. You can advance your medical journey by connecting with college at last.

1. Researching And Making The List

Often, to find a good medical college, you need to do deep research, and after the research, you will have to make a list which will be based on some college’s factors like

2. Recognition Of College By MCI

The first thing you need to pay attention to after shortlisting is the recognition of MCI. MCI, known as the Medical Council of India, regulates medical education in India. MCI ensures the required standard of education and training of top medical colleges in India, under which the student gets confirmation of identification of such top medical colleges.

Finally, after selecting the Best Medical College In India based on recognition, you have to sort out the course of your interest; that is, you have to check the course meet and specialization offers of the particular college. If that college provides those courses on which you can begin your medical career, you have come one more step ahead in Shortlisting The Top Medical Colleges In India.

3. Specialization

After finalizing the course, you can look at the specializations of the selected top medical colleges, and you will get to know which unique options that particular college offers. If your needs are reflected in their specialization, then it is evident that college can once again become your first choice for MBBS.

4. Faculty & Expertise

A significant factor in choosing a medical college is the Faculty and expertise. You can research your selected college and sort out the qualifications, experience, and expertise related to the official members of your college. Always choosing a college with renowned professors and experts proves to be very beneficial, and under this, Faculty and Expertise play a crucial role in shaping your mentorship.

5. Facilities

After the basic requirements, you should sort out the facilities of your particular selected college, in which you should consider the infrastructure of the top medical college and the facilities provided by them, such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and research centres for hospitals. Along with this, always be sure that the particular college is providing modern medical equipment and resources for your needs.

6. Clinical Exposure

Generally, in a top medical college, you will get the facility of clinical exposure. Suppose you find such a feature in your selected college. In that case, this college can become the best college for you because, due to the clinical exposure in a particular college, you will get an opportunity for high-level practical learning as well as skill development as top medical colleges usually have tie-ups with some reputed hospitals and health care institutions, hence, sort out the provisions like clinical exposure before choosing the right college for yourself. It is vital to do so.

7. Innovation Measures

For your best career, you should choose a college in which the field of innovation and research is highly developed so that such a college can support research activities. It would be best to consider whether the particular college is making its name in the research and innovation field in collaboration with national and international institutions.

8. Alumni Network & Placement

Before Admission to a college, one should focus on the alumni network because placement opportunities are available after graduation. Choosing such a college with a robust alumni network ensures you will get better opportunities for your placement. An excellent track record in reputed hospitals, institutions and research organizations guarantees the Alumni Network and Placement opportunities.

9. Financial Considerations

Last but not least, even if you want to get Admission to a Medical College In India, you should consider the college’s financial facility and highlight the particular college’s fee structure. Before being admitted to a college, always focus on your budget and also know whether that specific college provides scholarships or facilities like education loans so that your educational career can get a boost without any burden on your budget.

After verifying all these tips, you should visit the colleges you have shortlisted. This will provide you with a great experience, and at the same time, you will get familiar with the environment and surroundings of the particular college, which will help in your informed decision.

Remember to prioritize your needs and preferences. Based on these factors, choose the best college for yourself that can align with your education and become the best environment for the growth and success of your career in the medical field.

Because the top medical colleges In India are considered very reputable, one must fulfil a few required criteria to gain Admission. There are some requirements after which you can be admitted to the top medical colleges In India. Some of the required criteria that are important for you to get admitted to Top Medical Colleges In India are as follows:

Educational Qualification

It would be best if you had specific qualifications to gain Admission to any reputed educational institute. Similarly, to get admitted to the Top Medical Colleges Of India, you will have to qualify for the 10 + 2 education system, and the qualification should be done in the field of Science, which will consist of some subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biotechnology, and English. English will be helpful to you as a core subject. An aspirant must have obtained 50 to 60% marks in 10+2 educational qualification.

Entrance Exams

After qualification, the second factor that contributes a lot to Getting Admission To Top Medical Colleges is the entrance exam; the candidate has to qualify for some crucial exams that are organized at the national or State levels. Some such critical national-level exams include NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

Minimum Qualification Marks

To gain Admission to a top medical college, a candidate must obtain certain qualifying marks based on the entrance exam, which are determined by regulatory bodies, i.e., the Medical Council of India MCI. Further in this article, you will know in detail how many marks on the entrance exam are required to gain Admission to a college.

Age Requirement

Like other countries, the age limit in India has also been fixed for a candidate to be admitted to any medical college, and to gain Admission to the top medical college of India, the age of the candidate should be at least 17 years as of December 31 the year in which the candidate is defining the procedure for taking Admission.

Domicile Requirements

However, this factor helps take Admission to top medical colleges at the state level, under which a candidate needs to possess the domicile certificate of a particular state. It means that only that candidate who belongs to a specific state will be admitted to the particular college as mentioned in the college’s eligibility. This factor depends on the State and the respective college policy.

Counseling And Seat Allotment

After verifying all the qualifications mentioned earlier, a candidate must participate in a counseling program held by the respective authorities. In this counselling program, the candidate has to do document verification, with which the candidate can also do choice filling, and at the same time, they are allotted a seat as per their rank.

The candidate must check the specific eligibility criteria and admission guidelines of the different colleges in which they are interested, as such colleges may have some additional eligibility criteria that are considered for Admission.

Which Entrance Exam Is Required To Get Admitted In The Top Medical Colleges In India?

Generally, the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) entrance exam is considered in The Top Medical Colleges Of India, and based on its score, a candidate gets Admission to a specific college. NEET is an entrance exam which the National Testing Agency conducts. Thus, NEET contributes as a qualifying exam for Undergraduate Medical and Dental Courses.

NEET is an entrance exam organized at the national level, and its rank is accepted in almost every top Medical College In India, including The Top Medical Institutions Of India, AIIMS, and JIMPER. This entrance exam examines the knowledge and aptitude of the candidates and includes questions from some crucial subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Biotechnology. Along with this, questions from General Knowledge are also added.

Apart from NEET, some top colleges hold their entrance exam, like AIIMS, which demands candidates to qualify for their specific entrance exam; however, after 2020, the scores of the NEET exam also started being considered in AIIMS. Every aspirant has a particular query related to the entrance exam: How Many Marks Are Required In NEET For College Entry? So, in the section below, you will know How Many NEET Marks Are Required For Admission To The College.

What Is The Minimum NEET Score For Admission?

NEET is an entrance exam that is important in the top medical colleges of the entire Country. If you score good to best marks, there are very high chances that you will be allotted one of the best medical colleges. But a certified barrier has also been imposed, stating that the minimum number of marks must be obtained via candidates to seek Admission. You can head below to learn about the Minimum NEET Score Needed For Admission.

Before knowing the minimum NEET score required for top Medical Colleges in India, you should know about The NEET Qualifying Score and the NEET Cutoff Score.

NEET Qualifying Score vs NEET Admission Cutoff Score

NEET Qualifying Score refers to the minimum score a candidate has to secure to crack NEET and qualify for the entrance exam, thus being eligible to be admitted to a medical College in India.

Meanwhile, the NEET Admission Cutoff Score refers to the marks certified via the Medical Counselling Committee. This score is considered for the Admission of any candidate to specific medical colleges.

For example, if a student has secured 260 marks in NEET. In this case, the candidate has qualified for the entrance exam. However, if any specific college has 300 as the opening mark as the cutoff score, the same candidate is now ineligible for Admission to that particular college.

Thus, candidates must try their best to perform well in the NEET examination and inquire about the possible cutoff marks for a specific college.

What NEET Score Is Needed For Admission?

The minimum required marks in the entrance exam, like NEET, are modified yearly. The same NEET marks apply for Admission to a government medical College and private medical colleges. However, there is a massive difference in the minimum required marks in NEET for private colleges to those colleges compared to government medical colleges. The section below will clear all the doubts regarding the necessary score in NEET for college admission.

Generally, a candidate must score over 200 marks in NEET to seek Admission to any private medical college in India. In contrast, a score of more than 700 is a must for a candidate to seek Admission to a government medical college. However, there is a differentiation in the categories of candidates appearing for the NEET examination as follows:

Candidates Category Required Minimum Marks NEET Qualifying Criteria Based On Percentile
UR/EWS 720 -138 50th Percentile
OBC 137-108 40th Percentile
ST 137-108 40th Percentile
SC 137-108 40th Percentile
UR/EWS – PH 137-122 45th Percentile
OBC – PH 121-108 40th Percentile
ST – PH 121-108 40th Percentile
SC – PH 121-108 40th Percentile
List Of Top 10 Best Medical Colleges In India
  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi
  2. Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore
  3. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry
  4. King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow
  5. Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi
  6. Grant Medical College and Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai
  7. SGPGIMS Lucknow – Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
  8. Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi
  9. Madras Medical College (MMC), Chennai
  10. Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal
Top Medical College State Wise

If we talk about the Indian level, getting Admission to the best medical college can be difficult. Still, if we talk about the state level, a candidate may get Admission to a top medical college with little hard work. So, in the below section, you can explore the Top Medical Colleges State Wise.

List Of Top Medical Colleges State Wise
Top Medical Colleges In India NIRF Ranking

NIRF RANK 1 – AIIMS Delhi – All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi

NIRF RANK 2 – PGIMER Chandigarh – Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh

NIRF RANK 3 – CMC Vellore – Christian Medical College, Vellore

NIRF RANK 4 – NIMHANS Bangalore – National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences Bangalore

NIRF RANK 5 – JIPMER Puducherry – Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Puducherry

NIRF RANK 6 – Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

NIRF RANK 7 – SGPGIMS Lucknow – Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow

NIRF RANK 8 – BHU Varanasi – Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

NIRF RANK 9 – KMC Manipal – Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

NIRF RANK 10 – SCTIMST Trivandrum – Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology Trivandrum

Exploring The Advantages Of State-Wise Medical Colleges

Suppose you want to be admitted to the Top Medical College Of Any State. In that case, you should know about its advantages, and it is evident that choosing a career in a medical college at the state level benefits the candidate. So below are some such points through which you can explore the Advantages Of A State-Wise Medical College.

Domicile Quota

The first advantage is the seat availability of a state medical college; that is, the seat is reserved for a certified percentage of domicile candidates. Thus, those who belong to that particular State or are domiciled in that specific State benefit from Domicile Quota, thus having an advantage of seat reservation in the specific college.

Lower Competition

Compared to national-level colleges, candidates must compete less for Admission to state-level colleges. The chances of getting admission increase for competitive candidates, which especially proves beneficial for those who have obtained lower marks in the national-level entrance exam.

Low Fee

In state-level colleges, the fee structure is cheaper than most National Medical Colleges, which will not burden your budget. This advantage benefits students facing financial issues and seeking an affordable option to continue their studies.

Local language

Taking Admission to a state-level medical college becomes beneficial for you when educational studies are provided to you in your language because it is often seen that English is given more priority in national-level medical colleges.

Familiarity With Local Healthcare Services

A candidate will be introduced to study at State Wise Medical College, including local hospital clinics and medical practice. Such local healthcare services can provide students with career opportunities in their local area.

Some state-wise medical colleges are available, which provide their advantages and disadvantages and may be different in some cases. A student must carefully overview all the preferences when choosing a state-wise medical college.

Top Medical Colleges In India NIRF Ranking

Often, students want to highlight the fee structure of private medical colleges in India so that they may know the difference between the Fee Structure Of A Government Medical College and a private medical college. Private colleges may differ in fee structure, but most offer approximate rates.

Thus, in this exploration, you will dive into the section on the Fee Structure Of The Best Private Medical College In India. They differ, or only some may be the same compared to the list of Colleges stated above. Since the colleges below are considered the best private medical colleges in India, they differ in their fee structure, either minimal or more.

Fee Structure Of The Top 10 Private Medical Colleges In India

S no.

Name Of College

Annual Tuition Fee

Cost Of Living (Annually)


Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore

Approximately INR 6 Lakhs

Approximately INR 1.5 – 2 Lakhs


Christian Medical College (CMC), Ludhiana

Approximately INR 6 – 7 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2 Lakhs


St. John’ Medical College, Bangalore

Approximately INR 7 – 8 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2.5 – 3 Lakhs


Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal

Approximately INR 16 – 18 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2 – 2.5 Lakhs


Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore

Approximately INR 17 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2.5 – 3 Lakhs


Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH), Ludhiana

Approximately INR 10 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2 Lakhs


Jawaharlal Institute Of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Puducherry

Approximately INR 16 – 19 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2.5 – 3 Lakhs


Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre, Kochi

Approximately INR 18 – 20 Lakhs

Approximately INR 2 – 3 Lakhs


Sri Ramachandra Institute Of Higher Education And Research, Chennai

Approximately INR 22 – 24 Lakhs

Approximately INR 3 – 3.5 Lakhs


SRM Medical College Hospital And Research Centre, Chennai

Approximately INR 22 – 24 Lakhs

Approximately INR 3 – 3.5 Lakhs

Note: The fee structure mentioned above is approximate and can vary; however, one must visit colleges’ official websites or contact to fetch the most accurate and updated info on the fee structure.


To choose the top medical college in India, consider some factors and then do a short listing. Finally, based on your opinion, you must choose a top medical college to pursue your studies. Some factors that are very important in choosing any top medical college in India are

  • Ranking
  • Reputation
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Research Opportunities
  • Location
  • Course they offer
  • Facilities
  • Expertise
  • Clinical Exposure
  • Alumni Network
  • Visit

The ranking of medical colleges in India is determined based on factors such as the academic reputation of the college, facility quality, research output, infrastructure, student-faculty ratio, placement, and accreditation.

Generally, government medical colleges in India are considered very reputable. They are famous all over the world for their quality education. Still, apart from some government medical colleges, some private colleges in India are famous for their excellent education and are known based on their facilities. However, the choice entirely depends on your personal opinion on whether you want to be admitted to a private medical college or a government medical college.

To be admitted to any medical college in India, you must be 17 years old, which will be considered by 31st December of the year when you apply.

You must have passed your 10+2 examination with at least 50 to 60% marks. Apart from this, your subject should be related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Biotechnology. English is a core subject because most medical colleges in India consider English a proficient language.

The most crucial factor contributing to getting Admission to any medical college is the entrance exam marks. So, first of all, you need to qualify for the NEET exam to gain Admission to any medical college. Besides, you will be required to have a certain percentage of marks in this test to gain Admission to any particular college.

A score of more than 250 in NEET is good for seeking Admission to a private medical college, while a score of more than 700 is required to seek Admission to a government medical college.

To gain Admission to the top medical colleges of India, first of all, you need to pass the entrance exam, which is either NEET or AIIMS Entrance Exam. Apart from this, you will have to fulfil the requirements and eligibility criteria of the college. After fulfilling all the criteria, you can apply an online application for Admission to the college or visit the college or university directly.

Yes, reservation quota is respectable in the top medical colleges of India; all these quotas are based on caste categories like SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe), OBC (Other Backward Classes), EWS (Economic Weaker Section). The reservation quota may vary in percentage from college to college.

Generally, an average college’s annual tuition fee ranges between approximately INR 6 – 25. Besides the tuition fee, living expenses may vary depending on your mode of living.

Scholarships are also organized in top medical colleges and provided by the government of India, any private organization, or the college itself. However, a candidate must inquire about scholarships during Admission to any Top Medical Colleges In India.

Yes, the most prominent feature of studying in Top Medical Colleges in India is that a candidate who has completed their graduation has many placement opportunities.

Medical colleges in India usually have tie-ups with multiple reputed hospitals and medical institutions, which provide graduates with opportunities for internships and job placements. To get a good job opportunity, a student must perform well academically, and practical experience also matters.

Yes, generally, international students can also get Admission to the top medical colleges of India; they need to fulfil the eligibility criteria and some additional processes like proficiency exams and visa requirements, which the college requires or is asked by the university.

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