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Why do many Indian students choose Bashkir State Medical University?

Bashkir State Medical University

Indian students are drawn to Bashkir State Medical University for its distinguished history, commitment to quality education, and global recognition by medical councils, ensuring a comprehensive medical curriculum. MBBS is a renowned degree in India as it comes with multiple benefits ranging from financial benefits to a respected social status. Almost every student of the medical stream aspires to study MBBS after completing their 12th standard to become a doctor and serve people.

Currently, there is a trend of studying MBBS in foreign countries, and this trend is rapidly getting settled in every student’s mind as the idea is fueled by diverse learning experiences, exposure to global healthcare systems, and access to cutting-edge medical advancements offered by foreign universities. Also, due to the internet, every student and their parents know the financial and academic benefits of pursuing an MBBS from a foreign university.

Moreover, when planning to study MBBS from another country, the selection of a university should consist of good research about the academic facilities and alumni success. All factors should be studied well, and the selected university should also fit into the student’s budget slab.

Growing Interest in Russian Medical Universities

In recent years, Russian medical universities have suddenly emerged as the new preference of Indian students towards pursuing their MBBS. According to the official data, around 12000 Indian students go to Russia to study MBBS every year. Russian medical universities are now at the forefront when an Indian student plans to study MBBS abroad. Indian students prefer these universities as the institutions have various influential factors that make them the best.

Here is a list of factors contributing to the popularity of Russian universities.

1. Affordability

Russian medical universities are affordable for MBBS for Indian students, so many students prefer to study MBBS in Russia. Around 25-30 lakh rupees is the expense of an excellent medical university in Russia.

2. English-Medium Instruction

The next factor that influences a student’s decision is the language of the course. Almost every medical university in Russia provides the English language for MBBS or any medical degree available.

3. Cultural Affinity

The cultural environment in Russia is amicable for international students, and every Indian student feels welcomed and respected. This positive aspect comforts an international student and lets them settle down faster.

4. Global Recognition

All the medical universities in Russia have Russian recognition and recognition from the World Health Organization. Also, the Medical Council of India recognizes Russian MBBS, which makes Russian MBBS valid in India.

If someone is considering studying MBBS at Bashkir State Medical University in Russia, they can read the further article discussing Bashkir University Russia in detail.

Bashkir State Medical University: An Overview

Bashkir State Medical University (BSMU), located in Ufa, Russia, has emerged as a leading institution for medical education, attracting students from multiple corners of the globe, including India. The Institute was founded with an idea of excellence, and the university has earned a good rank for itself in the field of medical sciences.

The university was founded in 1932 and has become an international medical hub. The university has a rich history of faculty that produces high-calibre medical professionals.

Talking about the accreditation and recognition of the university then, the medical university has the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation accreditation. The university also passes World Health Organization standards that make it globally recognized. Not only this, but the Medical Council of India also recognizes BSMU. Therefore, the graduates can have a global working experience after graduating from Bashkir State Medical University.

Academic Excellence at Bashkir State Medical University

Now, let us talk about the academic success of Bashkir State Medical University.

Quality of Education

Bashkir State Medical University provides high-quality education that matches international standards. The university commits to delivering excellence in practical knowledge through its modern teaching methods, well-equipped laboratories, and a curriculum that is perfectly designed.

Bashkir State Medical University fosters theoretical and practical knowledge, yielding the best student skill set.

Faculty Expertise

The faculty of Bashkir State Medical University comprises experienced professionals equipped with an ocean of immense knowledge paired with the perfect mindset dedicated to producing the best medical professionals who meet global working standards.

The professors focus on interactive learning that ensures every student gets proper attention to get the best theoretical knowledge and field practice during the course duration.

Curriculum of MBBS

Here is a list of subjects for studying MBBS at Bashkir State Medical University.




Anatomy-1, Anatomy-2, and Histology


●     Histology
●     Biochemistry
●     Psychology & Pedagogy
●     Cell Biology
●     Microbiology
●     General Pathology
●     Biochemistry
●     Micro-Biology
●     Physiology


●     Pathology
●     Pharmacology
●     Microbiology and Path Physiology
●     Pathology
●     Path Physiology
●     Genetics
●     Principles of Clinical Medicine


●     Oncology
●     Paediatrics
●      Neurology
●     Obstetrics and Gynecology
●     Psychology
●      Emergency Medicine
●     Internal Medicine
●     General Surgery
●     Primary Care Medicine
●     Neurology and Psychiatry
●     ENT and Cardiology

Affordable Tuition fees

The MBBS Bashkir Medical University fees are very affordable and competitive. The tuition fees for MBBS in Bashkir Medical University sum around 18.5 lakh rupees. Thus, the Bashkir State Medical University fee structure is very affordable according to Indian norms.

The living expenses in the city or university are also affordable when talking about foreign cities.

Bashkir State Medical University Admission Process 2024

Here is the admission process for Bashkir State Medical University

  1. Apply online and submit the required documents.
  2. Then, you will get an acceptance or rejection notification within 1-2 working days.
  3. If accepted, take admission confirmation and pay enrollment fees through net banking or bank transfer.
  4. Then, file for the visa as soon as possible with the required documents, including an invitation letter issued by the university.
  5. Now, pay fees for the first year before arriving in the country
  6. Register and submit original documents and payment receipts within three days of arrival

Fee Structure of Bashkir State Medical University 2024-25

Tuition Fee : 299244 RUBLES

Hostel Fee : 15000 RUBLES – 50000 RUBLES

Medical Insurance : 8000 RUBLES

Hostels in Bashkir State Medical University

The university’s hostels are flat type, with five hostels that can care for around 2500 students. The hostels have kitchens on every floor, and the rooms have attached toilets and bathrooms. All the hostel rooms are fully furnished with heating facilities.

The university leadership provides all the essential furniture for every room shared between 3-4 students. Not only this, but Indian food is also available in the hostel mess.

The authorities provide foreign TV channels (Hindi, English,Indian Regional Language etc.) and Internet facilities within the hostel premises for entertainment and connectivity. Students

can also play in their free hours, as there are tennis lawns, football grounds, basketball fields, and badminton nets.

Overall, a student will experience a comfortable life in the hostel after paying a yearly fee of 45000 rs.


Year-wise FMGE passing statistics of Indian students graduating from Baskir State Medical University

Year FMGE Passing %
2012-2014   15%
2015-2018 13%
2019 32%
2020 20%
2021 30%
2022 40%

The above statistic, which is officially published by the National Medical Council ( ), shows the quality of Education Indian students studying in Bashkir is getting and the outstanding performance in the Licensing exam. This statistics also proves Bashkir State Medical University to be one of the Top 10 University of choice for Indian Students and Academically Best Medical University in Russia.


In conclusion, Bashkir State Medical University’s (BSMU) widespread popularity among Indian students is rooted in its distinguished history, commitment to quality education, and recognition by esteemed medical councils.

The university’s modern teaching methods, faculty expertise, and up-to-date English-medium curriculum give it a global ranking of 301 positions. BSMU’s global recognition facilitates international medical practice, creating a transformative educational experience. Indian students opt for BSMU for its affordability, inclusive environment, and holistic approach to medical education, preparing them for a successful global medical career.


BSMU’s global recognition lets all the graduates practise medicine not only in Russia but also internationally, and due to academic excellence, the students become great doctors worldwide

Yes, BSMU’s degrees are recognized by global medical councils like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI), enabling all graduates to practise medicine internationally and in India.

BSMU addresses language diversity by offering courses in English, ensuring that students, including those from India, can engage effectively with the curriculum and faculty.

BSMU stands out due to its affordability, inclusive environment, and engaged approach to medical education that organizes students for transnational healthcare challenges.

BSMU attains educational excellence through modern teaching methods, experienced faculty, and an updated curriculum that fulfils international standards, nourishing a holistic learning experience.

Indian students are attracted to BSMU for its lucrative history, commitment to quality education, and global recognition by medical councils, ensuring a comprehensive medical curriculum.

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