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Which Course to Study in Georgia for Indian students?

Which Course to Study in Georgia for Indian students?

What to Study in Georgia? Which course to Study in Georgia for Indian students? How to get admissions to Georgian universities? These are the questions we ask all the time.

But is there a straight answer? Yes! 

Georgia is a developing country in Europe. It is a member of international organisations like the Council of Europe, the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the United Nations. Thus, it is a huge deal to study in Georgia.

There is a diverse range of academic programmes in Georgia. But some of the most popular courses in Georgia are MBBS and MBA. 

If a student isn’t sure what course they want to study, it is worth trying to get more information. There are several websites and educational overseas companies that cater to students’ queries. 

Sure, in today’s time, there are social media platforms to give us accurate information. About which university is good in Georgia? Or how is it to study in Georgia? 

To brief you more about what this blog contains, scroll down –

This little country has a lot to offer students. Including a wide range of courses and programs. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best options for Indian students looking to study in Georgia. We’ll also touch on topics like fees and the overall educational experience in Georgia

So if you’re considering a move to this beautiful country for your studies, read on!

Education System in Georgia

The education system in Georgia is categorised into three programmes – Bachelor’s Programme, Master’s Programme and Doctorate Programme.

Best Programmes to Study in Georgia for Indian students

Benefits of Higher Education in Georgia

If you are interested in studying in Georgia there are end number of top-notch universities. Each of the universities caters to different facilities for students. But one of the major similarities are the methods of education. Some of the benefits of studying in Georgia are –

The Fee Structure in Georgia

Planning to study in Georgia but worry about the fee structure of the university? It is a natural concern. Often parents and guardians come to overseas education companies with queries. But be rest assured that unlike larger countries like the USA and the UK, Georgia is affordable. The cost of universities in Georgia can be between 20 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. It highly depends on the type of programme you are considering. From the medical universities in Georgia to engineering.


There is a melange of universities to study in Georgia each providing variety of programmes. Medical, law and IT are the top-most interest among students from overseas. But make sure the university you select to study is the right choice.

Therefore, students seeking abroad studies must seek universities that are within their budget. Those who choose Georgian universities must know the duration of the programme. For example – the MBBS course in Georgia is for 6 years (Including an internship).

Students studying in Georgia must check if the university offers courses in English. Check with other candidates or students about the positive and negative reviews about the university. For medical students make sure the university is NMC approved.


Compared to other western countries, Georgia has affordable tuition fees as well as accommodation and other facilities. Most students studying here are for medical with the highest fees to 30 Lakhs for the whole course.

Yes, Georgia is a safe and friendly country. The locals are good towards Indian nationals and have goodwill for India. But spending late hours outside may not be wise as theft and other harm may cause you inconvenience.

No, language certificates are not required for admission in Georgia. Even though the English language is used for conducting classes.

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