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The Scope of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students


Introduction: Why study MBBS in Kazakhstan

What are the things you consider important when it comes to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

The cost is a definite key to decision making. The type of country and whether English is the dominant language for education. Most importantly, if the medical degree from Kazakhstan is recognised worldwide. These are the key factors that help decide why you should choose MBBS in Kazakhstan?

For an Indian student, this landlocked country is the ultimate destination for MBBS education. Because the cost of MBBS universities in Kazakhstan is affordable. Needless to say, even the lifestyle here is quite like that in India. In fact, you can witness several Indian restaurants across the country.

Kazakhstan currently is ranking top for medical education worldwide. There are many popular medical universities in Kazakhstan for Indian students to attend. These educational spaces are open to all students from diverse backgrounds. Opening up an opportunity to engage, study and make friends. And become successful medical professionals.

Reasons to study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students

Scope of pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan

The scope of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is high for Indian students. This is because the medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognised by top bodies. Bodies associated with medical and education. The National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

About the education and the outcome of MBBS in Kazakhstan, students receive optimal exposure. Students receive routine exercises with the help of high-tech technology. Several conferences and seminars are hosted and encouraged for students to take part.

Since the universities in Kazakhstan are popular worldwide, the degrees are accepted. Thus, students can graduate with the hope of getting into top hospitals and medical professions. But every student needs to appear for the exit exam, NExT to get a license. Without a valid license, students cannot practice medicine anywhere.

Top medical universities in Kazakhstan

Primary factors to choose MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Admission to Kazakhstan for Indian students

For most MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, the intake happens twice in an academic year. First during the spring and second during the fall seasons. MBBS in Kazakhstan 2022-2023 admission happens during the months of September and February.

You can contact Nix Study Abroad for a hassle-free admission process to Kazakhstan. Admission to Kazakhstan can be a hassling task. With us, you can get direct admission without any pause in the process. Since we have direct contact with the top MBBS universities in Kazakhstan.

Call Nix Study Abroad to get the latest information about MBBS admission in Kazakhstan.

The following are the eligibility and documents for Indian students -

Eligibility for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan

Documents for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan


Yes, Kazakhstan is the best higher education option for a medical student. This is because the cost is low and the degrees are known.

An internship is included in the MBBS course in Kazakhstan. The total course is for 5-years which also includes an internship in the final 5th year.

There can be reasons based on an individual’s interest. But the common reasons are because it is less expensive and the course is in English. The degrees are approved by NMC and WHO. The student living facility is convenient and Indian food is available at the canteen.

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